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21 Jul 2017 14:58:06
This is convoluted, but I combined 2 ideas I had...

OKC gets:
Tyson Chandler, Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler

Suns get:
Chandler Parsons, Conditional Grizz pick

Denver gets:
Eric Bledsoe, Kyle Singler, Doug McDermott, OKC future first

Memphis gets:
Enes Kanter, Alex Abrines

OKC reasoning:
Go all in. They have to. This gives them big upgrades on the bench and gives more reason for Russ and PG to consider staying.

Suns reasoning:
Are Chandler or Bledsoe part of their future plans? Doubtful. When healthy is Parsons an elite scorer? Close. Suns have the best shot at reviving Parsons, and he'd bring a nice scoring compliment to Booker moving forward.

Nuggets reasoning:
Pairing Bledsoe with Milsap, Jokic, Murray, Harris, etc. is a nice idea. He can start or play as a super sub. An OKC pick could be huge if their two stars bolt, but the bigger get is McDermott who could be a huge floor spacer for them.

Grizz Reasoning:
Pretty simple. Gasol is the only TRUE center on the roster. Plus, they get one of Gasol's national teammates to help space the floor. Grit and Grind can help cover the shortcomings both additions have on defense. Plus they offload Parsons.

21 Jul 2017 15:29:25
The Suns get get the shaft in this. It heavily favors the Thunder. Solid for Denver and probably a pass for Memphis.

21 Jul 2017 15:54:05
So phoenix trades the best player, just for the hope of getting to revive Parsons? Not happening.

21 Jul 2017 15:57:21
This is hysterical regarding the suns. Are chandler and bledose part of the future? No. well, chandler isnt, but not sure why you just KNOW that bledsoe isnt.21/ 6/ 5 seems like something to build around.

But ok, that's fine. Give up the 2 years of both of them. and you get 4 years of Parsons. FOUR FREAKIN YEARS!

But go on from that. when healthy, is parsons an elite scorer? Close. really?

Best year comparison:
Player a - 16pts per game, 47% fg, 37% 3fg
Player b - 21pts per game, 43% fg, 34% 3fg

FYI. Player a is parson, b is bledose. Elite? Riiiight. Parsons played decently DECENTLY in his contract year and got way too much from the mavs as a result. He doesn't play more than 75% of the year, at best, and at that point is an average starter, clearly no where near elite scorer.

Jesus, idk why, but that was just aggrivating. Parsons. and elite scorer. absurd.

21 Jul 2017 08:48:17

Nets acquire : K.Faried

Denver acquire : E.Bledsoe

Phoenix acquire : E.Mudiay , T.Booker (exp) & DEN 1st round pick

21 Jul 2017 15:18:40
No way Denver gives up Mudiay AND a first round pick.

21 Jul 2017 15:56:56
Graysondameap didn't realise you had insight into Denver's front office. Apparently it's not much insight, because you would know that Denver already offered mudiay, and a first for Bledsoe on draft day, and was turned down.

19 Jul 2017 14:21:44

Portland gets- Lamarcus Aldridge, Bryn Forbes

San Antonio gets- Andre Drummond, Darrell Arthur, Pat Connaughton

Detroit gets- Kenneth Faried, Danny Green, Ed Davis, Will Barton, Dejounte Murray

Denver gets- Reggie Jackson, Mo Harkless

What do you think?

19 Jul 2017 17:52:47
Denver and Detroit aren't getting nearly enough, and Portland is getting a steal.

19 Jul 2017 19:22:55
I think its not enough for Detroit. If they were to deal Drummond I think it would be to get a young piece or draft pick that could potentially be the franchise cornerstone that they no longer think Drummond is. Getting back a bunch of solid role players won't really help them at all since it'll keep them from getting a top pick but not provide them the upside to do much of anything. Pistons should probably keep Drummond unless they could get like a top 10 pick for him in the upcoming draft and not take back any bad contracts (and ideally rid themselves of Jacksons bad contract) .

Not a fan of Jackson and although Denver need an upgrade at point guard I don't think he is it (Bledsoe would be a good option imo) . They should try and move Barton (or Chandler if they want to slide him into starting lineup) and Faried tho.

I believe Portland would need to give up more for salary to work but for that little not sure why they'd be against bringing LA back.

Drummond would be a great addition to Spurs. He has the physical tools to be not only a monster on the boards but defensively. He has sort of plateaued thus far in his career but I think a great coach like Pop could help get the most out of him and help him on the mental side of things which is what is really holding him back.

19 Jul 2017 22:49:41
It's a steal for the Spurs, they should also give two draft picks to Denver

I like this for Portland, but i also think they should give a draft pick to Denver.

It's not a bad return for Detroit, but they better keep Drummond.

no idea why Denver would want R Jackson.

