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21 Apr 2018 23:47:22

Nuggets get #23 pick and Al Jefferson (only $4m guaranteed)

Pacers get #14 pick and Kenneth Faried.

22 Apr 2018 09:37:41
I would love this for the pacers.

12 Apr 2018 20:51:37
Denver: 1rnd pick Phoenix+Dudley+Knight+bender

Phoenix: Jokic+ Millsap

12 Apr 2018 21:11:09
No way from DEN. Jokic is a special talent. Pick is a gamble. Knight, Dudley, Bender, wouldn't be very productive likely.

10 Apr 2018 22:02:02
The Hawks get Jr Smith(buyout), Korver, Zizic, the Cavs 2021 and 2023

Give up Bazemoore and Schroeder

The Nuggets get Love, Gobert, Schroeder, Sefolosha, and Epke

Give up Millsapp, Jokic, Harris, Plumlee, and Faried

The Jazz Get Jokic, Thompson, Clarkson and Cedi Osman

Give up Gobert, Sefolosha, and Epke

The Cavs get Millsapp, Harris, Plumlee and Bazemoore

The Cavs give up Love, Osman, Clarkson, Jr, Korver, Zizic, the Cavs 2021 and 23 1st

10 Apr 2018 22:14:56
Cavs trade Thompson as well*.

11 Apr 2018 00:12:49
rkennen_16 i don't see i don't think nuggets willing to give up their franchise player jokic.

10 Apr 2018 14:58:10
NY plan to get the Claw in 2018, Lebron in 2019 and renew Claw.

Bucks get Gasol
Spurs get Porzingis Kanter Hardaway
Knicks get Claw Howard DJWilson
Hornets get Henson

Sixers get Lee Thomas
Bulls get Korkmaz Cabarrot Noah
Knicks get Faried Holiday Lopez
Nuggets get Bayless

2018-19 50-32

Trade Lopez for multiple picks Mudiay for 2nd picks

2019-20 resign Burke MLE

10 Apr 2018 15:27:46
R. Lopez for multiple picks? I would really be surprised if they could get one 24+. A second maybe as an expiring is doable to a team in need of cap manipulation. Bulls tried, didn't work. Trade expiring Howard for Henson? Why? They have 4 centers. Even if Henson is a true PF. I am not following some of these moves. Keep Porzingis.

10 Apr 2018 16:05:55
Lopez can gain you 2 top 2nd rounders for his expiring contract. Bulls looking for a 1st round pick for Lopez with 1 more yr left
Mudiay can get you a late 2nd
Knicks have their 1st and 2nd

4 years of lebron 6 years of leonard is better than 10 years of Porzingis.

10 Apr 2018 16:07:42
If hornets have 3 offensive center they need a PF who is defensive minded with undersized older Marv-Will as their only other opt.

10 Apr 2018 16:25:13
here we go again.

10 Apr 2018 16:38:55
Why would Milwaukee give up Henson, (10 Mil. a year) and DJ Wilson, (Rookie contract) to get an older Gasol with a overpaid 18 Mil. contract? Isn't Gasol retiring soon? This doesn't make any sense for the Buck's.

10 Apr 2018 16:56:35
Henson presents is 1 sided. Wilson has no value yet. Gasol playoff ex perience, passing, scoring will be needed. If bucks get elimated 3rd consecutive year with reaching.

10 Apr 2018 18:00:12
Again, Why would the Bucks take on an aging player, with a massive contract, for what a year, maybe two? Henson is younger, No one knows what Wilson can do, as he gets no PT. I think Milwaukee would pass on the idea. Plus they have Zeller, and Maker, maybe not as talented as Gasol, but quite a bit younger, and less expensive. Milwaukee like every other team is trying to get rid of Older players and big contracts. Not bring more on!

10 Apr 2018 18:22:42
Monroe loss was huge for bucks but the need for bledsoe was equal. Gasol for 2 yrs bring what you had in Monroe in addition to leadership and mentor. Zeller for Hernangomez helps both teams.

10 Apr 2018 18:36:05

Pau Gasol, 7ft. 37 yrs. old, Averages; 10 ppg, 8 rpg, and 3 apg, makes 18.6 mil per yr.

John Henson, 6'11", 27 yrs old, Averages 8 ppg, 6 rpg and 1.5 apg, makes 11.4 mil per year.

D. J. Wilson 6'10" (basically no averages, doesn't play enough) makes Rookie contract 3.9 Mil a year.

So, Milwaukee gives up roughly 3 mil a year, plus 10 years of youth, to add 2 ppg, and 2 more rpg? They already have a 40 yr, old player in J. Terry Why again would they want to add another aging player?

10 Apr 2018 18:50:36
I think Gasol is going to retire. Doesn't need money, had a great career, not in championship contention. Retired from Spanish ball already. I think he's hangin' it up.

