05 Jun 2016 22:19:57
Sixers trade: Okfaor
Celtics Trade: #3

Sixers pay Durant max and use their talented rookies to require him to be the next team who can compete with Lebron and the Cavs in the East

Sixers draft: Simmons #1, Murray #3
Sixers Sign: KD and Waiters

PG: Murray
SG: Waiters
SF: Durant
PF: Simmons
C: Noel.

1.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 00:16:01
It was all perfect- until you had to go Dionne waiters.

2.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 00:27:00
Celtics would never do this. Okafor is a bust and the Sixers are stuck with him. He's basically Greg Monroe or Big Al, but with a bad head.

3.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 01:10:45
The Celtics won't give up 3 for okafor. Durant won't sign with the 76ers.

Okafor is definitely NOT a bust. I would not call al Jefferson or Greg Monroe busts either. They're not stars, but they're decent players. I do agree 100% with the comparison though.

4.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 01:14:29
How is Okafor a bust? You must not like him. This deal has been floating out there for weeks now and has some traction. Some fan you are.

5.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 01:19:45
This trade rumor has been floating around for weeks and has some traction. How is Okafor a bust? Just say you don't like him. Some fan you are. How the hell anyone think KD would go to Philly is beyond me. Real dumb!

6.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 01:39:28
Everytime a Celtics fan says they wouldn't trade Okafor or Noel for the #3 I almost lose my mind. who would they draft that is better then either of those two?

7.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 01:52:40
Okafor is a bust.

Made me laugh.

8.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 01:57:04
He will average 20-10 within 2 years and Philly will make the playoffs.

9.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 02:44:23
How is he bust?

10.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 03:02:35
@BHC in Okafors age 20 season he was a better scorer then Monroe and his additive and defense will only improve.

11.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 03:36:26
The celtics offered this pick for Okafor at the deadline, so they will take this deal.
There is a chance that KD could take a look at Philly, he will immediately be that guy who can compete for the East title every year.

12.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 07:48:32
I think trade is good value wise but don't think Okafor with his back to the basket, not being a good defender, Al Jefferson and Greg Monroe-esque style of play is a good fit on an established team like the Celtics who should be looking for more of a defensive orientated athletic big that can be a rim protector and snag boards. I don't see why Durant at this stage in his career would leave Thunder to make less money on a team that is very young and not accustomed to winning games let alone competing for a championship. Durant isn't signing a long deal regardless where he signs so if he does really think there is something special in philly I don't see him going right away but trying to win a title in OKC for a year or two then going there once young guys have had time to develop and maybe snuck there way into playoffs to get some experience.