19 Jul 2017 02:52:20

Pistons get L.Aldridge & D.Arthur
- add a star to push for a playoff run


Nuggets get D.Green , R.Jackson & 2nd round pick from DET
- take a chance on Jackson while getting a stability on perimeter defense


Spurs get T.Harris , K.Faried , W.Barton & 1st round pick from DET
- youth movement and add athleticism
- sign Ellis


19 Jul 2017 12:07:51
Drop the first round pick to the spurs and I think this is a good deal for all teams involved.

20 Jul 2017 19:49:37
detroit wouldn't do it, no one wants lamarcus unless they are a contender.

19 Jul 2017 01:21:15

Raptors get K.Faried & 2nd round pick from Suns


Hawks get J.Valanciunas , B.Knight & 1st round pick from Nuggets


Nuggets get E.Bledsoe


Suns get D.Shroeder & W.Barton


19 Jul 2017 04:40:16
Yeah that's a big NO from Atlanta. They are not going to trade their best player for two players nobody wants and a a pick in the mid teens.

18 Jul 2017 09:11:12
Cavs nuggets Jazz

Jazz receive

Nuggets receive

Cavs receive

17 Jul 2017 19:26:02

Denver gets- Eric Bledsoe

Pheonix gets- Kenneth Faried, Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris

17 Jul 2017 20:39:05
Not bad. Maybe replace Mudiay with a 2nd. Harris looks like he could turn into one of the better shooting guards in the league.

18 Jul 2017 00:06:23
I think Bledsoe would be perfect fit in Denver who could use his defense and playmaking. Given recent trades however, I think this is a significant overpay on Bledsoe. I think Mudiay and a future 1st would be enough but Nuggets could throw in Barton who they likely wouldn't be able to resign anyway (if I were them I'd try my hardest not to move Harris who can pair with Murray as backcourt of the future as he could cover pgs defensively) . I'd even be alright with throwing in Faried since Nuggets have plenty of pf depth but I don't see Suns being that interested in Faried.

18 Jul 2017 05:20:42
Take out Harris add 2nd round.

16 Jul 2017 10:50:14
Final Pelicans moves

Trade #1

Pels - Danny Green SG/ SF

Spurs - Quincy Pondexter (waive) Alexis Ajainca, 2nd round pick

Pels get a spot up shooter while Spurs clear cap to resign Pau Gasol

Trade #2

Pels - Wil Barton SG/ SF

Nuggets - Future Protected 1st Round

Trade #3

Pels - Future protected 2nd round

Nets - Omir Asik (stretch waive) 2018 top 10 protected pick

Nets gain a first rounder while Pels clear cap

Sign Maurice Speights 3 yr 24 million

Pels lineup

PG - Holiday - Rondo - Jackson
SG - Green - Moore - Crawford
SF - Hill - Barton
PF - Davis - Diallo
C - Cousins - Speights.

17 Jul 2017 15:58:57
Spurs aren't giving up Green for that. And I'm a Pels fan.

15 Jul 2017 18:10:21
Phoenix - New York - Denver

Denver get Bledsoe and Melo

New York get B. Knight and T. Chandler

Phoenix get Mudiay and Faried

Phx young Player and win their Big contracts to other

New York get good Pg and picks or.

Denver is new West contender with Melo bledsoe and milsap.

15 Jul 2017 18:58:25
Denver would have to offload more money/ salary.

15 Jul 2017 20:24:34
Wow, Horrible.

15 Jul 2017 20:59:46
Awesome deal for the Knicks.

16 Jul 2017 05:35:05
No one wins this trade, Denver gets an overrated PG in Beledso and Melo who doesn't want to play for anyone other than the Rockets. The Knicks Get Knight who isn't awful but the Kicks already have a lot of guards already and Chandler who is near the end of his career and making an absured amount of money for his production. And the Suns get Mudiay who is looking more and more like a bust, and Faried who is a little bit overhyped and is getting paid a lot. I just don't see any team being interested in this deal since it doesn't help the Knicks start their rebuild, it doesn't help the Suns finish their rebuild and it just doesn't help Denver at all. The Kicks just need to find a way to get Melo to Huston and get it over with.

15 Jul 2017 17:56:05
Phoenix - Denver - New York

Phx send bledsoe to NY
NY send Melo to Denver
Denver send Mudiay to phx

Phx get young Highlight mudiay
NY get top Pg
Denver become back Melo

16 Jul 2017 00:30:15
knight instead of bledsoe+ nuggets add arthur or faried.

15 Jul 2017 09:39:53
Pelicans Moves

Trade #1

Pels - Will Barton SG/ SF (Becones RFA next offseason)

Nuggets - 2020 top 10 protected 1st

Nugs need to clear spots and Barton could be a new be fit at the 2

Trade #2

Pels - Marco Belinelli SG

Hawks - Omir Asik C, 2018 Top 10 protected

Hawks can take some cap on and have no C, yes Asik isn't good but neither will Atlanta be, than can stretch waive him or keep him but gain a 1st round pick, Pels clear couple extra million off the cap

Free Agents

Luc Mbah a Moute SF 2 yr 10 mil
Rajon Rondo 1 yr 10 mil


PG - Holiday - Rondo - Jackson
SG - Barton - Belinelli - Moore
SF - Hill - Pondexter
PF - Davis - Diallo
C - Cousins - Ajainca

This lineup while they didn't add studds but gained a lot of shooters and flexibility moving forward, small lineup with Holiday, Rondo, Barton, Belinelli and Davis or Boogie could be solid.

