13 Jul 2017 04:17:47

(Carmelo agrees to waive full no-trade clause, including trade kicker)

•Knicks get Tobias Harris, Jon Leur, Shawn Long, Isaiah Taylor, and 2019 2nd (via Pistons)
-Waive Isaiah Taylor
-Sign Rajon Rondo 1yr 5m
PG: Ntilikana, Rondo, Randle
SG: Hardaway, Lee, Baker
SF: Harris, Kuzminskas, Dotson
PF: Porzingis, Leur, Long
C: Hernangomez, O'Quinn, Noah

•Rockets get Carmelo Anthony and 2018 Pistons' 2nd (top 45 protected)
-Sign Deron Williams 1yr 3.2m (need another guard given CP3's injury history)
-Sign Dante Cunningham 1yr minimum
-Sign David Nwaba 2y minimum
PG: Paul, Williams, Nwaba
SG: Harden, Gordon, Quarterman
SF: Ariza, Tucker, Uthoff
PF: Anthony, Cunningham, Oliver
C: Capela, Nene, Qi

•Pistons get Ryan Anderson, Lance Thomas, Chinanu Onuaku, and 2020 Rockets 1st
PG: Jackson, Smith, Galloway
SG: Bradley, Kennard, Gbinije
SF: Johnson, Thomas, Bullock
PF: Anderson, Tolliver, Onuaku
C: Drummond, Marjanovic, Ellenson.

1.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 04:24:35
Pistons say hell to the NO! Harris is better and on a better contract than Anderson!

2.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 06:31:08
I agree Pistons are the weakest part of the trade especially since they aren't really part of the core of it but I don't think its completely a "hell no". SVG is familiar with Anderson from their Orlando days (SVG tried to build a similar team to the one he built around Howard around Drummond although hasn't been nearly as successful) so I could see him bringing in a stretch 4 (Leuer was supposed to be this but failed in the role) . So yes they give up Harris for Anderson but also clear Leuer's what I perceive to be a bad contract and get Lance Thomas who is a solid defender and a great 3pt shooter (over 40% for career albeit on low reps) .

I think things could get more attractive for Pistons if they are able to shed Jacksons contract in the deal either in place of Harris or add Jackson and Knicks add Lee or something.

3.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 09:34:46
Johnson not ready to start. Not trading Harris tho not even for Anderson.

4.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 11:01:17
So if the Pistons send Jackson to the Knicks and Knicks send Lee to Pistons, do you think they'd be fine starting Bradley at point guard and Lee at shooting guard or Ish Smith at point and Bradley at the 2 with Kennard playing the backup 1 and Lee the backup 2?

5.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 13:12:44
Sure nba why not.

6.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 14:23:02
They tried to make Bradley a point guard earlier in his career due to his lack of ideal size for a shooting guard and he was pretty bad. If Pistons dealt Jackson I'm sure they'd try him there again (Bradley has improved a lot since earlier in his career) but I think they'd be better starting Smith and sliding Bradley there for stretches. Pistons also signed Langston Galloway so he'd get minutes at point guard.

7.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 14:30:29
Yeah NBA. Is there a catch or are you just writing so you can write?

8.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 15:41:46
Bradley, as jaw says, tried to play the 1 but couldn't. He's not a good passer, not a good ball-handler and he turns the ball over. He is what he is -- a solid defender and a catch-and-shoot 2 guard who (when healthy) is an excellent complementary player. Just don't put him at the point, because your offense will stall out.

9.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 16:00:52
Leuer isn't on a bad contract. He's still young, played solid defense much better than Anderson, has range, has a really good midrange game and great true shooting %. He's just not a starter. Played very well off the bench last year. Tobias is very young and talented no way they trade his great contract for Andersons sunk cost. Lance Thomas isn't much of a player either. On top of it you want 2 2nd rounders for a late Houston 1st? No Way!