09 Apr 2017 05:05:51

CHI get Brandon Ingram , Luol Deng , Jabari Parker & MIL 1st round pick

Pg Rondo/MCW/Grant
Sg Wade/Valentine/pick
Sf Ingram/Deng/Zipser
Pf Parker/Mirotic
Ce Lopez/Felicio/pick

LAL get John Henson & Jimmy Butler

Pg Clarkson/Ennis
Sg J.Jackson/Nwaba
Sf Butler/Brewer
Pf Griffin (max)/Nance
Ce Henson/Mozgov/Black

MIL D' Angelo Russell & Julius Randle

Pg Russell/Delly
Sg Brogdon/Vaughn
Sf Giannis/Snell
Pf Randle/Teletovic
Ce Maker/Monroe

1.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 06:04:57
Decent for Bulls, love it for Bucks but not a fan of it for the Lakers. I think Lakers are giving up too much of their youth for Butler. With the Lakers having so many solid young, cheap pieces I think they'd be better suited acquiring talent through FA, likely next summer when guys like Westbrook, George and Cousins will likely be available.

2.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 09:23:43
I don't think LA can sign griffin.
They should keep their young players.

3.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 18:05:07
Wait so we trade Ingram, Russell, and Randle for Jimmy Butler? No thanks.

4.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 18:22:14
Why would the Bucks do this? Randle has Tweener size and Russell needs the Ball too much in his hands. The Bucks are built on length at each position. Randle and Russell doesn't provide that. They also have Middleton at SG and Giannis is the primary playmaker on offense. Why take the ball out of his hands and give it to an unproven Russell? Vaughn has not proven to be NBA ready yet, might not even be on the team next year. Why trade Jabari when he has absolutely zero value right now? and as for trading the Bucks future number 1 - with the success they have had in the draft with mid to late round picks (Giannis, Thon, Brogdon, Henson) - why would they trade a future first? How much Bucks basketball do you actually watch?

5.) 10 Apr 2017
10 Apr 2017 03:59:58
Bucks do this in a heartbeat

6.) 10 Apr 2017
10 Apr 2017 04:04:29
Giannis would still be the primary ball handler, Russell is the perfect off the ball PG. and yes it doesn't make sense to trade Jabari when his value is at its absolute lowest, but this is getting an overpay for him, so why not jump on it. A future lineup of

That's very sexy for the future. That has a good balance of D, shooting and inside play. Looks very good for the future.

7.) 14 Apr 2017
14 Apr 2017 20:51:09
Parker to the Lakers for Ingram, Henson to the Suns for Knight Brogdan Middleton, Giannis, Maker, Dellededova, Monroe, Hawes, Gary Payton II, are not going anywhere!