04 Feb 2019 11:38:59
Cavs get Anderson and hill plus suns 2021 first unprotected and Lakers 2019 unprotected.

Lakers get Davis

Pelicans get kuzma zubac Jackson plus suns 2019 top 5 protected and Lakers 2021 unprotected. Plus get bender Daniels pope Chandler fry crawford to waive and all expiring contracts.

Suns get love and ball plus players from hood trade.

Salaries match.

1.) 04 Feb 2019
04 Feb 2019 15:29:56
I do see much difference between Anderson and love. Love needs to play and prove his value. Stop over valuing ball. Suns will draft Morant with 2nd pick and keep Jackson and 2021 suns 1st. You are kidding right 2 1st for Love.

2.) 04 Feb 2019
04 Feb 2019 15:52:23
Players from hood trade cannot be traded within a group.

3.) 04 Feb 2019
04 Feb 2019 17:26:31
There getting ball and trading on Anderson horrible contract. So they have ball Booker warren love and auto they should be set for play offs next 4 years. Love contract not bad it's a mystery. I don't think suns get pick Two. Cavs Knicks bulls suns get 4. Not over valuing ball. It's a need for the suns. They get ride of Jackson who they don't need with bridges and the dude from Washington who is balling out. Anderson and Jackson plus two picks for ball and love. Anderson is negative value and love was just one the main focal points on a championship team. Ball is better Jackson and ball is more a need then Jackson. With Booker they need a more proven players not more rookies. About time the rookies ready Booker will be ready to leave.

4.) 04 Feb 2019
04 Feb 2019 17:28:45
There a big difference between love and Anderson. What has love accomplished over Anderson. Love is way ahead and still can be effective 20 and 12.

5.) 04 Feb 2019
04 Feb 2019 19:01:20
Love is more effective than Anderson for about 40 games a deason. That is all that Love plays nowadays.

6.) 05 Feb 2019
04 Feb 2019 23:51:39
Still 4 times better then Anderson even with the fans makes it even better for love. Great player just had problems with green guarding him.