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21 Jun 2018 20:31:57

Walker, Batum for Bledsoe, Snell, Zeller

For Charlotte it's now or never to unload Batum attached to Walker. Here they get two more than servicable players and the brother Zeller.

The Bucks need to be desperate for a big move to take on Batum's contract and Walker commited to long term deal to pull the trigger. With Parker resigning and such a trade MIL go over the tax. Maybe this is why they are reported to try to unload Dellavedova with the 17th.

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21 Jun 2018 19:38:47

LAL Gets:
Sterling Brown
Frank Mason III
First rounder from MKE

Sac Gets:

MKE Gets:
Caley Stein

LA gets some moveable assets to help create space for Lebron / Durant / Kawhi / PG13.. Gets Bledose, someone Lebron has said many times he wants to play with, and they shed Deng. Lonzo would not be a good fit with Lebron.

Sac gets two young high upside guys and dumps WCS before he needs a contract. They have several you bigs and are likely to get another in the draft. Lonzo is a core piece with upside that and they'll get Jabari in a sign and trade with high upside and little risk on a team that is at least a few years from being a contender.

MKE moves on from Jabari and Bledsoe who did not fit well with Giannis. Add some shooting and depth in Bogdanovic and Hield and solve their Center issues with a starting caliber WCS. Randolph is a depth add and a contract match piece. They also are adding contracts that expire in the next year or two to give them flexibility for Giannis' UFA in 2021

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21 Jun 2018 19:05:47

Booker and Chandler


Jabari (s/t), Thon and the rights to the 17th pick

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21 Jun 2018 19:07:29

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21 Jun 2018 19:28:10
Booker is basically untouchable and it isn't legal to add other players to a sign and trade. Not to mention that PHX has the capspace to get Jabari if they want him. They just have to offer him enough that the Bucks won't match.

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21 Jun 2018 18:47:30
The Cavs get Fultz, Ingram, Parsons, Deng 38th, the Philly 2020 1st , a Lakers future 2nd, and 2 Philly future 2nds

The 76ers get Love, Hill, and the 4th pick

The Lakers get Lebron

The Grizzlies get Covington, Korver, the 25th and 26th picks.

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21 Jun 2018 19:57:21
It's more beneficial for the Lakers to sign lbj outright and maybe even the cavs too to get out of luxury tax. S&t is good with a deal to rockets. Or cavs get a little something that is salary friendly from lakers. Consolation prize of sorts. No need for Griz and sixers involvement.

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21 Jun 2018 18:17:40

PHX does everything to make deal sweeter for MIN and NYK in hopes of reuniting DBOOK and KAT

MIN gets Josh Jackson, Chandler, THJ, and PHX 1st pick
Sign Monroe 2yr/ 15 mil

PHX gets . Towns and Noah
Sign Gordon 4yr/ 70 mil
Sign KCP 3yr/ 30 mil

NYK get Wiggins, Dieng and . #16th pick from PHX
Resign Kanter
Resign Kyle O

Payton/ Knight
Booker/ KCP
Warren/ Dudley
Gordon/ Chriss
KAT/ Bender/ Noah

Teague/ Tyus Jones
Butler/ Grayson Allen (#20)
THJ/ Jackson
Gibson/ Monroe
Ayton/ Chandler

Frank/ Muiday
Mikal Bridges (#9)
Wiggins/ Lee
Porzingis/ Miles Bridges (#16)
Kanter/ O'Quinn.

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21 Jun 2018 18:28:33
i love the idea of trading the 1 for kat, but ny should not be getting a 1st while getting the better half of a salary swap.

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21 Jun 2018 19:10:43
Why not just do Jackson, 16, and 1 for Townes. Seems overly complicated. The Knicks aren’t necessary.

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21 Jun 2018 18:02:18
Cavs Trade Jordan Clarkson Tristan Thompson Jr Smith 8 pick

Heat Trade Hassan Whiteside Gordan Dragic Josh Richardson Justise Winslow

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21 Jun 2018 17:04:28
Thunder / Lakers

Lakers have cap space

Thunder sends Anthony and Singler to Los Angeles Lakers for

F Loul Deng
C Ivica Zubac

I think the Lakers could use a $26 Million additional space the following season! Good trade for bad contract situations. $30 Million for $18.5 Million

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21 Jun 2018 17:20:21
I think this is a good trade if free agents avoid l. a. This summer. Anthony did previously say the west was too far from his son so I doubt he agrees to this.

