06 Mar 2018 05:36:37

Bucks get A.Davis & S.Hill

Pelicans get J.Parker, J.Henson, K.Middleton, M.Brogdon & 1st rd pick

1.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 14:27:46
Let me answer this "Dark Side" style

The Pels say no!

It's actually a fair trade but AD is not going anywhere.

2.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 14:28:46
Bucks aren't giving up 4 players and a 1st rd. pick for Davis, and Hill. Middleton and Brogdan, and even Henson are 3 of their starters. With Parker also getting close to start. I don't believe any team would give up 3 to 4 of their starting 5 for Anthony and Hill.

3.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 15:45:23
I think plenty of teams would be willing to give 3 of their starters for Davis. Also, Henson is a starter only because there is no one else to start. The combination of Giannis and AD would be a nightmare for other teams on the defensive end and if you can throw some shooting around them on the offensive end you have a great offense. Who knows if Parker can ever stay healthy, Brogdon and Middleton are good but neither looks to be anything except high level role players, Henson is at best a low end starter and probably more a limited bench big man and that 1st would probably be mid 20s at best. The Bucks are currently the 7th seed and they have the 2nd best player in the mediocre East by a wide margin. Before you bring up injuries, all of the better teams in the East have been dealing with major injury problems all year.

4.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 16:28:08
There just isn’t the one truly elite asset that would be required for landing AD. They would want a top 3 pick or a guy in his first couple years that looks like a future all star. The Bucks can’t offer any of that.

5.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 16:35:11
@dacman813, That was GREAT! What an imagination you have! Your parent (s? ) must be very proud of you! That Middle school education seems to be serving you quite well! Now, Actually, The Bucks will say No! I really love the way others think that Milwaukee is a "One Player Team" (Kind of like the Cleveland Cavaliers are with L. James) the Bucks DO have others who could start at Center, (Zeller, Maker) Kind of like Tristan Thompson At Center in name only! BUT! a better Center than K. love? Oddly enough, neither can play defense, and are actually PF's playing Center, AD will never end up in Milwaukee, they can't afford him! Simple as that, But let me reply in "dacman813 style" Duh what? Duh What? Duh What? Oh yeah, I agree with what everyone else said! enjoy your day!

6.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 17:02:18
Darkside, agree that AD won't end up with the Bucks, but you're delusional if you think the Bucks would pass on that trade. As for the Cavs vs the Bucks supporting casts, this year, I would take the Cavs over the Bucks. Also, most teams in the league play smaller at center. Love and Nance would both start over any of the Bucks centers and a healthy Tristan (he hasn't seemed to be 100 percent this year and was just starting to play better before the ankle sprain) is better than Henson. Henson is the better shot blocker, but Tristan is the better overall defender and a much better rebounder. They're both extremely limited on offense and with their offensive skill sets keep them from being pfs.

7.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 17:19:00
@ Bmiller66, Agreed! Other than Giannis A. There is a huge drop off in talent. The only thing Milwaukee has left is trade bait. Bledsoe and Middleton are decent, But not elite. Snell's production has dropped off, as has Makers. Dellavedova is overpaid, as is Henson. Wilson was drafted, But spends more time in the Bucks "G" league (The Herd) than with the Buck's. No one will know about Parker, as he has yet to play a full season.

8.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 18:17:08
Man Dark Side. Try drinking the diet prune juice. Perhaps it won't make you so irritable. The last thing we'd want to see is you soil your Depends. Sort of like you do when someone calls you out on your overvalued Bucks.

9.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 18:22:46
Hi rkeene, Delusional? Thanks! I've been called worse names, by better people! And yes, Milwaukee would pass. they Can't afford him!1 Plain as that! so, delusional? Oddly enough, anyone who thinks the Bucks would take that trade IS delusional! As far as the Cav. s are concerned, (Yes I know YOUR team) First, make sure J. R. smith has nothing but salads in front of him, less painful when thrown. next, Love and Nance over any of the Bucks Centers? HA HA HA! thanks! 6'9" and 6'10 with limited Defensive skills over 6'11" and two 7 ft's? makes sense to you! Any team would take Henson over Tristan, and his "Luggage" and poor defensive skills. Glad to see you back your team no matter what! enjoy your day!

10.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 18:26:37
Come on Dacman, get off Darkside's lawn.

