13 Mar 2018 18:39:48
Boston: A Davis

Memphis: Horford+1rnd pick Boston 2018+ return 1rnd pick 2019+ 1rnd pick Sac 2019

NO: C Parsons+ Tatum+ 1rnd pick Memphis (draft Doncic or Ayton)

Boson receive another star and can form a big three
C:A Davis
SF:J Brown
PG: Irving

Memphis can go for another playoff run with M gasol, Conley and Horford and they can start rebuilding with the 2019 picks

NO can rebuilt arround Tatum and Doncic

1.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 18:58:19
Parsons can't breathe on this trade, or it would never go down. Davis is the gem, yet MEM gets the better of the deal? No sense to be made of this for NOP front office.

2.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 21:21:47
Gasupo. You make a lot of good trade proposals on the site, but this one is highway robbery for Celtics. Furthermore Pels are buyers at this point, not sellers. That is unless it's a deal that can't be passed on for value. But AD is untouchable at least for a couple more years in Demps eyes. And then Memphis dumps walking MASH unit Parsons and gets Horford and multiple picks? If any team in here is primed for a rebuild its Memphis and not NOLA.

3.) 14 Mar 2018
14 Mar 2018 00:17:53
Well A Davis reminds me to K Garnett. A great power forward on an average team. In best case NO can make a second round exit. He's a player that should compete for a title and i can't see him doing that in NO. So trading him for Tatum and a top three pick is a good return for a star that played only once more than 70 games in a year.

Memphis should go for a rebuilt and it's crazy giving up a top-3 pick for an aging player, but they should have traded Conley and Gasol before the trade deadline. They won't get equal value for them anymore. Conley is on a big contract and there are to many good younger pointguards on the market to get good value for him. Gasol is a great player, but he's 33 and had some injuries. So why not try to make another run? Horford is a great team player and most western teams are over the top or not ready to compete for a title. And they get some draft picks so they have a future after this.

Boston gets the best player, but A Davis never played more than 75 games and only once he played more then 70 games. Boston is a great destination for him. There are other stars, that can take over, so he doesn't need to go all in every night. Maybe he can play 82 games in Boston. They give up a lot to get him. Tatum is a future star, Horford is a great team player and that Mempis and sacramento pick have a good chance to become lottery picks.

It's just my opinion, but i think this could work for all teams.

4.) 14 Mar 2018
14 Mar 2018 16:48:00
I think the Celtics would need to find a team that values Horford for any trade to work. I feel like Davis's value is going up as he leads a pretty bad supporting cast to a potential playoff spot. I can't see any way he gets moved this calendar year.