28 Sep 2018 07:38:19
Kuzma,kcp, and Stevenson plus 2019 pick for Butler. James mcgee Butler rondo and Ingram better then Irving smith James tt and love. Gives Lakers better chance to win even if Butler go to NY teams or the clippers it be worth it

1.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 13:04:44
Nah Lebron was 3-4 years younger then and there ain’t know one close to Kyrie in that line up.

2.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 15:41:18
It's closer than I'd like to think, but Rad is right saying LeBron was younger then. None of them are to Irving's level, but Butler is close. The big issue to me is who in the Lakers group is on par with Love? Ingram has potential, but Love is still really good, no matter how much they made him the scapegoat in Cleveland. McGee and Rondo might be better than Smith and Thompson, but I don't think they are. It's pretty even there. So all in all, the Cavs group is better than the Lakers. but not by a landslide.

3.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 16:18:45
also, the wolves want more than just kuzma and a likely super late 1st.

4.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 16:58:08
Lakers will have to give up Ingram if they want Butler. Not going to happen. They would rather try to poach him next summer.

5.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 17:45:49
This offer better then most the ones I seen online, IT'S why Butler still there cause teams not giving up nothing good to get him. This better then the one posted above and below. You get a young player who was first rookie team on a great contract. a good player with experience who can shooot. Plus a mystery pick between 22-28 in a decent draft.

6.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 17:55:05
Soxfan I think differently because love wasnt really a good fit or didn't play good enough defense. green used to lock love down he not doing that to James playing pf and Butler at sf with Ingram at the two. Love was there third option but at times Smith was really especially 2016.

7.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 20:33:00
It's difficult to trade with the Lakers or Celtics. They make inferior offers and hope someone is dumb enough to bite. If they lose out on a trade they tamper with the player's contract and then try to steal him in free agency.