13 Mar 2018 06:18:23
Is LeBron LA bound?

1.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 08:12:18
Either L. A. For another 2 years of huge salary, or a surprise salary decline for a contender loaded with talent to extend his career, and provide easy scoring opportunities to chase the scoring crown. GS would be something else if James joined.

2.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 12:06:06
I could see Houston or Philly before LA.

3.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 14:21:46
Assuming Houston doesn’t win it all this year (heck even if they do), it feels like they’re the inevitable choice. They can clear the cap space fairly easily, they have the team to compete (unlike the lakers), and they have guys that would fit with Lebron (unlike Phili) .

4.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 16:04:33
Agree with Bmiller, Houston has a team that can compete.

LA is going to be good next year, Ingram and Ball can have a break out year, but they're not playoff ready.

Maybe the Spurs can find a way to get LBJ.

5.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 22:43:38
I could see Knicks before LA get LeBron before Lakers.

6.) 14 Mar 2018
14 Mar 2018 03:28:52
Knicks have no chance at LBJ, period shizzee (and keep in mind, I'm a Knick fan, not a Knick hater) .

How does Houston have an easier path to clearing space for LBJ than the Lakers? Lakes have more than a full max slot available, Rockets need to move Ryan Anderson or Eric Gordon.

I think it's Cavs, then Lakers, Rockets, Philly, and San Antonio in that order for likelihood to sign LBJ.

7.) 14 Mar 2018
14 Mar 2018 08:22:02
i would love to see LBJ in a Knicks shirt, but no way that's going to happen :-) :-) :-)

8.) 16 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 22:26:58
So triangle you’re trying to say it would be hard for houston to lose Anderson and Gordon for Lebron James? I’m sure they could figure it out if he committed there, He’s going to Houston or staying in Cleveland and Houston is the only way he can win another ring! And he will never wear a Knicks uniform you should just give Noah number 23 and be happy.