01 aug 2017 12:29:59
phoenix and warriors trade:

phoenix get klay thompson

warriors get dragan bender and two first future draft pick (2018-2019)

warriors did this for salary and tax relief. they get back a young guns in return for small salary cheap.

1.) 01 Aug 2017
01 Aug 2017 13:13:15
Does Dragan move the needle enough for the Warriors to move Klay, and while they may eventually move Thompson, I don't see it before another title run is complete.

2.) 01 Aug 2017
01 Aug 2017 13:38:15
Just what i said it is for cap relief. warriors is over 11mil in tax space. so they cannot make it to stick the big 4.the phoenix have salary cap space to acquire klay thompson.

3.) 01 Aug 2017
01 Aug 2017 14:49:12
Seems to me, if they were worried about cap space, they would've moved him before now. They had to resign Curry and Durant without trading Thompson. Why would they do it now?

4.) 01 Aug 2017
01 Aug 2017 15:26:49
Ithink they waiting for the situation right now. i believe if thompson not going to be trade. maybe green or iguodala will one of them going to be move.

5.) 01 Aug 2017
01 Aug 2017 18:12:30
Ooooook jhirex. Great insider knowledge.