06 Mar 2019 01:18:30
2019 Free Agency if OKC lose first round early again

Thunder Trade Russell Westbrook

Pelicans Trade Anthony Davis Solomon Hill

Pelicans ReSign Julius Randle 3 yrs 74.2 millions

Pelicans fire coach Alvin Gentry & Hired David Blatt

What y'all think?

1.) 06 Mar 2019
06 Mar 2019 14:13:33
I would be stunned if Randle got a $25 mil per offer this off season.

2.) 06 Mar 2019
06 Mar 2019 14:58:33
I just gave you my first "believable" ever. I doubt OKC gives up Westbvrook but i still liked the whole proposal.

3.) 06 Mar 2019
06 Mar 2019 21:21:52
Do you think A Davis would stay in OKC?

It would be a great trade if he stays, this is a great starting five.
C:S Adams
Pf:A Davis
SF: P George
PG: Schroder

I don't think you can trade Russ without a discount and OKC has already traded two future first round picks, so i would keep him and be happy with a second round exit. Selling jerseys and tickets with an excited player on the team.

4.) 06 Mar 2019
06 Mar 2019 21:59:56
Westbrook doesn’t have near the value AD does.

5.) 06 Mar 2019
06 Mar 2019 22:11:06
I don't hate it. I think OKC would be better if George was made the primary ball handler with AD as his big.

And I think NO would love to keep a star that will attract fans. They're the smallest NBA market, they might not want to stomach a full rebuild.

6.) 07 Mar 2019
07 Mar 2019 01:09:02
🤣👍 dacman, best trade idea yet smoothdaddy.