13 Aug 2017 13:10:14
Lakers: T Parker

NY: M Conley

Spurs: M gasol

Memphis: J Noah+ L Deng+ Ntilikina+ 1rnd pick NY 2018+ 1rnd pick Spurs 2019+ 1rnd pick LA 2020 and 2022

LA get capspace

NY receive a star an can keep C anthony

The spurs get an all star center

Memphis can rebuilt with a young talent and 4 future draft picks

1.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 17:45:04
I don't know that LA would want to give up two firsts in this deal just to move Deng. I also understand the rebuilding aspect with all the picks to the Grizz, but both Deng and Noah boat anchors them for a while.

2.) 14 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 23:26:40
I like it. Pretty realistic cause the Lakers need to move Deng, the Spurs need to step up like the rest of the conference, the Knicks need a great PG, and Grizzlies could rebuild in the tough West. The Grizzlies aren't really tied up to any long term deals besides Conley/ Gasol/ Parsons so they could take back a Noah/ Deng with picks and be okay. I might want to minus one of the future Lakers picks and replace it with a Kyle Kuzma or Josh Hart and have the Spurs throw in the extra 1st Round pick because I feel Gasol for one first is Hughes robbery.