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21 Sep 2018 01:36:38
Raptors Trade Serge Ibaka Delon Wright 2019 first round pick (unprotected) 2019 second round pick (unprotected)

Wolves Trade Jimmy Butler Tyus Jones

Second Trade

Memphis Trade Mike Conley to Raptors

Raptors Trade Kyle Lowry to Memphis

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21 Sep 2018 00:27:36
The move Elton Brand needs to make for the Sixers offseason to be considered successful is to acquire Nic Vucevic and Jimmy Butler.

Minnesota gets Wilson Chandler Mike Muscala and 2021 Miami first round pick.

Orlando gets Jarryd Bayless TJ McConnell and 2 or 3 future second round picks since the Sixers have 20 over the next few years

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20 Sep 2018 20:23:08

Clippers get Butler

Suns get Beverley, Dieng

TWolves get Gallinari, TJ Warren, Clippers 2020 1st

Clippers get Butler. He takes Gallo's spot in the books which helps keep room for almost signing 2 max free agents.

Suns get Beverley and a backup big who can play behind ayton and learn from chandler.

Twolves get a long term starting SF in warren who is signed to a good deal and can move wiggins to the 2. Gallinari can start at the 4 and let towns operate down low and they get a 1st rounder.

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20 Sep 2018 23:52:27
Good try, but the Suns get the short end of the stick here. They get Beverly, but Deing is a bad contract so he is a negative, and they give up Warren.

Suns say NO.

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20 Sep 2018 17:52:17
Butler wants out of Minny and although he has 3 places he wants to go; we all know the t wolves will take the best offer if it's a team he wants or not. The raptors may be a team to push for Butler since they are basically going all in this year.
*T Wolves get: PF/C Serge Ibaka, SF/PF T.J. Warren, SG Troy Daniels, 2021 2nd (trom TOR), 2020 2nd (from PHO)

PG Teague/Rose
SG Wiggins/Daniels/Okogie
SF Warren/Deng/Williams
PF Ibaka/Tolliver/Bates-Diop
Ce Towns/Dieng/Patton

*Raptors get: SG/SF Jimmy Butler, PF/C Taj Gibson

PG Lowry/VanVleet/Richardson
SG Butler/Wright/Powell
SF Leonard/Anunoby/Miles
PF Gibson/Siakam
C Valanciunas/Monroe/Noguiera

*Suns get: PG Tyus Jones

PG Jones/Okobo/Harrison
SG Booker/Bridges/Melton
SF Jackson/Ariza/Reed
PF Anderson/Holmes/Peters
C Ayton/Bender/Chandler

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20 Sep 2018 18:41:07
Not close to enough for Butler. Ibaka is a negative contract at this point. I think Toronto would have to include OG in any trade, maybe Wright as well.

Also, feels like Phoenix is getting a bad deal too. Jones is a below average backup PG. Warren is a good wing on a reasonable deal. And Phoenix gives up a pick? Why?

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20 Sep 2018 17:48:43

Milwaukee gets Butler, Dieng
Minnesota get Whiteside, Brogdon, Snell
Miami get Dellavedova, Henson

Minnesota gets Whiteside to backup KAT at 5 and play together some minutes with Towns at 4. They replace Butler with Brogdon at sg and add another wing that Thib knows.

Miami gives even more space to Bam by replacing Whiteside with Henson, who would fit in that role. They also add one more pg to play behind 32 years old Dragic. They cut 4.5 mil, which will help them with small moves avoid the tax.

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20 Sep 2018 18:14:50
I like the trade but, At best Butler would be no more than a 1 year rental. It would however take Henson, Dellavedova, Brogdan, Snell off the books if nothing else.

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20 Sep 2018 23:56:45
Miami wants Butler. I don't see them playing second fiddle in a deal for Butler. Besides, Whiteside is much better than Hensen, Dellevadova. Miami says No.

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20 Sep 2018 14:39:45
Magic Trade Evan Fournier Jerian Grant 2019 first round pick (protected) 2019 second round pick (unprotected)

Wolves Trade Jimmy Butler Tyus Jones

What y'all think???

