28 Jun 2018 19:14:22
Cavs get Leonard
Spurs get love osman zizic Sexton

Cavs get Walker
Hornets get clarckson nance Perkins future 1st

Cavs get Dedmon
Clippers get Hood

Cavs get Beverly Williams
Clippers get Thompson smith 2 future 2nds

Resign James Calderon green

Sign Johnson Howard George casspi Monroe O'Quinn

Walker Beverly Calderon
George Williams Johnson
Leonard korver green
James O'Quinn casspi
Howard dedmon Monroe

1.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 19:30:52
So they get Leonard for 2 nails and a box of rocks? Literally wtf.

2.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 21:44:25
I can't tell which trade is the worst. My initial reaction is the Clippers deal, that one is horrible. A 20 ppg scorer for two horrible contracts and two seconds? It takes more than the picks to unload those contracts, let alone getting anything positive in return.

3.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 00:03:39
Hey Matt, you forgot this part

Cavs fire GM, Hire Mr Roarke and Tattoo. Because all these trades look like they came from Fantasy island.

4.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 16:51:06
Hahahahahahhahahahahaha clippers trade 2 of their best contracts, their starting PG, and top scorer who just won 6th man of the year, for a backup SG who can't remember the score in a crucial moment of the finals, an undersized center who can't score or rebound against rookie backup forwards, and 2 worthless 2nd round picks?