29 Sep 2018 04:02:45
If no one offer Wolves


LAL get Butler (exp) & Gibson (exp)

Pg Rondo/Ball
Sg Butler/Stephenson
Sf Ingram/Beasley/Wear
Pf LeBron/Kuzma
Ce McGee/Gibson/Zubac

MIN get KCP (exp), Wagner, Randolph (exp) & 1st round pick LAL

SAC get Dieng, Hart & 2nd from LAL

1.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 04:41:25
How about the first go to sac and Hart go to Minny.

2.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 13:18:05
I would have to think Minnesota will get a much better offer then that. That's not a bad return for Butler, it's a pathetic, embarrassing trade proposal incredibly sided in the Lakers favor.

3.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:47:28
Pitiful effort at a trade. It wouldn't surprise me if LA actually offered this deal though expecting teams to cower at the privilege of doing a deal with Lakers.