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22 Nov 2017 08:05:30
Bulls - Knicks - Lakers

Bulls gets:
2019 1st Knicks (1-5 and 20-30 protected)
2020 1st Lakers (Top 5 protected)
2018 2nd back (via Knicks)
2018 2nd Denver (via Lakers)
2019 2nd back (via Lakers)

Knicks gets:

Lakers gets:

Fair value?

22 Nov 2017 14:29:44
I don't think one first (the seconds do little to sweeten the deal as they can be had fairly cheap) gets rid of either Noah or Deng for expiring contracts or cap space alone. When you factor in that the Bulls give up Lopez and Mirotic, who both have positive value imo, this is really bad for the Bulls.

19 Nov 2017 15:49:26

Bucks get J. Okafor, W. Chandler

Cavs get K. Faried, J. Bayless

Nuggets get M. Teletovic, I. Shumpert

76ers get J. Henson, C. Frye

Also nuggets and 76ers get picks

19 Nov 2017 16:24:40
I hate it for the Nuggets even with a future first. They give up probably the 2 most valuable pieces in the trade and Chandler is the best player in the trade by a lot.

19 Nov 2017 16:39:12
Sounds fair. The Bucks can use a Center, and a backup SF. Okafor and Chandler could fill those slots, even if they send a 2nd rd pick. Or, Milwaukee can also cut The two Cheerleaders "Terry, (40 yrs. old) and Vaughn" (Who can't fall off a horse and hit the ground, Or hit the broadside of a barn with a Basketball, even if he was standing inside of it) And sign Mindaugas Kuzminskas who was recently cut by the NY Knicks. 6'9" SF who can shoot and rebound.

19 Nov 2017 10:48:59
Miami: Dudley+ T Chandler+ B Knight+ return miami pick 2018 and 2021

Phoe: H Whiteside+ Booker+ Mudiay

Denver: Dragic+ 1rnd pick Bucks

Nets: Farried+ 2rnd pick OKc (from Suns)

Miami has little future, playing for the eight spot. They take contracts for draft picks. They already have some young talents, so they can go for a total rebuilt.

Phoenix get a good defensive center, a young pointguard and capspace

Denver get a good pointguard that can lead that team and an extra draft pick

The Nets get an exciting player and an extra draft pick

20 Nov 2017 16:49:07
Don't think Miami is in the market for a rebuild after all the money they just spent on signings this offseason.

19 Nov 2017 04:05:28
Pistons need a legit 3 to contend

Pistons - Nuggets

Pistons get: Wilson Chandler and Kenneth Faried

Nuggets get: John Leuer, Stanley Johnson and Det 2018 1st

Pistons - Hawks

Pistons get: Marco Belinelli

Hawks get: Boban & 2019 2nd



19 Nov 2017 04:24:16
Don't like deal one for the Nuggets. Though moving Manimal may be a good thing, him and Chandler are worth more than that package.

19 Nov 2017 16:26:48
Agree they probably should be getting a little more, but I don't think it's a awful return Triangle.

14 Nov 2017 22:52:04
Jazz - Lakers

Jazz gets:
2020 1st rd pick (top 3 protected)
2018 2nd rd pick (Nuggets)
2019 2nd rd pick (Bulls)

Lakers gets:

13 Nov 2017 19:25:21
Mavs/ Lakers

Mavs get Deng, Randle, Zubac, Hart, 2020 Lakers 1st rounder (top 5 protected) and Nuggets 2018 2nd rounder

Lakers get McRoberts, Harris and Mejri.

13 Nov 2017 15:33:02
Lakers - Nets

Lakers gets:

Nets gets:
2020 1st from Lakers (Top 3 Protected)
2018 2nd from Denver (via Lakers)
2019 2nd from Chicago (via Lakers)

Lakers gets cap space while Brooklyn take on a bad contract for future picks.

13 Nov 2017 19:01:34
Not enough for Brooklyn to take on Deng and
Give up players that have some value.

14 Nov 2017 14:43:04
lakers send deng attached with a top 3 protected pick along with julius randle who is no longer part of their future for Booker, Acy, Kilpatrick.