11 Apr 2018 05:01:02
Also hensons cap number goes down every year.

08 Apr 2018 16:28:52
Knicks already said they want to get longer wings, trade salary that exceeds 2019 outside of rookies contract, with Porzingis likely out until 2019 next yr i'd their final rebuild year.

Nuggets get Thomas
Bulls get Faried Lee
Knicks get Holiday Asik

Stretch Noah the following year where only under 4 mil is counted against the cap over 5 year. Asik final year is not guarenteed 3 mil buyout. 85 mil available in cap space to sign 3 superstars in 2019 before Porzingis accept qualifer and extends 5yr 150 mil.

Trading Holiday Mudiay Burke for multiple 2nds should give them 15 man roster in 2019-20

2019 summer
Rozier & T.Harris get 4 100mil
starting with 22 mil in 2019
Leonard get 45 mil in 2019, 4yr 200mil with new endorsement contract worth another 100 mil.Hernangomez for MLE

19-20 will be a dangerous team.

08 Apr 2018 20:43:55
Is Porzingis going to resign for $2 a year? Not enough cap space for all of this.

08 Apr 2018 21:35:42
There are so many things wrong with this scenario I don't even know where to start. Justin Holiday sucks compared to Tim Hardaway Jr. Also a team with kawhi and KP isn't going to land a top 5 pick for Zion. Paying rosier 25 mil a year is just stupid. Why would Willy Hernangomez come back to the knicks after demanding a trade. Maybe you should just respond to trade rumors instead of making up ones like this that don't make any sense.

08 Apr 2018 23:22:11
jello, you understood nothing from my post. Hardaway for Mathews will work bc of Hardaway age, you will never win with Hardaway bc he can't his shadow. Holiday is better hardaway bc you forget defense. Something Rozier does and much more and he will get in 2 years bc that's is ny plan. Bc knicks are tanking next year again and will land pursue Zion. Read it again buddy.

Porzingis has a qualifier in 2019 he will accept and in 2020 sign an extension if he wants talent around. Knicks can afford 25 over cap bc they are richest team.

09 Apr 2018 17:56:50
Rozier is superstar money eh? Classic foolish post over here.

To give you a bit more understanding on the player, he shoots under 40%. So clearly, he ain't helping with 50% of the game. offense.

But you think his defense is what championships are made of and warrents what, 25 million a year?!?! In depth metrics are good at actually seeing how a player is on defense. Again, I get this is over your head, but maybe you can follow this. Opponents offensive is essentially the same when he is on court, versus off. Meaning, not much of an impact. Not good, not bad. But no way in hell worth 25 million a year.

Even worse, you want the future floor general to be a guy who in over 25 minutes a game averages less than 3 assists? You are ridiculous and a horrible knicks fan.

10 Apr 2018 19:27:04
Your a horrible metrics analyst, not taking into account which guys for the opposing team are on the floor when said player is on, and the various matchups, other teammates etc. If you were any kind of expert you'd know this, and wouldn't tout these 1 sided metrics stats except where they apply in a very basic and fundamental analysis. Ridiculous. Metrics. Laughable. How many more Danny Ainge's have to tell you they don't use that crap, but do in a much more player on player, matchup, in depth basis. Go troll somewhere else, and take your propaganda with you.

06 Apr 2018 18:47:37
Nets/Nuggets Trade:

Nets Receive: 13th pick (Via Denver)

The Nets finally get to pick in the lottery where they might have a chance at Trae Young, Miles Bridges or Kevin Knox. All three of those players should fall into that range and they can provide playmaking which is what the Nets could you. Picture a lineup of Trae Young, D'angelo Russell, Allen Crabbe, Rondae Hollis Jefferson, and Jarrett Allen. There are other alternatives with this pick as well. If they fall in love with a guy like Wendell Carter Jr. or Collin Sexton, who are projected to go earlier than the 13th pick they could always package the 13th pick and somebody like Jahlil Okafor to move up a spot or two.

*(Scenario involves the Nets drafting Miles Bridges with the 13th pick)*
Depth Chart:
1-D'angelo Russell/Jermey Lin/
2-Allen Crabbe/Caris Levert/Nik Stauskas
3-Miles Bridges/Joe Harris/James Webb III or another draft pick
4-Demmare Caroll/Rondae Hollis-Jefferson/Dante Cunningham
5-Jarrett Allen/Quincy Acy/Jahlil Okafor

Nuggets Receive: Spencer Dinwiddie, 29th pick (Via Toronto)

The Nuggets finally get a playmaking point guard who is having a career year. He's averaging 13 points, 6.5 assists, and 3 boards per game. He's a guy that doesn't need the ball and he can play solid perimeter defense since he stands at 6'6, tall for a point guard. Dinwiddie will be able to dish the ball down low to Jokic and Millsap or run the pick and role/pick and pop. This provides the Nuggets with a versatile depth chart where they could run a lot of different lineups. Dinwiddie and Murray in the backcourt makes for a great perimeter duo. Garry Harris, Will Barton and Wilson Chandler can all compete for the starting role but all have virtually similar playing style, 3 and D. All in all, this trade would put the Nuggets back into real playoff contention and could get them a potential 6-7 seed out West.

