12 Jun 2018 16:08:32
The Rockets get Lebron

The 76ers get Gordon, Korver, Aminu, and Nance

The Blazers get Love and the 39th pick via Philly l

The Cavs get Anderson, Leonard, Collins, the 10th pick via Philly, the 24th pick via Portland, the Houston 19, 21, and 23 1sts

1.) 12 Jun 2018
12 Jun 2018 17:51:39
Remove Collins, there's no way Portland includes him unless it's for a superstar. Go with Swanigan instead, and move 39 to Cleveland.

2.) 12 Jun 2018
12 Jun 2018 18:55:51
So the Sixers are going to help facilitate an LBJ trade to Houston? And give up the #10 pick in the draft for a bunch of role players? C'mon man. Philly is not going for this . Really?