08 Mar 2018 13:17:30
Min and Orl

Min gets Gordon (s&t), Fournier

Orl gets Wiggins, Gibson (expiring) and Patton.

Min moves on from Wiggins he's a good player but he's not got that killer instinct to maximise his potential in my opinion which Gordon has shown this season he has developed his shot and shown a great improvement and could be very nice next to Kat with his ability to get to the basket, shoot, handle and defend could be a great complement and adding a shooter like Fournier will spread the floor and complement Butler whose game clashes with Wiggins a bit.
Overall I think they would be better on offence and defence next season to really compete with the top teams in the West.

Orl get a good player in Wiggins and move Isaac to Pf which might be better for him. They take on Gibson contract to free cash and mentor Isaac and get a young player in Patton whose still raw but has a load of potential and gives them the option to move on from Vucevic. Then draft young.

1.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 13:50:42
Not sure Minny is ready to give up wiggins, but i like this for both teams.

2.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 14:02:58
I don't think Thibs is ready to give up on Wiggins, but as a Timberwolves fan, I am.

3.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 14:27:59
I like the talent swap for Minnesota, but I'm not sure that the salary cap implications are worth it for them. The teams that currently have money are all young and rebuilding, so most veterans are out of luck this year in free agency, but I'd be surprised if someone doesn't throw a huge offer sheet at Gordon.

4.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 16:16:48
It’s is a risk but if Minny really wanna compete in the West they need to go all in and landing quality players who fill needs and right now Gordon’s improvements are showing some star potential so gives them options and possibly a better fit then Wiggins.
Orlando need to bottom out properly and land a star they can build around from the get go as waiting for one to develop hasn’t worked and trying to attract one hasn’t either. Vogel maybe able to maximise Wiggins potential he worked with PG so maybe a better fit.

5.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 17:22:37
Put Wiggins on the Celtics, with Brad Stevens. He'll show his true potential. ;)

6.) 09 Mar 2018
09 Mar 2018 00:25:39
MIN plays well with Gibson, because Dieng is terrible. Wigs is the better player 2 seasons from now over Founier easily. Bad for both teams. Gibson is too old for ORL, and Gordon is too soft for MIN.

7.) 09 Mar 2018
09 Mar 2018 09:22:33
Why Yumbo? So he can lose to Lebron?

8.) 09 Mar 2018
09 Mar 2018 10:25:10
Jorgawood your comparing the wrong pieces Orl aren’t trading because they want Gibson but his expiring contract he’s old but Wiggins and Patton aren’t which helps Orl continue building.
Fournier helps space the floor for Butler, Kat and Gordon also both he at Gordon can handle the ball a little which leads to more ball movement. It’s not about whose better it’s about who fits better.
If you think Gordon is soft you’ve never seen him play the guy will dunk on anyone, enjoys playing defence and works hard to get better he fixed his jumpshot from putting in work, Wiggins doesn’t have the killer instinct to push himself and his team hence why they got Butler, he also never became the defender he was projected to be.

9.) 09 Mar 2018
09 Mar 2018 13:07:36
Ha, ha. Gibson is a completely different player than Gordon. Never has been or will be a post player like Gibson. Doesn't have the same size. Gordon is a dribbler, and shooter, and dunks but not in the post. Smaller version of Griffin. KAT needs help down low. Gordon/ Founier would cost more too. Wigs is 22, he'll be fine. If Gordon is so good why trade him? Also, if it is good to trade him because of having to pay him, why is that good for MIN?

10.) 09 Mar 2018
09 Mar 2018 15:03:36
No madeindade, because Stevens is a great coach. He made IT an All-Star, when no one else could. He turned Evan Turner into a very good 6th man, where he failed in Indy an Philly. Stevens helped him get the huge FA deal with Portland. where guess what? He has sucked.
And the fact whole Thibodau is a great defensive coach, while helping the Celtics win theor last Championship, he sucks as a head coach.
Lastly, a lot of teams have lost to Lebron. ;)

11.) 09 Mar 2018
09 Mar 2018 19:11:43
Not sure what you are disagreeing with, since they are all pretty much facts.