Depth Chart:
1-Spencer Dinwiddie/Jamal Murray/Devin Harris
2-Garry Harris/Will Barton/Malik Beasley
3-Wilson Chandler/Richard Jefferson/Juan Hernangomez
4-Paul Millsap/Trey Lyles/Darell Arthur
5-Nikola Jokic/Mason Plumlee/Kenneth Faried

06 Apr 2018 20:18:27
I think that the 13th pick is too much value for Spencer Dinwiddie. The Nuggets could keep the pick and get a guy like Gilgeous-Alexander, or they could maybe trade up a little to get Sexton. Dinwiddie is a solid player on a decent contract, but I think the Nuggets would rather have a person five years younger with even more contract control.

06 Apr 2018 21:26:59
Personally, I think Murray would start over Dinwiddie, but I think it's a good deal for both. I'm imagining tombrady hasn't seen a lot of Spencer, he's a nice player who I think still has more upside. His 4 to 1 Assist to Turnover ratio suggests he's a guy that could take command of a very deep second unit.

07 Apr 2018 00:59:34
I like Dinwiddie as a replacement for Mudiay/ Harris. A lottery pick? Not 13. Maybe 18+.

07 Apr 2018 13:57:13
Jorga, they do get a pick back to offset the overpay on the pick.

07 Apr 2018 17:31:38
I saw that, 29th. A 2nd basically. I don't see a whole lot of potential past 22 in this draft. Lots of projects.

04 Apr 2018 12:21:27
I think East are all set now for playoffs..
Raptors, Celtics, Cavaliers, Sixers
Pacers, Wizards, Bucks, and Heat

West lockup teams: Rockets, Warriors and Blazers
Its up to these 7 teams fighting for 5 spots left:
Spurs, Thunder, Wolves, Jazz, Pelicans, Nuggets and Clippers

06 Apr 2018 00:54:19
Thanks, Captain Obvious.

04 Apr 2018 07:09:33

Nuggets get K.Leonard & M.Conley


Spurs get M.Gasol, G.Harris & 1st rd pick Nuggets


Grizzlies get 1st from Nuggets, K.Faried, M.Plumlee, J.Hernangomez, M.Beasley, B.Forbes & 2nd from Spurs

04 Apr 2018 08:00:16
Like the concept. I would add Spurs 1st, Mills and Arthur to Grizzlies also and send Beasley or Hernangomez to Spurs.

28 Mar 2018 15:52:42
Marc Jackson plan

Hornets get Kanter Hardaway Noah
Pacers get C.Zeller
Knicks get Howard Melo Jefferson
OKC get Batum

Clippers get Lee Thomas Mudiay
Knicks get Beverly Faried Arthur
Magic get Rivers
Nuggets get Ross W.Johnson

Melo retire in class also restore super stars thought process to want to play for NY. Which is important going into next summer. Knicks will have 70 mil in cap space with 35 mil in payroll in 2019 to sign 3 superstars. Mark Jackson smarter Hornicek knows when you have 2 bigs in at same time, you don't run and gun. Draft Mykal Bridges. Beasley 1yr 10mil


28 Mar 2018 17:35:52
Sam Presti would rent a Cadillac Escalade and drive Anthony to Manhattan if the Knicks could be conned into taking him back.

28 Mar 2018 18:15:07
Super, do you really think that Presti would rather have a horribly overpriced oft injured Batum over Melo? Melo also has one less year on his contract.

28 Mar 2018 18:49:56
Mark Jackson? Why? He was fired for Kerr because the players didn't like him. The players today are less tolerant than Curry, and crew. That was a very public disclosure. The owners asked, and the players said he could go, and they wouldn't object. So why hire the guy to build a modern Knicks team.

28 Mar 2018 20:26:08
There Are/ Will be better choices for HC with the Knicks than M. Jackson. I could see a J. Van Gundy, or better yet, D Fizdale, Before having M. Jackson coaching the Knicks.

29 Mar 2018 00:39:45
The news Jackson or doc rivers, those are choices.

29 Mar 2018 00:54:01
2019 Roster

Irving/ Ntilikina
Bridges/ Hutchinson
Lebron/ Dotson
Durant/ Diop
Porzingis/ BolBol.

29 Mar 2018 01:49:24
Bring back Balky (AKA Jeff Van Gundy), I miss that guy.

Actually, with the youth movement the Knicks are trending towards, I think a Brad Stevens type (Jay Wright maybe? ) would be the best fit. Jackson would not work with an emotional guy like Zinger, and while some seem to think he's a great coaching candidate, the Warriors had to let him go and hire Kerr to reach their potential. He would be better than Hornacek, but still not the answer.

