11 Jun 2018 23:50:42
Assuming LBJ (35mil) and PG13 (29mil) decide to join the Lakers, Cavs can help them!

LAL get Love
CLE get Deng, Kuzma, Hart, Zubac, 25th, 47th, 1st 2019 LAL

Lakers get starting center and ditch Deng without losing Ball or Ingram. They use exceptions and minimum vets to get bench help for the next two years

Cavs having a ton of bad salary will tank anyway for two years without Lebron. So they don't need Love and can tolerate Deng's contract. They get three promising players plus three more picks to rebuild.

It will be something like this



1.) 12 Jun 2018
12 Jun 2018 03:11:12
That would leave LA without a first round pick this year and next which we all know is against the rules. Even still, why would Cleveland help the Lakers, let alone the team LBJ leaves them for, even if it does help Cleveland in the long run?

2.) 12 Jun 2018
12 Jun 2018 03:48:12
Replace Kuzma with Ball. Ball will be unnecessary with James, and the Lakers are very high on Kuzma with defense and 3 point shooting which would fit better. Honestly might prefer to keep him over Love due to money and upgrade at other positions.