12 Aug 2017 03:24:08

MEM get Tristan Thompson , Mindaugas Kuzminkas , Ryan Anderson , Frank Nkitilina , 1st round pick NY & HOU

Pg Chalmers/Nkitilina
Sg Baldwin/McLemore/Harrison
Sf Evans/Kuzminkas
Pf Anderson/Green/Rabb
Ce Thompson/Wright

NY get Kyrie Irving & Chandler Parsons

Pg Irving/Baker
Sg Lee/THJ
Sf Parsons/Thomas
Pf Porzingis/Oquinn
Ce Hernangomez/Noah

HOU get Carmelo Anthony & Richard Jefferson

Pg Paul/Brown
Sg Harden/Gordon
Sf Tucker/Jefferson
Pf Anthony/Mbah
Ce Capela/Nene

CLE get Mike Conley , Marc Gasol & Trevor Ariza

Pg Conley/Rose/Calderon
Sg Smith/Shumpert
Sf James/Ariza/Korver
Pf Love/Green/Frye
Ce Gasol/Tavares

1.) 12 Aug 2017
12 Aug 2017 06:12:23
Wow USA a ok brother.

2.) 12 Aug 2017
12 Aug 2017 19:04:16
There is no way Cavs are taking this deal not because of the talent being traded but because they would be taking on something like 15-20 million . After the luxury tax more like 70 mil . You have to add in jr Smith or shumpert going to Memphis, and another player . In order to make the salaries match, going out compared to salaries coming in .