29 Mar 2018 02:41:58
If the choice was Jackson, Rivers, Fizdale, JVG, Kidd, Monty Williams, Stackhouse, Top NCAA HC wanting to jump, or another Top NBA assistant wanting to be a coach in NY. I'd pick:
1. Top NBA assistant
2. Top NCAA HC
3. Stackhouse
4. Monty Williams
5. Rivers

If Fizdale benched Lebron the way he did Gasol, he wouldn't coach again in the league. Lue would never think about it, even when Lebron yells in the huddles, essentially what Gasol did. JVG seems retired. He's not even helping his brother in DET. Kidd - MIL, Parker, stories make him sound like a jackass. No Thanks. Jackson - GS, former teammates, and employers, players stories make him sound like a totalitarian. NY needs a player counselor/ manager/ general, not drill sergeant. Same reason for no on Fizdale. Those guys, and Dolan, and Porzingis already establishing he will not be bullied by fake authority. Sounds like a bad idea. Hornacek was rumored to be chippy as a player, but I was surprised that he has had yelling matches with Porzingis, O'Quinn, Noah. A complete opposite guy needs to be there. NY needs a special guy. Rivers has proven he can coach through adversity, and roster deficiencies, and be effective. I doubt he'll be available, could be wrong. Doc is a good player/ personality manager, he doesn't get enough credit for that. In my opinion.

27 Mar 2018 17:28:34
The Nuggets get Conley

The Grizzlies get Faried (exp), Chandler(exp), Beasley, Hernangomez, and the 2018 Denver 1st

27 Mar 2018 19:38:31
Chandler and a 1st for Conley. The other guys don't play. Terrible return for an all-star guard who has been compared to Chris Paul throughout his career.

27 Mar 2018 19:47:32
I've liked Conley since college, but he's no where near the player Paul is. Paul is a significantly better passer, a better defender, and a better scorer. Conley has never made an allstar game. He's a top ten pg and it's fair to call him a borderline allstar, but he isn't an elite pg. He's going to be coming off a major injury, he's 30, he's going to be a making over 30 million dollars a year, and he'll have 3 years left on his deal after this season. There is a ton of risk involved for anyone taking on Conley. 2 decent propsects, a late lottery pick and opening up 20+ million in capspace for a team that has no cap space or chance at putting together a championship contender is more than fair.

27 Mar 2018 22:54:51
Give me a break. Ton of risk. If a modicum of what you claim has merit MEM will stand pat on Conley before dealing him for 3 non-playing 13,14,15 guys off the bench, and under performing, inconsistent, over paid Wilson Chandler, and a 1st. At least throw a PG MEM's way during this robbery. Would have helped somewhat on the believable scale.

27 Mar 2018 23:14:16
Look at what Phoenix just got for Eric Bledsoe. Conley is a little better than him, but older and on a much worse contract. The 2 bigger contracts for the Nuggets are just expiring deals, which have a ton of value right now. Look at what the Cavs ended up with for a late 1st, Crowder and expiring/ shorter contracts. If Conley comes in and looks dismished, the Grizzlies might be stuck with him and Parsons taking up over half their cap in the middle of a rebuild.

28 Mar 2018 02:09:05
So, Parsons and Conley are equal? Nice bait and switch. I think they will play Conley, and prove there is nothing wrong with him, and he is worth his contract before shipping him off for K-mart blue light special pricing. If what you claim is true then MEM can keep their stars, and continue to be in the lottery. Why be a worse team short a star if they don't have to? There aren't any superstars coming into max money anytime soon? It's a bad proposal for MEM in every way. In your world it seems great, but in MEM fan world it sucks. Fans like their stars. Conley is a star.

28 Mar 2018 21:16:58
In this deal Memphis trades Conley and frees up 20 million. They can then use that 20 million to take on bad contracts attached to draft picks to help this rebuild. Conley has been injured this year and last and as rkenne stated is 30. Definitely a lot of risk involved. I think that this might be close to what they get if they do decide to trade him, but could be more.

As for fans liking their stars. Who cares? The owners want to give their fans a product worthy of competing. Any knowledgeable fan knows that this team won't be able to compete with what they have and a rebuild is necessary. If the GM wants to keep his job he's going to need to decide the direction of this team, cause at the moment its going no where.

29 Mar 2018 00:26:12
Boy, because you rkenne_16, and hamburger feel the need to gang up on me with your propaganda I'm completely thinking garbage, an over valued draft pick, and salary relief are worth a player of Conley's ability. Thanks for the reiteration of everything rekenne_16 said. 3 times wasn't enough.

29 Mar 2018 00:42:56
Jorga, why are you constantly trying to play the victim. People disagree with you and the entire premise of the site is arguing the plausibility of trades. No one is treating you unfairly or differently than anyone else on the site.

