08 Jul 2018 16:08:23
Thunder and Hawks

Thunder get Bazemore
Hawks get Melo (buyout) a 1st and 2nd round pick

Hawks get rid of Bazemores contract which is more than 18mil for the next 2 seasons and he is not worth 18 mil. They buyout Melo and get a 1st and 2nd I don't think they would get much better for Bazemore.
Thunder takes on Bazemores contract but even though it is bad it's not as bad as Melos and he would be a good player to come off the bench and score.

After this trade happens they make a trade with Cavs

Thunder get korver
Cleveland gets Abrines, Patterson, and a 2nd round pick

Thunder get a solid catch and shoot 3 point shooter. Korver is pretty old so Cavs replace him with Abrines and add some depth at PF/ C. Abrines is not as good as korver but he can still hit the 3 and still fairly young and still has the potential to improve.

After these two trades thunder sign luc mbah a moute
Thunders lineup
Westbrook/ Felton/ Hall (rookie)
Roberson/ Bazemore/ Diallo (rookie)
George/ Korver/ Ferguson
Grant/ luc mbah a moute/ Hervey (rookie)
Adams/ Noel/ Dakari Johnson

After these moves they have a better bench and better 3 point scoring. And they have a good mix of young and veteran players.

1.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 16:27:02
Are u out of your mind hawks 1st is top 3 pick. A 2nd rounder 31 to 35 pick. Is more than enough.

2.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 16:48:03
The Hawks are getting the thunders pick all thunder get is Bazemore.

3.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 18:57:01
I'm not sure it's worth a 1st for the Thunder. Just a 2nd seems like enough since it would get the Hawks out of Bazemore's contract.

4.) 09 Jul 2018
09 Jul 2018 03:00:15
Thunder buyout melo its the only play for them.