10 Feb 2019 20:56:20
Bulls free agency moves

Bulls have money but not going to be able to sign big names but I feel they can still do well

First I like the bulls to sign Terry rozier to run point

Since bulls have money I don't see why they couldn't sign cousins to a nice pay day

Bulls can Barret or Langford

Lavine,Barret or Langford

1.) 10 Feb 2019
10 Feb 2019 21:45:58
Have a feeling Cousins ends up on the Lakers when they strike out on other FAs.

2.) 11 Feb 2019
11 Feb 2019 03:34:12
Cousins and Kemba to knicks.

3.) 11 Feb 2019
11 Feb 2019 07:28:04
Shiller, starting feeling the pressure of celtics off keeping irving and getting past 2md round this yr. Enjoy Hayward til 2023.

4.) 11 Feb 2019
11 Feb 2019 14:32:39
Bulls should trade lavine ave continue three rebuild.

5.) 11 Feb 2019
11 Feb 2019 14:44:11
Nice try shiller on send Boogie and Kemba to the Knicks. Little concerned that the PG heading to the Knicks is not from Charlotte are ya?

6.) 11 Feb 2019
11 Feb 2019 16:23:47
Cousins demanding contract is the worst player to sign. He will cost warriors a title with negative attitude.