27 May 2018 04:52:49
Detroit trades Drummond, Jackson
Blows it up and build from the ground up.

Phoenix trade 1st (Doncic?), Knight, chandler, Dudley
Even though most people think the #1 pick is worth a super star this trade would send phx straight to the playoffs. They actually still have plenty of $$ to fill in the roster as well as pick #16. They could sign / trade for another star at forward.
Payton/ Jackson
Warren/ Jackson
Chriss/ Bender

1.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 06:45:21
So getting Drummond will make the Suns go from having the worst record in the NBA straight to the playoffs in the West? Unless they get great FA signings they might around 30 games.

2.) 28 May 2018
28 May 2018 01:22:42
Detroit might need to throw some more in, like bullock or johnson etc.

3.) 28 May 2018
28 May 2018 05:03:22
The Drummond to PHX ship sailed last year so, no dice. Suns will keep and use that #1 pick and not on Doncic, either. They lose Len as an UFA (and won't re-sigh him) and Ayton will be their new 5. Plus, sorry, PHX has zero use for Jackson and any filler DET might have.