08 Nov 2018 13:15:34
With Russ out and Dennis doing ok to hold down the fort, I started thinking. How far off would this deal be?

Okc gets Wall, Beal, unprotected first
Wiz get Westbrook, Roberson, TFerg

1.) 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 14:33:26
Pretty far off.

2.) 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 15:27:24
Westbrick for Wall is a guarantee OKC will not win a title.

3.) 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 15:48:11
I can't see anyone trading for both Wall and Beal when they pretty clearly hate each other. They're a terrible duo because they can't coexist on a personal level.

4.) 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 00:04:38
I am unaware of that narrative. Wall went and scouted and nearly hand selected Beal in high school to be drafted by the Wiz. That's a bad scenario if it's gone bad with those 2. I think Beal will be traded. Porter and wall will stay. Beal is the most valuable.