13 Aug 2017 13:17:20
Who wins/ loses in trade? Who accepts/ doesn't?

Cavs Phx LAC Det

Phx receives

Phoenix obviously does this to get what they want in Kyrie with the package of Bledsoe Chandler and Bender plus the picks. Knight value dropped big time since the injury and is a chance to get rid of his contract. Plus Rivers comes in as a similar style back up and can play now.

Det receives
T. Chandler

Detroit gives up Drummond and Smith but gets Love who offensively we know helps the Pistons big time along with Harris and Chandler replaces Drummonds big body and rebounding and defensive role.

LAC receives
Ish Smith
2018 first round from Phoenix
2021 first round from Phoenix(Miami pick)

^^^ Clippers lose Jordan and Rivers and gain Thompson who does a lot of what Jordan did at a reduced price. Shumpert and Smith are both solid rotational players. Bender still has potential and the two first round picks addition sets the course for the future while the whole package adds depth.

Cavs receive

^^^ Yes I believe the Cavs would want to do this because of the value they receive. Plus a starting line up of Bledsoe, Rose, James, Drummond, Jordan would defensively help stop GS. I understand the 4th quarter problem though. Still believe with the lack of value they seem to be receiving for Irving, this maximizes the most of what the Cavs can get talent wise.

1.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 17:42:07
No sense for the Cavs. Jordan and Drummond can't play on the court at the same time. Neither can shoot, or defend the pick and roll. Both would just clog up the offensive lane, limiting what slashers like Bron, Rose and Bledsoe do well. And then there's the whole foul shot thing. Two starters who shoot around 40% from the line is a disaster.

2.) 15 Aug 2017
14 Aug 2017 23:33:48
Terrible trade for cavs to get jordan and drummond. that's the opposite of what you want vs golden state. Bledsoe rose and lebron all like to drive and the lane would be way to clogged thus limiting all their game. You also need shooters in todays nba to win. And defensive rose isn't good and neither of drummond and deandre would be able to guard small ball 4's.