05 Apr 2018 18:28:46
Celtics fans, what would be the most you would be ok with the Celtics giving up for Leonard?

1.) 05 Apr 2018
05 Apr 2018 19:09:05
Not a Celtics fan but I would say
2 1sts
Marcus smart (sign and trade)
Jaylen Brown.

2.) 05 Apr 2018
05 Apr 2018 19:41:43
Rozier, Brown and a first (or two) is probably a fair-ish value. SA would probably want/ demand Tatum, but I can’t see that happening.

3.) 06 Apr 2018
05 Apr 2018 23:35:13
The truth is the C's can't pull off a Leonard trade without adding one of Horford, Hayward or Irving, the cap implications don't work in any other manner.

I can't see the C's giving up Hayward or Irving, and moving Horford for Kawhi makes no sense for them either. They would have eight or nine PG's/ Wing players, and absolutely nothing up front.

As much as C's fans may want the Claw, sometimes deals are just not possible.

4.) 06 Apr 2018
06 Apr 2018 01:41:12
It's possible to get a trade done, but obviously the Celtics will need to be willing to pay huge luxury tax in a few years and even more than just what they give up in deal, they'll have to look at what they'll end up having to let walk to save money or if things get really desperate to stay under the hard cap. Though, Ainge is crafty enough to sell guys for picks before they hit the open market and keep a good young revolving bench under rookie scale contracts.

5.) 06 Apr 2018
06 Apr 2018 12:12:01
Not willing to give enough to get him. Injury concerns and a free agent in a year if he is healthy. No reason to risk a chunk of a rock solid future.