13 Jul 2017 13:13:18

Rockets get Melo

Suns get Anderson

Nuggets get Bledsoe

Knicks get Faried

13 Jul 2017 13:41:13
Knicks bledsoe not faried.

13 Jul 2017 14:16:22
Salary doesn't work and doubt Suns want Anderson on that young team with Chriss, Bender, Williams and even Jackson able to play pf at times. I love Bledsoe to the Nuggets and if they could get him for only Faried that would be a complete steal. Knicks obviously would prefer Faried for themselves but Faried wouldn't be an awful return for Melo.

13 Jul 2017 02:05:39
Ny. Den. Hou.

Ny in
Faried, Nelson and chandler from den
Capella from hou

Melo and oquinn from ny

Thomas from ny
Anderson and salary fills from hou.

13 Jul 2017 02:51:15
The salary doesn't work for Houston, Houston isn't moving Capella for Melo, and not only does Denver grossly over pay for Anderson, but they have no need for him after getting Milsapp.

13 Jul 2017 01:48:42

Knicks get
Chandler and Nelson from Denver
Capella from Houston

Houston gets
Melo and Quinn from Knicks

Denver gets
Anderson and son mix of salary fills

maybe some 2nd rounders get mixed in.

12 Jul 2017 15:38:11
3 team trade:
Aldridge and Plumlee(s&t) to Grizzlies
Green(spurs) to Nuggets
Gasol to Spurs then resign Pau and Simmons




12 Jul 2017 01:30:47

Nuggets get Dennis Shroeder & Marco Bellineli


Hawks get Emmanuel Mudiay , Gary Harris , Kenneth Faried & protected 1st round pick


12 Jul 2017 02:12:17
Bad for nuggets just plain bad.

12 Jul 2017 03:43:00
Interesting move I hadn't considered. Nuggets definitely need an upgrade at point guard if they want to cement a place in the playoffs (and actually compete) in a deep west. Not sure how available Schroeder is but as a younger playoff proven point guard he'd be a good fit (I still think Bledsoe would be a better fit tho and could be had for cheaper) . Giving up Harris is the only thing that may hold up the trade on the Nuggets end since he really improved last season. Nuggets would likely prefer to swap Barton with him in the trade.

For the Hawks they are going to be awful and Schroeder is clearly their best player. Turning 24 this September he is young enough to go through a rebuild and having a solid point guard is essential in today's NBA. However, they should move him for what appears a solid return for me. Mudiay is only 21, has similar stats to Schroeder at his age (although Mudiay didn't have an all-star in Teague in front of him and could've gotten all the minutes wanted had he played better) and as a bigger player at 6ft 5 200+ lbs I think has a higher upside than Schroeder if he can improve his decision making and shooting. If I were the Hawks I'd take the chance since they could bring him along slowly and the other pieces could be attractive supplementary pieces (at the moment Prince and Collins appear only guys they'd want to keep around for long haul) . I probably wouldn't want Faried who is already 27 and would prefer Lyles, Lydon or Hernangomez as a shooter next to Collins. I'm not sure John Collins has size to play center (doesn't have long arms, not that tall and at 225 too light to bang with actual centers) but he has looked good in summer league and maybe he can develop into that role in time with the help of his athleticism and adding muscle.

12 Jul 2017 07:07:26
way too much going to Atlanta.

11 Jul 2017 16:45:57

Trade Thad Young to Suns for Chris/Ulis.
At deadline trade Bogdanovic to contender for 1st rounder and a expiring contract (maybe Raptors).
In the draft trade Pacers 2018 first and Leaf or Sabonis to move up.
At end of season or draft day trade Collison for 2nd rounder.
Flip the first rounder from the contender and Oladipo for a future second rounder (maybe Mavericks will take on his contract).
Trade Joesph and 2nd rounder to Nuggets for 2018 first.

All of this opens up cap space for free agency
Dante Exum 4y72m (Jazz won't match because hood and favors are free agents as well and to pay them all would send them way over the cap.)
Gary Harris 4y88m (Denver can create space to keep him so you have to sign him to a little more. But it's not a smart move for a team who needs to pay an elite point guard.)
Resign Robinson III
Sign Amir Johnson 2y24m (2nd year team option). Just to get some veteran leadership.
Sign Nick Young 2y14m (Need backup SF and an elite 3 point shooter.)
Sign Deron Williams 2y10m (2nd year team option.) More veteran mentoring.

