19 Jun 2018 03:17:53
Only way to keep LBJ in Cleveland:

Spurs receive: Hill, Osman, Pick 4, '21 Cavs 1st
Cavs receive: Leonard, Parsons, 32
Griz receive: Love

Cavs receive: 12 & 13, Beverly (Irving Trade exception)
LAC receive: Pick 8, '23 1st (Top 5 protected), '20 2nd

Cavs receive: PG13 (S&T)
Thunder receive: Clarkson, Korver, Zizic, Pick 13

Cavs receive: MKG
Hornets receive: Smith (Exp), 3m cash

Cavs receive: Noel (S&T)
Mavs receive: Thompson, Pick 32, 3m cash

Draft 12 Sexton

Resign Hood 50m/4y
Resign Green Vet min

PG: Beverly, Sexton
SG: Leonard, Hood
PF: James, Green
C: Nance, Noel

1.) 19 Jun 2018
19 Jun 2018 04:47:06
Stretch Parsons like 9 mil over 6 years.

2.) 19 Jun 2018
19 Jun 2018 05:35:36
My bad, I meant to have Parsons as the back up PF.

3.) 19 Jun 2018
19 Jun 2018 14:57:05
Clippers are not trading both lottery picks and their starting PG who they are very high on, who also has a very cheap salary, to move up 4 spots and get a draft pick years from now. If the clippers are going to trade both picks, they are getting into the top 5. If not, they stay put.