29 Mar 2018 01:08:28
Hinkie's model of tear it down to the ground is kind of frowned upon, and rules are being considered to motivate against it, and the models that MEM paid J. West for, and Ainge successfully pulled off, though Ainge is responsible, and the NY Carmelo deal, for rules against trading consecutive draft picks, keeping Gasol, and Conley in tow will not affect rebuilding. Especially with 15 man rosters. Conley, and Gasol keep fans coming to games. That pays salaries. Revenue share, and other incomes are here that weren't 5 years ago. Would BOS trade Irving for that awful DEN package. The answer is a resounding no. BOS fans would loot TD in a heartbeat. Until those 2 are crippled, and/ or are not needed, and want out they will never be traded for salary fill, and a draft pick. Late lottery at that. #14 are the odds the way it looks now. I could care less if you have a personal vendetta against me, the logistics of this deal are terrible. Your handle is a guy BOS would have never traded, no matter what. Gasol, and Conley are that to MEM. They own nearly every team record between them. Neither of them are near as crippled as Bird was in his final seasons.

29 Mar 2018 02:52:42
Jorga, this isn't the 1970s. Teams aren't going to sit back and let their franchise wither without a direction. Tanking has worked well for a multiple teams. The team has no cap space, the city doesn't draw big players, their 3rd best player is walking, the only players on their roster worth anything are Gasol and Conley, their roster is terrible, they have no extra draft picks, and if their pick doesn't fall in the top 8 next year they don't get it. If they don't move those guys, their rebuild is going to be twice as long. Fans will understand trading Conley and Gasol. They won't understand the team being in the lottery for the next 7 years without a direction.

29 Mar 2018 03:33:48
Rkenne_16 Stating truthfully what is happening is playing the victim? Since when do victims speak up for themselves? I don't lie, or bend facts to fit my agenda. If I got something incorrect, and someone states it, I always recognize it, or make an effort to anyway. If I missed one, or two, I'm human, I make mistakes. I'll look to be more respectful if I'm addressing a post heading of yours, but I'm going to give back what I'm given. The point of the interweb is to share different knowledge, and information that each of us have uniquely acquired. Getting bombarded with filth in a pissing contest has never worked on me, I'll just retaliate as long as the missiles continue flying over the wall. Not doing so is truly being a victim. In respect to others on here, I'll tone it down, but if it continues this will go on, and on until I get tired.

29 Mar 2018 07:00:54
Rkenne_16, MEM has 10 mil till they hit luxury tax? What do you mean capped out? They can sign Evans if Evans wants with no penalty. I will bet MEM is a playoff team next season. I'll put my money where my mouth is even. Conley has to be on the team though. Anything can happen in the off season. If there's any change in Gasol, or Conley the deal is off. I'll bet $100 MEM is a playoff team in 2019, and Vice Versa? I'll credit your pay pal account, and Vice Versa? DAL, Nowitzki, SA, Duncan Ginobli, Parker, LAL Kobe Bryant. All stayed, not traded, even overpaid, not the 1970's. Teams rebuilt without losing them, and acquired youth doing it. Didn't take as long as the Hinkie either, or 7 years. Parsons sucks. Focus on getting rid of him before the good players.

29 Mar 2018 10:40:58
I'll take that bet.

29 Mar 2018 14:38:46
Also, they don't have the Bird rights to Evans. They can offer him what everyone else can, but I'm sure some more competitive teams will go after him. The chances resign him are pretty slim.

29 Mar 2018 17:17:10
I'd like to know where in my comment on this thread I "attacked" you. I simply disagreed and gave my reasoning. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are attacking you. Yes I have attacked before but I don't believe I did this time.

30 Mar 2018 03:50:08
LarryLegend33 Gang, doesn't mean Attack to me, but whatever works for you. I'll save my interpretations of your responses on previous posts. I'm shallow on an NBA trade rumors site. I can handle that. I think it's an overstatement, but everyone needs a villain.

19 Mar 2018 18:31:20
NY should go for after Robert Williams 9th pick

Clippers get Ross Mudiay
Knicks get Rivers Faried Arthur
Magic get Ntilikina Noah
Nuggets get Biyombo Beverly

Sixers get Lee Thomas
Knicks get Crabbe Caborrot Korkmaz
Nets get Bayless Anderson


19 Mar 2018 20:19:50
Robert Williams isn’t projected as a lottery pick. Why in the world would the Knicks take him over higher potential prospects? Only way they do that is trade down. But you post the same type of post daily. So it’s whatever.

19 Mar 2018 20:42:48
I think the Knicks should just keep Noah's contract. Giving away young players or picks to get off of Noah's contract doesn't seems like a bad move. What can they do with that space this summer that will make them a playoff team assuming KP isn't ready to start the year next season.

