05 Jan 2018 21:09:03

Sixers need some bench scoring and have cap space. Lakers need to unload salary

Sixers get: Jordan Clarkson
Lakers get: Amir Johnson

Sixers get a quality scorer off the bench. Sixers still have enough cap room to make a play at one max player in the off-season . Lakers cut 12.5 million in salary next year and 13.5 mill the following year. This helps Lakers in their pursuit of the FA big fishes. Win/Win???

1.) 05 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 21:11:17
Amir Johnson is an 11 million expiring contract. Clarkson makes 11.5 this year
Perfect salary match.

2.) 05 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 21:15:39
I think you would have to throw in a protects future first for this to make sense for the Lakers.

3.) 05 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 21:44:57
Rkenne: I think a future 2nd rounder will do it. Not going to tie up a future first time make this deal.

4.) 06 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 23:48:03
I could see that over the summer if any of the Lebron etc. rumors come true (a 2nd for Clarkson straight up), but I think they hold out for a decent asset until they would actually have to a move. It's not like he would be overly hard to move. He's still young and on a contract that isn't terrible considering his production.

5.) 06 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 23:52:41
Lakers will pass. Clarkson is an asset. They clearly will get more than Amir Johnson and a relatively worthless second.

6.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 01:41:23
The Lakers aren’t going to see Clarkson as an asset in July when they’re trying to sign 2 Max free agents and Clarkson’s salary is holding that back.

7.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 09:45:53
Can't see the Lakers doing that. They advertised wanting picks, and are willing to wait just before draft, after the season. Definitely want a first for Clarkson. Especially if they have to pay A. Johnson the rest of the season. I like Bayless, he isn't super expensive or anything, why do PHI fans despise him?

8.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 13:28:11
Angels, I just don't think they have to do it now. We've seen teams make these kind of signings and move players once they get a commitment from someone. I think they're trying to trade him now while they still have some leverage and can get something out of him. I think he has some real value and if it were only a 2nd and an expiring contract/ capspace that was needed to get him, he would already be gone.

9.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 13:30:49
Jorgawood: watching Bayless attempt to play defense is painful. He makes Oakfor look like Bill Russell. And I don't think Lakers get a first for clarkson. How many teams have expiring contracts, cap space for clarkson, a willingness to use that cap on clarkson? Most teams with late first round picks are already cap strapped. And I don't see any of the teams under the cap willing to give up a high to mid first for clarkson If you look at all the variables, the market for clarkson is small.

10.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 15:21:14
Clarkson has a good contract, and Kuzma, Nance, and Randle at PF as of now. Randle for Amir would work, but why? Salaries don't match either of course. Can't see the rush, or need to trade for a guy they more than likely aren't going to keep, or need. The Lakers said they really didn't have plans on trading Clarkson until seasons end because they have had good offers for him, and are confident they can shed his salary in a flash if needed. Clarkson in a sign-and trade is a good piece too. Not sure of his exact value, but I don't think a late 1st, whether future, or this season is out of the question. Depends on what players would be involved if any. Traded Russell, and Mozgov for Lopez, and Kuzma.

11.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 18:04:00
Jorgawood : the Russell and mozgov for Lopez and pick 27 ( great selection on kuzma ) was a steal of the year deal. They all don't and won't be that lopsided. Almost any trade compared to that one looks bad. I see your point, but I just hear too many rumors of Lakers trying to dump salary (ie clarkson, randle, and of course deng) at the trade deadline.

12.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 19:28:02
Kuzma was luckier than your last 100, bet on 00 on a roulette wheel. True. I think if they could package him to rid themselves of Deng you will see a deadline move. Even throw in a pick. Making moves with Clarkson alone, and not getting an asset, just to shed salary before the deadline almost guarantee's their pick 2-5 goes to BOS. I think everyone knows that's got to be on the Lakers minds. Building up BOS with L. A. Assets is a real stinger for L. A. It's personal. Ainge/ Magic Still a little competitive I'd guess. Oh yeah, Bayless is terrible on D. For sure.

13.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 20:01:11
Or. if Lakers pick conveys at #1, they don't help the celtics at all. Sixers keep it. Currently we are about halfway through the regular season, and the Lakers lead the NBA in losses. If they unload more marginal talent at the deadline to clear up cap for next year, that will help them keep that lofty loss distinction. I'm all in.

14.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 20:10:38
Jorgawood : Do yourself a favor and watch the Danny Ainge Sedale Threatt clip on youtube.

15.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 21:47:58
I apologize. Atlanta has 1 more loss then Lakers. I just became a hawks fan.

16.) 16 Jan 2018
16 Jan 2018 03:02:56
Absolutely no to wasting max cap space on Jordan freaking Clarkson.