20 Dec 2018 23:07:02
Not sure if someone already posted this

Knicks trade Lee + Thomas

Bulls trade Parker

With Lavine and Valentine injured, Bulls may take a vetern SG to fill the void and help with the leadership. Plus, Chicago gets rid of disgruntalled Parker who can be waived next year.

1.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 00:52:05
Add at least a 2nd rd pick or protected 1st to the Bulls for taking extended salaries.

2.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 01:09:45
The knicks would have to include some kind of positive asset (at least a second rounder or two) to unload Lee for an expiring contract.

3.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 01:13:04
I don’t think Courtney Lee and the Bulls would be very interested or happy together. Maybe send Lee to a 3rd team like the Thunder.

4.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 01:14:27
Bulls should cut him. Why take salary on. They are trying to lose.

5.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 02:59:51
Ouside of Robin Lopez, the Bulls have no veterans on that roster. Veterans teach youngsters how to play and how to stay out of trouble in the NBA. Plus, I think the Bulls interim coach could use some veteran help as well. I think that balances taking on the extra salary besides providing minutes when everone is hurt.

6.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 17:54:18
Vets are nice, but not at the expense of cap space. Chicago could grab a vet at any time without adding large cap hits for next year. Rebuilding teams need assets, and giving up expiring deals for longer deals just makes no sense.

7.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 18:35:27
You think bulls want to tank. They are dishing 20 mil parker 1 yr, 20 mil Lavine another yr. How many yrs have the bulls been tanking. Bulls have been hit with lots of injuries as have the Knicks.

The kings are best trading partner for ny to trade Lee. Lee when healthy and in shape is an upgrade over Shumpert. Thomas for Randolph gives kings a bigger stronger sf against certain matchups. Of course knicks will have to include future 2nd.

Hardaway for Mathews is best trading partner. Smith Hardaway Doncic scoring wire Jordan at anchor. Barnes is good trading partner for Parker.