I'm not sure I go after Robert Williams though. It may be a bit of a stretch at that point and I think you want to go high upside with that pick. I think Williams could be a really good role player, but I don't really see the path he takes to be a star. Knox or Miles Bridges would probably be my pick unless Sexton or Young is there and NY is in love with one of them.

19 Mar 2018 21:19:56
Watch Williams play. He is dominating PF. Without trading or resigning NY has 3 PG next Mudiay Ntilikina Burke 3 SG Hardaway Lee Baker SF Thomas Dotson T. Williams Center Porzingis (real position) Kanter Noah no PFs. Hicks is garbage. Beasley is looking for multi years deal. No descent 2nd at PF.

Nuggets loaded with PFs. They should be my target.

19 Mar 2018 23:08:53
I agree with you on Williams. I actually posted in the talk section about him, but with one star in KP maybe only this year and next year left in the lottery, I think they need to go high upside rather than take a guy that looks like a high level role player. He reminds me a little of Larry Nance. An undersized hustle guy that can block shots and guard multiple positions.

11 Mar 2018 16:11:36
Cavs offseason if Lebron leaves

Brooklyn pick lands 3 trade jr smith and pick 3 to Chicago for pick 6,pick 21, jerian grant,20191st top 5 protected

Trade Kevin love to Miami for bam adbeyo,Justice Winslow,Tyler Johnson,dion waiters

Buy 2 nds 35,43,57


6-mo Bamba

22-Troy Brown

35-rawle alkins

43-josh Okogie

57- Joel berry

Free agency

Lebron James s&t Lebron,George hill to philly for Markelle Fultz,Jerryd Bayless,tmithew lawou carbout,2020 1st

Jeff green signs with nuggets 3yr 20mil

Jose chalderon 1yr vet min with philly

Rodney Hood 4yr 60 mil with Indy

Sign aurtuas gudatis 3yr 9mil

Sign sir Dominic pointer 2yr 3mil

Sign jontay porter 2 way contract

Sign Vander blue 2yr 4 mill

Trade Tristan Thompson and 2nds to Atlanta for cash

Sign Jordan McRae 1yr 1mil

Sign Willie reed 2yr 10mil

Sign Trevor Ariza 1yr 13mil

Finish- 15-67 draft rj Barrett,Cameron reddish

11 Mar 2018 17:09:57
A few problems I see, I'm not sure Chicago would be willing to do that trade, but if they were the Cavs should 100 percent do it.

The Cavs aren't going to get that in a sign and trade with Philly. They don't have to do it and Bayless is expiring next year anyway. Plus you can't trade another player with a player being s and ted.

I don't like the Love trade. Only because Tyler Johnson is going to be grossly overpaid next year. I'm not even sure the money would work over the summer, but if it did, I'm not sure it's worth it. They'd be much better off keeping finding a cheaper trade for Love and resigning Hood with their savings.

11 Mar 2018 17:14:58
I don’t like the trade for Chicago. This draft is supposed to be top 6-7 heavy. I wouldn’t give up that much to move within that top area.

12 Mar 2018 05:28:54
Terrible trade for CHI. 6 is a good pick. Porter Jr. Could be available at that spot. Lots of big men in this draft too. Perfect for CHI. Lopez, and Feliciano are awful, and expensive.

07 Mar 2018 09:39:26
Knicks Plan for 2019 free agency

Nuggets get Bayless Anderson
Sixers get Hardaway
Knicks get Faried Arthur Cabarott Korkmaz

Thunders get Lee Thomas
Kings get Roberson Abrines
Knicks get Temple Koufos

Kanter for Powell 2018 and 2019 2nd

2019-20 Irving and Leonard team at 35mil per season to join Porzingis



03 Mar 2018 02:23:30
Hornets get Kanter Hardaway Noah
Knicks get Howard Batum Henson Faried Chandler
Bucks get C.Zeller Thomas
Nuggets get Teletovic Baker 44th

Noah being devalue by the Knicks should not devalue him any lesser Batum who has more year than. Hardaway Kanter value exceeds that hornets are winner in the trade.
Gilchrist for Crowder Sefolosha


Nuggets devalue Manimal and removing him from roster for another player who would clear more time for Lyles as a starter and Hernangomez and Lydon off the bench. Nuggets win in the trade.


Bucks needed Bledsoe as much as Monroe. The Zeller brothers could help move in top 4 in east for years to come. Thomas will replace Parker who look for 20 per mil. Buck win in this trade


Knicks lacked athletes and defensive perimeter players who can run with Knicks young core. Hornicek now has type players fit. Knicks


03 Mar 2018 08:57:13
Omg the Bucks part just killed me.

03 Mar 2018 16:02:23
The Bucks say No! didn't you have this same trade days ago?

03 Mar 2018 21:15:50
Yeah Porzingis off the bench makes a lot of sense. great logic there.

03 Mar 2018 22:10:41
Porzingis won't be playing early in the season, Potatoechip.

03 Mar 2018 22:20:45
Bucks get Howard Baker 38th
Hornets get Kanter Hardaway Noah
Nuggets get Teletovic Thomas
Knicks get Henson Batum Chandler Faried Zeller 22nd.

