13 Aug 2017 08:27:30
4 Team Trade, each team gets....

New York:
Kyle Singler
Doug McDermott

Eric Gordon
Trevor Ariza
Isaiah Taylor

Carmelo Anthony
Ennes Kanter

Ryan Anderson
Clint Capela
Richard Jefferson

1.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 09:43:01
Pretty hard pass from the Cavs and Rockets.

2.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 11:51:05
Wait, what?
The Knicks get Irving without having to give up anything?
I don't think so.

3.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 17:49:36
That's ugly for the Rockets. They get the worst of the Anderson for Kanter deal, and then also lose key pieces in Gordon, Capela and Ariza to land Melo. Everyone has talked about the Clippers depth being their downfall recently, what does a stripped down Rockets team like this look any differently.