26 Aug 2017 09:46:39

Brogdon, Middleton, Monroe, 2018 first rd pick maybe add 2020 lottery protected 1st


Conley, Gasol

1.) 26 Aug 2017
26 Aug 2017 16:27:09
With the Giannis's age and the Bucks already looking formidable, I don't see this happening. If theoretically someone like Davis or another young star comes available (I also think they should have came harder after Irving), I think they should go all in, but with the Warriors dominating the foreseeable future, I don't like the Bucks going all in now.

2.) 27 Aug 2017
27 Aug 2017 16:34:22
This is basically the package they offered for Kyrie just added Monroe. If the bucks think that Irving is worth this much then for me I would be more willing to trade for this package. This would leave bucks a 2-4 seed.

Conley, Delly
Snell, Sign Tony Allen
Giannis, Wilson
Parker, Teletovic
Gasol, Maker

This lineup would challenge Warriors, well atleast doesn't get them swept. Lol. Conley and Gasol are still elite and doesn't look likely to lose a step just yet. And Kobe just challenged Giannis to become MVP so I think the mentality is there. If your star player thinks that way, you have to pull the trigger. Besides, if they wait, what would happen if Giannis bails out after his contract? Or be disappointed with the front office for being passive and demanded for a trade?

As for Memphis, I think they could ask for more. Or maybe look for a better offer. Lol