04 Mar 2018 03:22:13
@ shizzee, Stop it! Doesn't work for anyone! You keep trying to make the same crappy trades, day after day! Nothing changes! Stop it! try working the "G League" F-I-R-S-T, Then come back when you've had the proper training! Until then Stop it!

28 Feb 2018 04:06:55
Hornets get Kanter Hardaway Milsap 58th
Nuggets get Teletovic Baker Noah Gilchrist 52nd
Knicks Howard Batum Henson Faried Chandler
Bucks get Zeller Thomas 38th

Hornets gladly take on Noah too younger players with better contracts.
Gilchrist Noah for Milsap 58th


Bucks get their post scoring presence. Ins. for Parker if he leaves.


Nuggets save money to resign Barton and Jokic.

Knicks take on salary to assemble faster pace athletic front court experienced mixed in with youth hnson bv backcourt


28 Feb 2018 04:16:03
Hard pass from the Nuggets.

28 Feb 2018 14:15:07
I'm not sure how my comment is getting dislikes? The Nuggets are trading a guy who has been an allstar the past 4 years, has played well this year when healthy, and is all mba caliber defender on a team that struggles on defense for Noah (36 million dollars in dead weight), a 2nd that could be bought fairly cheaply, and MKG ( a guy that is slightly overpaid for what he can provide) . I think MKG probably has about neutral value at this point. I can't see someone trading more than an expiring and something small like a 2nd for him at best and that might be the crown jewel of the return for what is probably a top 5 pf in the league with a skill set perfectly suited to match up with the best teams in the league. He can defend wings and most bigs and he is hard for the wings to deal with inside and hard for bigs to guard on the perimeter.

28 Feb 2018 14:54:40
Dont feel bad. I wrote a reply with a typo so i followed it up with an excuse the typo post. The original reply got 6 likes. The typo got 3 dislikes.

28 Feb 2018 20:34:18
Knicks get Howard Batum Faried Chandler
Hornets get Kanter Hardaway Noah
Nuggets get Teletovic Baker 38th
Bucks get Zeller L. Thomas

Trade can still happen without Milsap
Rkenne is this fair?

28 Feb 2018 21:35:28
Shizzee, no. The Knicks give up 3 bad contracts and some players with little value and get back players with neutral value. The Nuggets get nothing of real value for two players that can atleast be in the rotation and the Hornets trade 2 starters and a serviceable back up for 2 rotation players on horrible contracts and an 18 million a year 12th man.

14 Feb 2018 18:02:49
MEM-DEN Offseason Trade

Grizzlies Receive: Mason Plumlee, Kenneth Faried, Tyler Lydon, 2020 second round pick, 2019 top 17 protected pick

The Grizzlies have to take on Kenneth Faried who isn't worth the 12 million that you have to pay him But he only has about two years left and Memphis really won't attract any big free agents at all. Mason Plumlee could learn a lot from Marc Gasol and possibly raise his ceiling. Two future pick will be thrown in to sweeten the pot for Memphis as they use their franchise cornerstone to a conference rival. They will be going into to full rebuild mode after this season and will want to tank+dump their stars for some future assets.

Grizzlies Starting Lineup:

1-Andrew Harrison
2-Wayne Selden (Tyreke Evans walks)
3-Dillon Brooks
4-Jamycal Green
5-Marc Gasol

Nuggets Receive: Mike Conley, Deyonta Davis, Ben Mclemore

The Nuggets, who are in "win now" mode, finally get their point guard to be the catalyst of the offense+young/bench pieces for the future and present.

Nuggets lineup:

1-Mike Conley
2-Gary Harris
3-Will Barton
4-Paul Millsap
5-Nikola Jokic
Sixth Man=Jamal Murray

14 Feb 2018 18:21:18
Memphis passes. I can't see them taking on an over priced Plumlee, Faried's expiring, Lydon (just under went a knee surgery and hasn't played a minute this year), a late 1st, and a 2nd. It probably costs a 1st just to get rid of Plumlee.

14 Feb 2018 20:18:33
DEN plays well with Jokic, and Plumlee on the floor together. Plumlee is a bit more physical than Jokic, and passes equally as well. Both teams lose key pieces to their core. Both teams pass.

14 Feb 2018 23:19:43
The Grizzlies want to clear out the long term deal of Mike Conley and the Nuggets desperately need a point guard to run the offense. That is more crucial to them than physicality in the paint. Tyler Lydon was a first round draft pick, they get future picks which is exactly what they need. They don't even have a first rounder from 2017 and nearly any youth. I don't see why Denver or Memphis would pass.

