18 Dec 2018 20:24:19
Smunro, if you are down with Philly using their 1st to unload Fultz, then Sacramento is your huckleberry.

Philly trades Chandler, Fultz, and 2019 1st rounder

Sacramento trades Koufus, MacLemore, and $7 mil in current cap space.

1.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 21:03:37
One of the worst deals I’ve ever seen.

2.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 21:09:08
Philly is not going to pay to offload Fultz. Philly will do what is fiscally best for them from here on out regarding Fultz. Bank on it.

3.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 22:24:36
No way Phili is giving up a first to unload Fultz. I still think they could get an asset from trading him. GMs love to think they can fix guys like that.

4.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 22:34:15
Fultz may not have a lot of value but he certainly doesn’t have negative value like a bad contract where the sixers need to include a first to unload him. This trade makes absolutely no sense for the sixers you can find a player like mclemore anywhere and koufos can't even start for the kings I do not see how sixers get value back at all

5.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 22:47:11
The Sixers wouldn't be playing him, so what is unplayable worth? A G-league salary?

6.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 00:14:38
Agree. But I saw it in one of his trade proposials, so I thought I would jump on it.

7.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 01:20:54
You’re my huckleberry, Fredmam.