11 Mar 2018 18:58:56
Trail Blazers Offseason:

-waive C Georgios Papagiannis, SG C.J. Wilcox


26th Pick - C Brandon McCoy

Trade (Trail Blazers - Kings)

Trail Blazers - SG Iman Shumpert, rights to international player
Kings - SF Evan Turner, 2019 top 10 protected 1st round pick

(Trail Blazers - Raptors)

Trail Blazers - PF Serge Ibaka
Raptors - C Meyers Leonard, 2021 1st round pick, 2021 2nd round pick

Free Agency:
-let C Ed Davis, PG Shabazz Napier walk
-re-sign PG Wade Baldwin 3 year, $4.5M (3rd year partially guaranteed)
-re-sign C Jusuf Nurkic 3 years, $39M
-sign PG Malcolm Delaney 1 year $3.5M
-sign SF Trevor Ariza 2 years, $22M

PG: Lillard, Delaney, Baldwin
SG: McCollum, Connaughton, Shumpert
SF: Ariza, Harkless, Layman
PF: Ibaka, Aminu, Swanigan
C: Nurkic, Collins, McCoy

1.) 12 Mar 2018
11 Mar 2018 23:11:13
Why would Ibaka leave.

2.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 01:08:47
Why would the Raptors do that?

3.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 05:12:15
What happens when POR gets swept in the 1st or second round? If Butler is healthy POR doesn't stand a chance against a MIN match-up. LAC, UTAH, DEN, SA could all easily handle POR. Trade all those future picks away?

4.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 13:44:06
The ibaka trade and Ariza signings are impossible. Portland is way too far over the cap for that. They can’t make a trade where they bring in double what they send out. And they won’t have any cap space to sign anyone for anything but the MLE.

5.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 16:13:08
Also, it’s crazy that Portland (in this scenario) improves their roster, yet they don’t stand a chance against 5 teams that they are currently ahead of in the standings? Logical Jorga.

6.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 19:31:54
What was I thinking? Thanks for putting me straight. I guess I'll complete re-think everything. Real eye-opener. Where should I mail the penny to?

7.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 20:04:28
You’re welcome!

8.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 00:17:18
USA, the Raptors make the move to create payroll flexibility for upcoming free agency. They clear roughly $12M in cap space. The draft picks help Toronto make the move.