11.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 18:48:13
Hi dacman, Thanks for your concern! but, giving me your family recipes isn't the issue! sorry to hear about the depends thing, You have any spares? nice to see you defending everyone! Kind of brings back memories when you were a child, and that "daddy Thing" you weren't suppose to talk about? Just a fyi, they are N-O-T my Bucks! unlike you and others, I understand these comments are just for "Grins and Giggles" and nothing more! let's guess shall we? When the good Lord was passing out "Brains" YOU thought he said "Trains" and wanted to be put at the end of the line? When the good Lord was passing out "looks" YOU thought he said "Books" and asked for a "Funny one! " no Doubt, you're a member of the "Wit" family, I just can't figure out which one? "Nit-Wit?, Dim-Wit?, or Half-Wit? " See isn't this fun? We can all make fun of each other, and call each other names! OR am I just Delusional? Right rkeene? Enjoy you day!1 I'll be here!

12.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 19:01:18
Hahahahahah, Darkside are you screaming at the keyboard, when you say everyone else here is taking this to seriously? Take a deep breath and realize that every Bucks player is worth about half as much as you think. Also, the hypothetical here is that the package above could land AD. If it could, they would do it in a heartbeat.

13.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 19:14:42
Wow. Can we create a new “no bucks trades” rule so that Dark Side doesn’t have a stroke?

14.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 19:31:10
Hi rkeene! Screaming? No, Actually Laughing is more like it! I think It doesn't matter what I think their value is! I don't own the team, but, Its also apparent You own the Cavs.! That's what is hilarious!, "I'd" do this! I'd do this trade! This is what "I" would do! let's guess, You also own a NFL fantasy Football team? HA HA HA! It seems you and others enjoy "Fantasy" a lot! Or as I had stated before "Make Believe" keep them coming! I have a lot of free time! Now, your boss let's you play on "Their" computers during work hours? Look around, and make sure no one is around before you answer! Be safe!

15.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 19:51:35
Are you trying to mock me for having a job? Hahah.

16.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 19:58:24
Hi Bmiller! Thanks for chiming back in! No need for a "no bucks trades" rule! I don't own the team! How are your blazers doing? Bought anyone out lately? Now, as far as me having a stroke, No, (thanks for the concern! ) But I DO have something YOU can stroke! (Too personal? ) You girls are killing me! HA HA HA! Now, I'll wait, so all of you can think of some "cute" come back lines! (P. S. don't forget to check on your "fantasy team! ) Hugs!

17.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 20:13:02
@ rkeene, No! Not at all! I actually had one of those years ago, But was lucky enough to retire young! As of today, work doesn't bother me, I can watch people do it for days! AND I can actually fall asleep right next to it, without waking up! Be safe and enjoy your job, But please remember, get the best education you can! Its the one thing no one can eve take back from you!

18.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 21:02:07
@Rkenne Will do. After all its just crabgrass! Its kinda fun watching this dude fly off though.

19.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 22:11:35
Dacman, thanks man. While I'm at it, sky, quit being so blue!

20.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 22:59:51
@Bmiller Yeah how are those Blazers doing? Oh that's right! 9-1 over their last 10 Kinda like my Pels (who swept a nameless Wisconsin team) are 8-2 over last ten. Imagine if we were in the feeble East?

21.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 19:48:49
I don’t understand why you visit this site that is drivin by fan ideas for trades when you clearly hate fantasy trades. It’s very illogical.

22.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 22:13:22
I find it rather funny that dark side has become the cyber bully on this site. And also makes fun of others for failing to be as cybery of a bully as he.

That said. Bucks say yes. Instantly. If you say anything differently you are just being foolish.

23.) 06 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018 23:08:02
Dark side maybe get a new job then cause you need hobbies other than sucking at sports and critiquing them. wait about 2 yrs and Giannis will buy his own plane ticket out that horrible city. stop talking down to people and be real Jabari is good but nobody wants a highly paid acl repeat.

24.) 07 Mar 2018
07 Mar 2018 01:14:13
Bucks say yes instantly if they could land Davis without giving up Giannis. Clearly, Giannis is the only "untouchable" on that team.
Remember, they are not giving up Bledsoe too on that deal. Pelicans are good enough with Davis, Boogie and Holiday. I think Davis, Giannis and Bledsoe would be better specially on that mediocre eastern conference.