07 Jun 2018 16:46:06
T-Wolves fire Thibbs and hire a pace and space coach.

T-Wolves send Jimmy Buckets
Lakes Send: K. Kuzma, J Hart, and Cleveland 2019 pick.

I think this genuinely helps the Wolves, as Buckets demands the ball a little too much for the benefit of Towns and Wiggins (who is more efficient with the ball more often rather than less often, like the only player this is true for) . Kuzma offers explosiveness and upside, Hart offers solidness and shooting, and the pick offers cheapness as KAT's deal looms larger.

The Lakers are able to sign PG and Lebron (even if they don't get Lebron this is still a good deal) . Then they do one more deal to wind up their line up.

Lakers Send B. Ingam
Pacers Send Myles Turner.

Pacers do this because of how valuable wings are and the trust in Sabonis. Lakers get shot blocking, shooting, and stay young.

Lakes line up

Jimmy Buckets
Playoff P
Myles Turner

This is a great match up against the Warriors. Old vets will sign cheaper that usual for a chance at a ring, so that fills depth.

1.) 08 Jun 2018
07 Jun 2018 21:35:16
The wolves just made the playoffs for the first time in 12 years. They will look to add to what they have not trade one of their all stars.