07 Nov 2017 12:50:23
Pheonix gets D. Russell and Arthur

Brooklyn gets Mudiay, the top 5 protected Suns 18 pick, and Denvers 18 pick

Denver gets Bledsoe

07 Nov 2017 13:36:12
I really like this for Brooklyn and Phoenix.
And Denver want's Bledsoe (I don't know why)

07 Nov 2017 14:56:00
Don't know why Brooklyn would trade Russell. He has been pretty spectacular this season. Plus, wasn't he the number one overall a few years ago?
I understand that the Nets are rebuilding, but why ship Russell away after theY got him on the cheap? . Why not build around him. He's still very young 21?

07 Nov 2017 16:32:22
I agree that Russell has looked good this year, but they're still lacking young talent. They have a few guys like Levert and Russell that look good, but outside of those two there doesn't look to be any future starters. They've used all their salary cap to get what they could and they don't have their pick this year. At this point they're stuck. If they think Russell can turn into a top 10 player, they should keep him, but if he keeps putting up these numbers (he's good but it's hard to tell how good on a bad team) they'll probably have to max him out to keep him. They're going to be moving forward in a rebuild with no capspace, no extra picks, and possibly just enough talent to keep them out of the top 5 to 8 picks. They risk ending up with a roster that's upside is a low seed in the playoffs and then their talented players leaving after their 2nd contracts to teams they can actually win on. Then they're back in a rebuild after little success and with less assets than they currently have.

I think doubling down on a rebuild is the right move. Then they can actually collect the picks they need and can let the bad contracts expire. Then they would have a real chance to collect the young talent to compete for a championship and have enough open cap space to add the extra players they need to complete the roster. Look at how many teams get stuck with a good, but not great roster and don't have the assets or capspace to over come it.

07 Nov 2017 16:58:53
I agree with rkenne.

Russel is good this year, but the Nets have little chance improving their roster. No draft picks and little chance LBJ would sign with them.

They should try to get as many assets as possible so they can start a total rebuilt.

08 Nov 2017 18:39:31
keep russell.
or take the protection off the suns pick.

07 Nov 2017 12:06:19
Lakers - Knicks

Lakers gets:

Knicks gets:
2020 1st rd pick (lottery protected)
2018 2nd rd pick (Nuggets)

07 Nov 2017 13:52:12
I actually really likr this deng would bring solid defense and good three point shooting.

07 Nov 2017 13:52:31
A pick 3 years from now (range 15-25) won't be enough for the 50 million of Dengs deal.

07 Nov 2017 10:51:55
Lakers - Mavericks

Lakers gets:

2018 2nd round pick (Nuggets)
2019 2nd round pick (Chicago)

07 Nov 2017 12:28:21
It'll take more than that to move Deng's contract.

07 Nov 2017 08:00:22

Nuggets gets A. Jefferson + G. Robinson III

Pacers get K. Faried

07 Nov 2017 08:36:43
I like this trade for Indy, but why woul denver do this?
I think they would want a pick for him (maybe second round)

06 Nov 2017 09:58:22
Denver: Bledsoe+ Leaf+ 1rnd pick Indy (top 5 protected)

Phoenix: farried+ C Jospeh+ L Stephenson

Indy: Mudiay+ T chandler

Denver gets a borderline all star and two young assets.

Phoenix receive capspace and C Jopseph can play PG this year.

Indy takes a bad contract for a young pg

06 Nov 2017 13:02:33
Why is Denver getting so much in this trade? They give up almost nothing and I don't think the Suns have any interest in a bunch of veterans.

06 Nov 2017 14:13:30
Indy can use a young pg and their are not many pg's in next years draft.

Bledsoe is a good player, but he has a low trade value for the moment. Stephenson 's contract has a team option and Farried's contract and joseph's contract are more easy to trade than Chandler's contract.

06 Nov 2017 14:50:54
Even if he has a low trade value, I don't think the Suns get back anything they find valuable at all here and I still don't see why Denver is getting so much back.

05 Nov 2017 03:34:54
Knicks:Eric Bledsoe

Suns:Willy hernangomez,mindagus kuzminskas and 2018 2nd rnd pick

Knicks:Tobias Harris

Pistons:Wilson chandler,kenneth faried and emanuel mudiay

Nuggets:Reggie jackson and Lance thomas

Knicks roster

Eric bledsoe-Jarret Jack-Frank Niklina
Courtney Lee-Tim Hardaway jr
Tobias Harris-Doug McDermott
Kristaps Porzingis-Michael Beasley
Enes Kanter-Kyle o quinn

05 Nov 2017 10:15:32
I like the first one.
Suns would want more, but i don't think tey will get a better offer.

i don't think the Nuggets want Jackson.

