13 Jun 2018 03:13:25

Another LBJ 2 BOS hypothetical

LAL gets Wiggins, Horford
Sign Boogie to MAX

BOS gets Teague, Tyus Jones, and KAT
Sign Ariza 1yr/ 8mil
Sign Bron MAX

MIN gets Kyrie, Morris, Deng, Ingrham and 1st from BOS and LA and 2019 1st from LA
Sign Deandre Jordan 4yr/ 60 mil


Kyrie/ Khyri Thomas #26 via BOS
Butler/ Crawford
B. I/ Kevin Knox #20
Morris/ Gibson
Jordan/ Mithcell Robinson #25 via LAL

Teague/ Rozier
Hayward/ Brown
Tatum/ Ariza
Bron/ Monroe
KAT/ Baynes.

1.) 13 Jun 2018
13 Jun 2018 19:37:40
i srly have doubts that laker team could make it in the west, would be better off waiting for FA 2019.min would have to really consider this, but boston should add the kings pick.

2.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 01:37:30
I appreciate what you are trying to do, but some flaws:

1) The Lakers could not make this trade until after they draft at #25, because of the stupid Stepien rule. Although, I believe changing the ‘19 LAL pick to ‘20 would be fine.
2) The Celtics have pick #27, not #26.
3) This trade would not clear enough cap space to sign LeBron, and I don’t relinquishing all claims would change that, but I haven’t done the math.
4) Trevor Ariza will not sign for 1 year $8mm. He has stated he wants 3-4 years for $50-$60mm. I’m not saying he will get what he wants, but your scenario is so different from his expectations that I doubt it will happen.
5) DeAndre Jordan is not taking a paycut, and he made $22.6 mm last year, so $15mm is not cutting it.
6) The Timberwolves are getting hosed in this deal.
7) How does Brandon Ingram, the crippling contract known as Luol Deng, #25, and a future draft pick that would most likely be in the 20’s turn into Andrew Wiggins and Al Horford?