05 Dec 2018 00:38:44
Bucks send Dellavedova and a 2nd rd pick to Philly.

Philly Sends Markelle Fultz to the Bucks.

This works because Milwaukee doesn't need Fultz this year. That would give Fultz time to recover from "Thoracic Outlet Syndrome" (It affects the Lower neck and Upper Chest area, Shoulder pain, and finger numbness) That he's just been diagnosed with. This is also Bledsoe's last year. If Fultz does his PT, The Mayo Clinic DR. stated he will be fine.
Win-Win for Milwaukee and Philly.
Delly has one more year at 9 mil.


1.) 05 Dec 2018
05 Dec 2018 02:03:42
How is it a win for Philly. They get bad salary and a 2nd for Fultz.

2.) 05 Dec 2018
05 Dec 2018 03:21:02
Yes rkenne correct. I don't understand this. If Fultz can become playable by next season why would Philly trade him to that package? If Milwaukee doesn't need Fultz this season, Philly also doesn't need Delly.

3.) 05 Dec 2018
05 Dec 2018 03:35:37
USA, I interpreted the story today as 2 months out and then we'll see about Fultz. That wasn't very optimistic, it seemed like they are already planning on him not coming back this season? Like the Bosh statement of coming back by the new year or never. I knew it was never the second I read it. It was ominous. 6 weeks or indefinitely is not reassuring to me if he has the yips, and not the rarest symptoms ever from thoracic outlet syndrome. Officially out indefinite though, not 6 weeks?

4.) 05 Dec 2018
05 Dec 2018 04:41:36
Injury exception! The Sixers will qualify right around waiver time if Fultz remains sidelined. Even if it is the yips, it should be considered an injury for the Sixers. Value in keeping Fultz now.