04 Jul 2018 01:57:12
Knicks 2019

Sign kyrie irving 5 yr max
Sign jimmy butler 2 yr 48 mill

I think a big 3 made up of porzingis,Irving and butler would defiantly put them at the top of the eastern conference a long with young role players like hardaway,knox,nilikima and burke
Sign a couple extra vets to the min
And also bring back kanter on a cheap contract. He loves new york and would love to win a ring.


Kyrie Irving/Trey Burke
Jimmy Butler/Frank Nilikina
Kevin Knox/Tim Hardaway jr
Kristaps Porzingis/vet min
Enes Kanter/vet min

1.) 04 Jul 2018
04 Jul 2018 04:59:03
This tram isn’t winning a ring or happening.