05 Nov 2017 02:13:41
Knicks: Eric bledsoe

Suns: kenneth faried,kuzminskas and malik beasley

Nuggets: Hernangomez,jared dudley and 2018 knicks 2nd rnd pick

Knicks Roster

Eric Bledsoe/Jarret Jack
Courtney Lee/Frank Nilkina
Tim Hardaway jr/doug mcdermott
Kristaps Porzingis/Michael beasley
Enes kanter/Kyle o quinn

Knicks get better. Hernangomez happy on a team where hell play with his brother and suns get prob the best package they could for bledsoe

03 Nov 2017 09:47:12
Phoenix/ Detroit/ Denver

Phoenix gets Drummond and Mudiay

Detroit gets Bledsoe, T. Chandler, Faried and 2nd round pick from Phoenix

Denver gets Jackson and 2nd round pick from Detroit


Mudiay/ Ulis/ James
Booker/ Daniels/ Knight
Warren/ Jackson/ Jones Jr.
Chriss/ Bender/ Dudley
Drummond/ Len/ Williams


Bledsoe/ Smith/ Galloway
Bradley/ Kennard/ Bullock
Johnson/ Leuer/ Tolliver
Harris/ Faried/ Ellenson
Chandler/ Marjanovic/ Moreland


Murray/ Jackson
Harris/ Barton/ Beasley
Chandler/ Hernangomez/ Jefferson
Millsap/ Lyles/ Lydon
Jokic/ Plumlee/ Arthur.

03 Nov 2017 10:00:22
Detroit gets screwed.

Why would they trade Drummond.

03 Nov 2017 13:01:15
PHX is the only one to accept this.

03 Nov 2017 13:44:41
No way Denver does this. Or Detroit for that matter.

01 Nov 2017 15:30:01

Philadelphia gets- Will Barton

Chicago gets- Jahlil Okafor, Semi Ojeleye, Nik Stauskas

Boston gets- Bobby Portis

Denver gets- Jerian Grant

Whats your thoughts?

01 Nov 2017 16:26:12
phil should jump on this, but i don't think bos or den would.

01 Nov 2017 17:46:56
It's an no for Denver

Boston could use Portis ( if everybody deserves a second chance)

I like this for Philly and Chicago.
Okafor could become a descent center in his hometown.

01 Nov 2017 17:59:03
I thought Boston would be a good place to unload Portis because thy can use a tall player that could hopefully play defense, and I thought Jerian Grant works because they need a backup PG and I feel like Will Barton isn't going to resign anyways.

01 Nov 2017 20:03:52
I like Portis, even if he's helped to break that team, and I wanted him in green during his draft. I think Semi has a solid future in Boston though, and Stevens seems to really like him.

27 Oct 2017 10:55:03
Denver: Bledsoe+ Cousins (If Cousins resign, because he want to play with Bledsoe)

Phoenix: Jokic+ Mudiay+ Arthur

NO: Farried+Dudley+ 1rnd pick Phoenix 2018+ 1rnd pick Miami 2018+ 1rnd pick Phoenix 2020 +1rnd pick Miami 2021+ 2rnd pick Memphis 2018+ 2rnd pick Tor 2018+ 2rnd pick Phoenix 2020

C: Cousins
PF: Millsap
SF: Chandler
SG: Murray
PG: Bledsoe

C Jokic/Chandler
PF: Chriss/ Bender
SF: Jackson/Warren
SG: Booker/Knight
Pg: Mudiay/Knight

NO Orleans can rebuilt or use the draft picks to get a second star (shootingguard/ Small forward)

27 Oct 2017 13:17:04
That's a LOT going back to NO. If I'm them, I do this in a heartbeat! Faried actually fits pretty well next to Davis, Dudley is a great veteran presence with range, and they'd have a ton of opportunity to pull in some young talent. Meanwhile, Boogie is more than likely out of there after this season.

As for the other two, Boogie and Bledsoe could make Denver a very interesting team, though I'm not sure how much of an upgrade Boogie is over Jokic. As for Phoenix, they bring in a young stud and a guy in Mudiay that still has a lot of potential, but I'm not sure why they're giving up that many first rounders, especially when they aren't even going to the team that's giving much up.

