11 Jun 2018 06:00:09
If Celtics trade Kyrie than Cavs trade for him and hope him and James mend their relationship, and also win another ring

Cavs pick 12+pick 13

Clippers zizic, pick 8

Cavs Irving

Celtics hill+pick 12+2021 Cavs pick

Cavs Jimmy Butler

Minnesota love+2020 pick swap

Cavs Paul George

Okc Smith+clarckson+pick 13

Cavs Noel

Mavs tt+'19 and'20 seconds


1.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 09:48:20
Cavs TT, JR, Korver
GSW give the rings 2018

Cavs get Beal, Bledsoe
Was get Clinton, Clarkson
Mil gets Trump

Cavs become immediate NBA champions, go to the White House and keep Lebron happy to resign.

2.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 14:43:38
Milpso is Trump really a good fit for Milwaukee? He's signed for 3 more years and he has those bone spurs that have been keeping him out of action for the past 50 years. That's not even to point out that Giannis will be deported the first the media says it's his team. Unless you can surround Trump with only white guys that went to Duke, I think he's going to cause some locker room problems.