19 Dec 2018 18:45:43
Milwaukee Bucks trade Malcolm Brogdan and a 2nd rd pick to the Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix Suns trade Kelly Oubre jr. to the Milwaukee Buck's.

Phoenix gets the PG they have been looking for.

Milwaukee gets the SF they need, While moving Middleton back to SG.


1.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 19:37:47
Have a hard problem believing the Suns would trade away a player that they just traded up to get (so at a price of 2 mid 1st picks) for Brodgon who they will have to pay to keep next year in order to keep and a late 2nd round pick based upon Milwaukee's record.

2.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 19:59:42
Fredman, first comprehend the Stepien Rule not even in its entirety just have someone who knows explain it to you. A Youtube video maybe. The actual year we are playing in '18-'19 does matter and is current for the '19 draft year. That is all you need to know. The rest is too complicated for you I think. Oubre is also expiring and needing to be paid, which is why the Wiz traded rivers and he for ariza. So, your argument doesn't hold water especially since the Suns could desperately use Brogdan for roughly the same long term commitment, and they have Warren, Jackson, and Bridges already.

3.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 20:03:20
Freeman, he’s talking about Kelly Oubre, not Mikal Bridges.

4.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 20:36:30
Fredman, Oubre will be 2nd, or 3rd of their SF list. Behind Bridges, and J Jackson. But, With M. Brogdan, They get a starter they've need at PG. Oubre basically was brought in along with Rivers to get rid of Ariza and his contract, And nothing more, possibly as trade bait also?


5.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 20:51:53
So you are trading Brogdon for Oubre and Suns are getting the pick? I don't get it! Brogdon is a proven starter avg 15.3 ppg shooting 52/ 47/ 98 in his 3rd NBA year, while Oubre is underachieving in his 4th.
As much as I like Oubre, this is horrible for the Bucks. His value is closer to Maker and a 2nd than what you are suggesting.

6.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 22:02:22
Yea, i thought I was replying to your previous proprosal with Bridges. My bad. Oubre for Brogdon is good with me. Basically turns into Ariza for Brogdon from Phoenix's perspective.

7.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 22:19:21
@milpso. Milwaukee can use Oubre more, Than they need Brogdan. The added 2nd rd pick would just sweeten the deal more. Brogdan is about 1.8 mil a year. Oubre is about 3.9 mil.

8.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 22:56:39
I wonder if Fredman figured out the Stepien Rule yet or if he is still in denial of his own eveidence?

9.) 20 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 23:45:37
Maybe you should look at who agreed with me? BTW still waiting on your "evidence" that matches your hypothesis. And the cavs-lakers trade doesn't do it since the Cavs had 2 first rounders. Or do we have to go through this all over again?

10.) 20 Dec 2018
20 Dec 2018 00:12:46
What would who agreed with you mean? They are interpreting the rule wrong too? I would trust Supercollider with this little spat, if anyone was going to used on here for a reference of fact regarding this matter. I know from Anderson you refuse to read at will.

11.) 20 Dec 2018
20 Dec 2018 02:31:04
Friedman going to have to pay oubre too.