24 Dec 2016 15:01:28
Jabari Parker for Zach Lavine

1.) 24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016 16:10:09
Interesting. But both teams love there guys.

Lavine would give the bucks a more balance look.

Parker would allow Wiggins to move to the two spot where I think Wiggins can use his height advantage to really play better on both ends.

2.) 24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016 16:50:50
I wanna keep Jabari for sure, definitely more value than Lavine

3.) 24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016 18:22:45
I think Jabari has a little more value, but it's hard to know in six months, with both players improving so drasticly!

The thing that makes a swap interesting is that I think it improves both teams! While LaVine has been MIN's most consistent player this year (40 last night! ), moving him would allow Jabari to play the three, and Wiggins has bigger advantages playing the two. MIN still needs a rim-protecting big man (preferably a 4), but they needed that before.

For MIL, with Giannis handling the passing, LaVine can bomb away at the 1. This allows Middleton to slip back in the rotation at the 3 when he gets back, and I love Brogdan at the 2. Wow!

4.) 24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016 19:13:26
It's an interesting proposal. While it may help balance minnesota's roster I don't see them letting Levine go. He's just improved to much to trade him midway thru the process. Same with Parker. Both these guys could be all stars in the future. I just don't like trading players on the upswing, it's an easy way to get burnt.
Plus Levine cannot, I repeat cannot play the 1. So what do you do with Middleton? Play him at three maybe, but then what do you do with Giannis.

5.) 24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016 20:43:04
Mousecop, if Giannis is running the offense, why do you think LaVine couldn't play the 1? Milwaukee may be the only tea, where that would work!

6.) 24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016 23:05:30
You might be right. But he'd still have to defend other point guards. Plus wether you run the offense thru the three or the one, you still need someone to bring the ball up, and make the right pass at the right time. It's just not as easy as Lavine just sitting around at the one playing like a two.