Robinson III/Young/Niang
Johnson/Chris/Sabonis or Leaf


11 Jul 2017 17:25:54
Not sure what Suns would want with Young especially giving up promising young assets (especially Chriss who was there lotto pick that they traded up to get last year) to get him and his decently sized contract when they likely are a team building for the future.

I think Indy would be foolish to just dump Oladipo's contract especially when they aren't going to attract any significant FA. Why give up assets to get rid of him in order to overpay similar caliber FA (Exum and Harris neither project as potential stars but solid players) and older FA (Johnson, Young and Williams) . His contract is big and he didn't wow last season but he is still relatively young and will likely be Pacers 2nd best player.

I think Exum would be a much higher priority than Favors for the Jazz and with guys like Joe Johnson and Diaw coming off the books they may even be able to retain Favors depending on how he plays upcoming season.

Nuggets do need a point guard upgrade (I don't believe Joseph is much of an upgrade with Murray capable of running the show) and they will have a decision to make between Harris and Barton on who they want to pay so Harris could potentially be had but I'd say its more likely they let Barton go with the jump Harris made last season.

After all those moves the end result is fairly underwhelming and all the moves are slanted in the Pacers favor (some are possible but I doubt all happen) . Pacers should try and move Collison, Young and Bogdanovic if they can get any young assets/ draft picks for them. They should only trade Oladipo if they actually get assets in return (don't salary dump him) . Moving up in the draft would be a solid idea especially with Sabonis and Leaf kind of redundant and Pacers needing a star to pair with Turner (Porter or Doncic would be ideal case) . Then throwing money at younger FA (most likely restricted) isn't an awful option but it most likely won't yield much if anything. Don't think Pacers need to sign that high of caliber of veterans at this stage of their rebuild where they should be focused on getting their young guys minutes and trying to uncover hidden gems with guys who have spent a decent portion of their time in D-league, overseas and such. It'll be a long rebuild for them but priority should be to tank with the hopes of getting a top talent to pair with Turner who is a budding star.

11 Jul 2017 17:44:55
Agree with most of what Jaw said. I think the oddest thing you have here is flipping Olidipo and a 1st for a 2nd. Olidipo is a young solid two way starter. He's on a reasonable contract. He's a player with solid value.

11 Jul 2017 16:33:55
sas- den

sas- faried
den- green and forbes

spurs got athletic bigman
nuggets got 3 and d player a 2nd defensive all nba team.

11 Jul 2017 17:27:52
Love it for Denver but not sure Spurs would be too interested in Faried. Faried is a solid role player but they just signed Gay who is an athlete and can play pf at times. Giving up a good starter in Green for Faried I don't think is a smart move for Spurs.

11 Jul 2017 10:26:46

Nuggets get Mike Conley
> a major upgrade at pg spot to compete


Grizzlies get 2018 1st round pick (lottery protected) , Emmanuel Mudiay , Darrell Arthur , Will Barton & Kenneth Faried
> get a bunch of young guys to rebuild if they also decide to trade Gasol


11 Jul 2017 11:03:36
Not much upside in any of those players Memphis are receiving.

11 Jul 2017 13:53:53
Personally I think Grizzlies will have a hard time just making the playoffs in a loaded west (they lost Randolph and could potentially lose Green and Allen without adding much) even if they manage to stay healthy which they've struggled with. I think they should definitely entertain the idea of dealing Conley and Gasol. Don't expect them getting fair value on these guys (look at most recent deals and nobody really has) so I don't see them getting significantly better than this. Only thing that may stop them from rebuilding is Celtics have their 2019 pick (although top 1-8 protected in 2019, 1-6 2020 and unprotected 2021).

Would be a steal for Nuggets who need an upgrade at point guard. Getting Conley as one of the best defensive point guards as well as a great shooter would vault the Nuggets into another tier where they'd be on Twolves, and Thunder level.

11 Jul 2017 02:57:24

Suns get J.Valanciunas & B.Caboclo
> get a young C who can grow with the team


Nuggets get E.Bledsoe
> upgrade at PG


Raptors get T.Lyles , E.Mudiay & 2nd from DEN
> get a young players and save some money


11 Jul 2017 04:35:10
I don't see JV getting that kind of return. He can't play against teams that go small. He gets shredded on defense by small ball line ups. Look at the direction his minutes have gone in the playoffs.

11 Jul 2017 07:11:01
I understand Raptors are trying to move Valanciunas but I think Nuggets could just deal directly with Suns and it would probably be better for both. Suns could just resign Len who is a younger and similar caliber player to Valanciunas and I imagine he wouldn't cost too much more.

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