Magic go after Kyrie Irving in Free Agency

-Purses to Keep Jimmy Butler

Sign Kyrie Irving 4 yrs 139.4 Millions

Resign Jimmy Butler 5 yrs 170 Millions

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20 Sep 2018 16:35:35
Perhaps the single worst package presented for butler.

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20 Sep 2018 16:50:55
I actually find myself agreeing with notdrainer.

Not near enough for Butler.

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20 Sep 2018 14:27:23
Wolves/ Sixers:

To PHI - Butler

To MIN - RoCo, Bayless, 2019 Philly first.

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20 Sep 2018 16:55:35
I believe that it will take more from PHI to get Butler. 76ers might have to add Saric or Zaire Smith. Steep price for a possible one year rental.

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20 Sep 2018 17:14:56
Agreed with Warlock. Hard to see Phili getting Butler without letting go of Covington along with one of Smith or Saric.

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21 Sep 2018 00:33:46
If Thibs is the one making the deal he wants to add vets to the line up. While Saric is a good player his defense alongside KAT would be terrible and Smith is a project player that isn't going to have an impact on saving his job after this year if he makes it that far.

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21 Sep 2018 00:51:32
Fair enough, Zaire and an additional second then.

Yes, a lot for Philly to give up for a potential rental, but Philly strikes me as a PG13 style landing spot for Butler. Get there, see how good they are, realize you could win a bunch, and stay.

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20 Sep 2018 01:43:25
let's start flooding Jimmy trades. I think it will be hard for other teams to trade for him since he was seeking the super max when he was already 30 and MIN would have no leverage so this is the best deal that could work for me


LAC: Jimmy Butler, Gorgui Dieng

MIN: Avery Bradley (exp), Jerome Robinson, Danilo Gallinari, 1st round pick (lottery protected)

with the way the stars are being traded, i think this is what the Clips could offer




Pg Teague-Rose-Jones
Sg Wiggins-Bradley
Sf Gallinari-Robinson-Okogie
Pf Gibson-Tolliver
Ce Towns-Patton

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20 Sep 2018 13:08:26
No one wants Dieng in a butler deal. Trading for butler is committing to 30 mil at least next season. unlikely a team want will to make room for 3 years, 48 mil worth of Dieng.

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20 Sep 2018 14:24:19
If the Clips go after Butler, it will be to pair with another star this offseason. They won’t want additional long term salary commitments in a deal. Butler for Bradley, Robinson, top 10 protected first and a 2nd is more likely. Bradley would fit Thibs system well.

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20 Sep 2018 17:04:11
I agree with Triangle O. Butler for Bradley, Robinson, Clippers 1st, Clippers 2nd, is the most realistic trade rumor I have seen so far. It still might not be enough for Minnesota. I think Wolves will think about it and hope for better offers for now. I think Wolves will make a deal in the next two weeks.

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20 Sep 2018 01:38:53
Butler trades:

1) Nets send: Russell, Carroll, '19 & '20 2nds
Receive: Butler

2) Clips send: Harris, Gallinari, Beverly, '19 2nd
Receive: Butler, Gibson

3) NY send: THJ, Lee, Ntilikina, '20 1st (top 10 protected)
Receive: Butler, Gibson

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20 Sep 2018 00:28:28
Nets Trade D'Angelo Russell DeMarre Carroll 2019 second round pick (unprotected)

Wolves Trade Jimmy Butler Tyus Jones

What's y'all think??

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20 Sep 2018 17:12:13
It will be difficult for the Nets to make a trade for Butler. T-Wolves will want a 1st round pick and Nets have are finally recovering from the Boston fleecing of their draft picks. Russell is the only player that is attractive and the Nets need him long term, so they will be reluctant to move him. Carroll is of no interest to Wolves. It would take Russell and several other young players and a 1st to interest Wolves. Too much for Nets. Their best bet is to wait for 2019 Free Agency and try to attract Butler.

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