15 Feb 2018 11:39:44
Never heard a thing about the Griz "wanting" or "needing" to trade Gasol or Conley? Is that a sporting news trade rumor? I avoid that particular site. Jamal Murray has been great, and getting better as the season passes. Just beat the tar out of S. A. Last night? I am not as informed about these teams dealings, or privy to your information stream.

11 Feb 2018 19:08:14
Where I'd like to see some of the top possible free agents sign

•Tony Allen: Cavs or Thunder
•Vince Carter: Celtics or Raptors
•Derrick Rose: Wizards, Nuggets, or Warriors
•Nerlens Noel: Cavs or Spurs
•Josh McRoberts: Thunder or Spurs
•Ersan Ilyasova: Raptors or Thunder
•Shabazz Muhammad: Pelicans or Wizards
•G. Papagiannis: Thunder or Spurs.

12 Feb 2018 02:54:31
I’d like to see carter or Ilyasova go to the pistons. They need a shooter like Ersan.

13 Feb 2018 17:24:25
that's funny I was going to say the raptors for both raptora waive a player to bring in both.

08 Feb 2018 13:32:48
Denver gets Joe Johnson, Crowder, the Cavs 18 1st and a Cavs 2nd

Utah gets Chandler, Frye(exp), and Rose(exp)

The Cavs get Mudiay and Favors

08 Feb 2018 14:51:05
I like this trade for the Cavs and Denver.
But Utah should trade Favors trade for younger assets or keep him.

08 Feb 2018 15:21:05
I think the problem with keeping Favors for them is that he'll probably get close to 15 million, he doesn't fit at pf well in the league and next to Gobert, they have a solid cheap back up center in Epke already, and the roster needs help in other areas. Resigning both Favors and Hood (plus potentially Exum) will put them well over the soft cap. It's rumored that they have interest in Chandler, but I would imagine that Denver wants a first out of him. I'm not sure that Utah should give that up. This helps them get the first for him without giving up their future assets.

08 Feb 2018 16:02:12
DEN has made offers for Evans. Mudiay is essentially a pick, or developing talent. Why would DEN want a late 1st, and a 2nd for a former Lottery pick?

08 Feb 2018 16:15:39
Jorga, Mudiay has gotten less minutes every year in the league and they've continually been looking for a starting pg, while also having Murray. They clearly don't view him as the future of the position and it doesn't appear they don't seem him as valuable player. It's also rumored they're looking to move him or Chandler for a 1st to get rid of Faried with.

08 Feb 2018 17:05:38
Less minutes every year in the league? He is still on a rookie contract! I am aware of the RUMORS! How is a late pick, a 2nd, and Crowder, Johnson = a starting caliber point guard? I disagree with you, and I don't think Mudiay is junk. He's shown signs of being good. He just isn't better than Harris, Murray, or Barton. Doesn't mean he gets traded for garbage. He's good enough for CLE though. Surprise, surprise!

08 Feb 2018 17:40:56
Moot point now, but I don't see Mudiay as even an average starting pg. Maybe low end, but probably a solid back up that's still young. He could develop and his shot has improved, but obviously, he isn't where Denver or anyone thought he would be at this point.

08 Feb 2018 20:08:08
Jorga, Mudiay was traded for a 2nd. Haha.

07 Feb 2018 18:41:04

Denver gets- George Hill

Sacremento gets- Alex Abrines, Kyle Singler, 2nd rd pick (OKC)

New York gets- Emmanuel Mudiay, Kenneth Faried

Oklahoma City gets- Courtney Lee

What do you think?

07 Feb 2018 20:53:30
New York is basicly trading a 32 year old wing for an amazing point gaurd and a pretty solid big man.

07 Feb 2018 23:05:49
On what world is Mudiay an "amazing point guard"?

08 Feb 2018 02:57:28
Amazing? Get off 2k and watch a game. Denver has been trying to unload mudiay, because he's been a bum.

06 Feb 2018 12:38:52

Nuggets get Devin Harris and Tyson Chandler
-Get 2 veterans to help playoff push and saves a lot of future money

Mavs get Dragan Bender and Mason Plumlee
-Take on Plumlee's bad deal to acquire Bender who could learn from Dirk

Suns get Emmanuel Mudiay, Nerlens Noel, and Darrell Arthur
-Finally get a young point guard and they take a chance on Noel.

06 Feb 2018 13:08:48
Mavs and Suns probably say yes. Not so sure about the Nuggets.

06 Feb 2018 15:21:26
Jokic and Barton are free agents for the Nuggets and they're both due for significant raises. The Nuggets shave off about 11m off their books for next year in this deal. And plus, Chandler has 1 year less than Plumlee and Chandler could be a good verteran presence and rim protecter for Denver.

06 Feb 2018 19:15:20
The suns had several chances to get Noel, and mudiay and passed, so why would they do it Now? If they want Noel they can just sign him in the offseason. Dallas wouldn't even get a 2nd rounder out of him since he's not playing, and a unrestricted free agent.

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