11 Jun 2018 01:29:28
The Cavs get Jordan, Gallinari, Covington, Williams, and the 12th

The 76ers get Love

The Clippers get Smith(buyout), Bayless(expiring), Clarkson, Nance, the 8th via Cleveland, and the 26th via Philly

1.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 06:17:39
Clippers want the eight and ten.

2.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 07:44:22
Phily say no. No need for Love.

3.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 18:41:26
@shiller they can want ben simmons but that doesn't mean they can get him. nance 8 and 26 is plenty for dj on a 1 year deal, gallo’s bloated contract, and lou will who will never have another season like this past years.
but if u simplify the sixers role here, i wouldn't trade covington+26 for kevin love who doesn't play defense.

4.) 14 Jun 2018
14 Jun 2018 13:46:35
I'm not a fan from the sixers POV. Love isn't who'd I covet. I'd be looking for #8 for #10 overall pick. That gets them closer to the second tier prospects.