27 May 2018 17:53:03

MIL gets Walker, Bazemore
ATL gets Bledsoe, Batum, Maker
CHA gets Schroder, Dellavedova, Mil 17th

Mil uses Parker to get an elite center and makes a 55 wins team

Atl replaces Schroder who wants out with a similar player, whose contract is expiring but can be renewd with the same money. Upgrades at sg position, but with even more overpaid Batum compared to Bazemore. So you throw Maker to sweeten it.

Cha gets value loosing their star now rather than walking next year for nothing. They start a quick rebuilding with Schroder, another mid pick, a good backup pg, plus they get rid of Batum's deal

1.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 18:07:47
very good for char, get a first while dumping batum, schroeder is worth the risk, if he doesn't do well trade him again in a year.
but atl should run away from this, bledsoe makes less sense for their franchise than does schroeder and maker doesn't come close to compensating for batum, his contract is so much worse than bazemore’s. they need to get picks or something.

2.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 22:34:26
Malik Monk to ATL and then everybody says yes.

3.) 28 May 2018
28 May 2018 02:34:10
Trade favor buck only. Bad trade.

4.) 28 May 2018
28 May 2018 10:19:13
It favors all. CHA has to rebuild with that roster and aim for 2020, which Kemba wouldn't like. So they should move him now for picks and Batum, which is done. ATL might need something more than Maker to swallow the one more year contract of Batum comparing to Bazemore. Maybe some seconds and a youngster like Wilson.

5.) 28 May 2018
28 May 2018 10:59:26
Monk should go to Atlanta indeed.
Looks like the bucks get the best parts, but i could see the other teams accept this trade.

6.) 28 May 2018
28 May 2018 16:22:46
I wouldn't want bazemore over dellavedova and a 1st rounder. For contract and play.