05 Jun 2016 12:19:22
76ers / Phoenix / FA Signing

F/ C: J. Okafor
3F: J. Grant
***: 2016 1Rd-#26
***: 2018 2Rd (2nd Highest of 3)

***: 2016 1Rd-#4
***: 2016 1Rd-#13
***: 2016 2Rd-#34
SF: T. Warren

☆FA Signing: 76ers
SF: Harrison Barnes @ 4-Years $90M

☆Trade Package: ATL-Hawks / PHL-76ers
PG-J. Teague and F/ C-N. Noel
(2G-Staukus Included in Trade Deal)

PG: J. Teague/ T. McConnell/ D. Murray 1-#13
2G: J. Murray 1-#4/ D. Murray 1-13
C: J. Embiid/ S. Zimmerman 1-#24
3F: H. Barnes/ D. Saric/ T. Warren
PF: B. Simmons 1-#1/ R. Holmes/ C. Landry

PG: B. Knight/ A. Goodwin
2G: D. Booker/ D. Bembry 1-#26
C: J. Okafor/ A. Len/ M. Pumlee
3F: T. Prince 1-#28/ J. Grant
PF: C. Parsons (FA/ 4-Years@$72M)

□□ Suns Trade For:
Frontline Players and Draft Picks
C: T. Chandler→Gone
PG: E. Bledsoe→Gone

□□ All Players Not Listed from
ATL-PHL Trade Package.

1.) 05 Jun 2016
05 Jun 2016 14:52:37
Noel for teague is a horrible trade that will lead us right back to mediocrity.

2.) 05 Jun 2016
05 Jun 2016 15:24:33
Please stop with Harrison Barnes to the Sixers for that kind of money. It's making me sad. He golden states like 5 or 6th best player.

3.) 05 Jun 2016
05 Jun 2016 16:18:56
Teague has a funky contract that can be renegotiated and extended 3 years after signing. So that's in July. If he agrees to a big hike this year ($17m? ) and a reasonable 3 year extension, I'm not opposed. He will be aging out just as lottery guys are ready to take over. He also makes it easier to bring in a mid tier FA guard to play along side.

Remember, Sixers have up to 5 lottery picks in 17, 18, 19 drafts with possibly two in the 4-8 range next year. Those guards will be learning from then taking over for Teague or someone like him.

4.) 05 Jun 2016
05 Jun 2016 16:31:09
He is their fifth or sixth best player (Barnes), but that's on a 73 win team with loads of talent. The Sixers have 47 combined wins in the last three years. On a team like the Sixers, Barnes is at worst the number two option, most likely behind Simmons. I think he shows his potential in that situation, and would be a most improved candidate in his first season in Philly. I hate 4 at $90M as well, but someone's going to give it to him.

5.) 05 Jun 2016
05 Jun 2016 18:49:26
I don't see Teague as a ticket to mediocrity. I see him as a bridge back to mediocrity with a lot more upside.

Teague, Covington, Simmons, Oakfor and Embiid is really a young team with extremely high upside. Lead by Teague until those other improve. That way we win while getting better.

Not to mention the cap room.

Not to mention our swaps and lakers pick. And Sacramento pick.

Really the time to start winning is now. As long as you don't sacrifice the future for the now. Noel for Teague is one of those trades I would nt do because it violates that idea.

6.) 05 Jun 2016
05 Jun 2016 19:56:27
76ers and Atlanta are in talks right now about a C/ F-N. Noel for PG-J. Teague package . names involve Staukus or Covington, with Noel for Teague and another .

PhillyMike◆ . you say a package deal will put the 76ers right back to mediocrity again . Alllll damn, I'm upset now, did I miss the 1st Round of the 76ers playoffs this season . who they lose to?

Simmons/ Bust◆
H. Barnes situation; "Ballers No Ballers" . and his game will evolve and expand in another situation . listen to interviews with other GSW players when ask about Barnes skills

All the GSW coaches/ players say he's more than what's being shown; there offense doesn't allow him time to feature his overall skills throughout games since his time per game is lower than most starting 3's,
and they have 3 other All-NBA Team selections (Curry, Green, Thompson), and 3-good
veterans, Iggy/ Livingston/ Barbosa
on the floor, all can score

Give Barnes 35-38 minutes per game as 2nd/ 3rd option . Spurs,76ers, Knicks, Portland, Raptors, Miami, or a LA Clippers team, and see what he does when he's not looking to come out of the game soon . all those teams mention would improve, especially LA Clippers, who never had a good 3F

Barnes: #1 HS Recruit, NCAA Scoring
Title@UNC, Starting SF/ 6'8 for 2-Time NBA
Champions, Playoff Battle Tested experience, and only 24 years old with 3-Point range; Many GM's will be making offers this summer for those reasons alone, knowing the ceiling is still high regarding his potential

No, Barnes and I are not related . I know GAME!

7.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 03:39:07
Teague himself isn't a ticket back to mediocrity, but trading noel, a 22 year old player with loads of potential, for a 28 year old player who won't be here for the future, and isn't even near the top of his position anyways, IS a ticket back to mediocrity. We can get players in FA to help the young kids learn and not have to give up any assets. We can then use those young assets to acquire other young assets at a position of need, or to package together and get a superstar if they become available.