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21 Jun 2018 17:29:28
Deng is signed for two more seasons.

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21 Jun 2018 18:00:17
Anthony has no say as to where he goes anymore. He waived his no trade clause to go to OKC which means it's no longer in his contract. @Btec.

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21 Jun 2018 18:30:49
@dc i believe he retained it after the trade. but melo won't go to LA unless they get other stars, he is ring chasing.

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21 Jun 2018 19:11:46
Melo waived the clause for the one trade, but it’s still in the contract.

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21 Jun 2018 19:59:32
Didn't waive the clause from his contract, made an exception to allow a trade to okc.

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21 Jun 2018 16:32:46
Celtics - hawks

Celtics: #3

Hawks: bos 27th/ sac 19/ Memphis 19

Celtics get there final piece by grabbing Jaren Jackson at 3 the best defender in the class and one of the Youngest with crazy potential and hawks stack up 1st round picks to build with probably tank another year and potentially having 2 top ten picks(there's and sac) and another top 15 in Memphis's

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21 Jun 2018 17:16:27
I like the trade, I just don't think it will happen. If it does, I don't think it will be for Jackson.

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21 Jun 2018 17:22:44
Yeah probably won’t happen but I’d love to see them pull it off. Who do you think they would go for if not Jackson?

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21 Jun 2018 18:35:35
@zp luka. he is the best player on the draft, i think ainge is smart enough to realize that.

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21 Jun 2018 20:07:52
Jackson would be a good pick up. Just don't think C's will get him. But you never know. Great size and is a 2 way player that can hit beyond the arc.

If Ainge can find a 3rd team to place C Parsons to facilitate a trade with Memphis then it could be a possibility … Jackson can stretch the floor for variable matchups.

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21 Jun 2018 16:12:08
Grizzlies receive:
G DeMar DeRozan

Knicks receive:
4th pick in draft (Mo Bamba)
F Chandler Parsons

Raptors receive:
9th pick in draft (SGA)
36th pick in draft
F Lance Thomas (expiring)
G Courtney Lee

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21 Jun 2018 17:23:50
Seems like the Raptors would just cut the Knicks out and take #4 and Parsons.

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21 Jun 2018 18:37:19
@bmill but rumors say they want sga, so here they don’t have to take parsons and get some more serviceable pieces.

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21 Jun 2018 18:40:47
I like it.

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21 Jun 2018 15:44:44

making room for lebron

CHA gets Lowry and 1st rd pick from TOR (2019)
" Trades Kemba to ORL for 6th pick and Vucevic

TOR gets Batum, Deng, Ingram, and 1st rd pick from LAL (#25), 2019 pick (LAL)
Sign Thomas 3yr/ 45 mil

LAL gets Derozan
Trades Kuzma to IND for Turner and 1st rd pick (#23)
Sign Favors
George Max
Sign Rondo 1yr/ 10 mil
Lebron Max

Lowry/ Monk
Mikal Bridges (#11)/ Lamb/
Porter (#6 via ORL) / MKG
Marvin Williams

Isiah Thomas/ Fred V
Batum/ OG/ Gary Trent Jr (#25 via LAL)
Ingram/ Miles
Ibaka/ Siakam
JVal/ Poetl

Lonzo/ Rondo
Derozan/ Grayson Allen (#23)
George/ Hart
Bron/ Favors

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21 Jun 2018 17:23:02
Lakers are definitely holding out for news with Leonard or lbj before anything like this would go down. The draft I'm thinking is too soon for either Leonard or lbj situations to be decided.

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21 Jun 2018 18:43:02
not that lowry’s and derozan’s value are super high rn. but tor should get more for their two best players than ingram and two really bad contracts, maybe give them hart and j. simmons from orl or even fournier (bad contract but he isn't a terrible player) and swap out batum for williams maybe.

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