27 Oct 2017 14:31:35
Maybe the Miami 2021 and a second round pick should go to Denver too.

Cousins is a great player, he only needs to find HIS team.

Phoenix is giving up a lot, but they get everything they need to become a superteam. A good center that can pass and shoot 3- pointers. And a young pointguard.

27 Oct 2017 15:33:12
New Orleans is getting way to much. We just saw Cousins get deal for less than half of that six months ago and the Kings were negotiating from a much better position.

27 Oct 2017 16:22:14
Would rather have Jokic over Cousind tbh.

27 Oct 2017 20:58:49
rkenne What difference does it make what he got dealt for 6 months ago? What matters is if you decide to trade him mid year, what can you get for him. Cousins has showed no off or on court behavior issues and if there is a team needing a big to make a Playoff Run especially if they are in win-now mode, then Cousins is the solution and they will pay.

28 Oct 2017 13:53:01
Dacman. We've seen what the market thinks of Cousins and that was when the Kings had leverage. Demarcus said he wouldn't resign and he hasn't made the same commitment to NO, there was a year and a half left his contract compared to half a year, teams won't have him on a bargain contract for more than half a year, and teams know that they can't risk losing Cousins for nothing because it could spell trouble with Davis. Cousins continues to rack us Ts and really he's never had trouble off the court.

As for teams trying to make a playoff run, there aren't many teams looking to win at all costs right now that have assets.
List of teams looking to win at all cost that could use Cousins and their best obtainable assets: GS- late firsts and some low end prospects; Cleveland- Brooklyn pick, future picks that may have value given Lebron's future, Osman, Zizic, Thompson and expiring contracts; Houston- Capela, late future firsts, and expiring contracts; OKC- Adams, Abrines, and late future firsts; Toronto- JV, Powell, low end prospects and late firsts; Washington- Porter and late firsts; SA- late firsts, expiring contracts, Mills, Murray, low end prospects, and possible assets that could bring back value in a 3 way trade.

Teams flush with assets that may get involved, but probably wouldn't be willing to risk their future without atleast a commitment from Cousins; Boston and Milwaukee.

TI honestly can't see any other team getting in on this given either their leeriness about the half year, current rebuilds or strength at Center and Boston and Milwaukee are both long shots.

Maybe NOs gets a little more value back than they sent out for Cousins but that's a long shot and there is a possibility that they get very little back compared to Cousins abilities. They got him for next to nothing and that's what they're getting back for him.

25 Oct 2017 05:03:49
Nuggets - Eric Bledsoe

Pelicans - Kenneth Faried

Suns - Emanuel Mudiay, Omir Asik, 2018 2nd round from Pels, Future protected first from Pels

Nuggets get their guy

Pels dump Asik for Faried who can cone off the bench and create a scary 3 man rotation and back up plan if biggie leaves since he is locked up

Suns get young PG and picks.

25 Oct 2017 12:18:27
The Pelicans have to many bigs and a spacing problem. Why would they want Faried?

25 Oct 2017 14:38:26
Yeah i have to agree . Plus Asik has the trade value of a bag of skittles.

25 Oct 2017 19:13:16
Maybe a bag of skittles covered in Ebola.

24 Oct 2017 15:54:13
Bledsoe to Nuggets is probably happening. Nuggets will send Mudiay to Suns and they want to add Faried who probably be sent to 3rd team.
Here is my idea.

Phoenixgets Mudiay, Arthur and Ennis III

24 Oct 2017 16:16:13
And Nuggets 1st rounder lottery protected.
Nuggets get Bledsoe and Wright.
Grizzlies get Faried and 2nd rounder from Suns.

22 Oct 2017 07:55:18
cleveland and denver

cavs get wilson chandler, kenneth farried

denver get iman shumpert, frye, osman , brooklyn pick 2018




22 Oct 2017 11:34:26
That's a high price for Cleveland to go all in.

22 Oct 2017 11:40:33
Faried wouldn't be good enough to start over guys like Thompson, Crowder, or Chandler. The Cavs intentionally have a smaller lineup to better compete with GS. I'm not sure Faried even plays many minutes in the rotation. Nothing they Cavs get back is anywhere near worth giving up the Brooklyn pick for.

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