05 Apr 2019 01:26:54
Cavs plans

Draft zion number one.
Trade trade love and get Heyward plus sac pick.
Cavs will get another good pick in 2020 plus gives zion a year to play with sexton.
In 2021 cavs get another good pick and have lots of cap and young talented players. They make trades happen and sign lbj to finish career in cleveland while competing for.championship

1.) 05 Apr 2019
05 Apr 2019 06:06:50
LEbron will more than likely retire in LA.

2.) 05 Apr 2019
05 Apr 2019 15:00:40
Lebron is done with the Cavaliers. He owes them nothing and will never play there again. Especially with the bad blood between him and the owner.

3.) 05 Apr 2019
05 Apr 2019 16:32:08
James left

He left first time to play with wade and bosh. Better opportunity to win.

He left miami to come back to play with Irving and knew they could trade for another star. Better chance to win

He left Cleveland for lakers lots of trade pieces for a star and cap for another. Can lead to better chance to win.

Each time he left was for better opportunity to win. He can leave Lakers for Cavs if he see better chance to win In Cleveland.

4.) 05 Apr 2019
05 Apr 2019 20:28:09
What’s the difference between playing for a young Lakers team and leaving for another team with young players? LA can bring in big free agents where Cleveland has no chance at them.

5.) 05 Apr 2019
05 Apr 2019 20:59:42
how many big free agents has LA gotten that Cleveland hasn’t in the last 10 years?

6.) 06 Apr 2019
06 Apr 2019 04:36:43
Love isn't getting you a better player and a pick.

7.) 06 Apr 2019
06 Apr 2019 07:16:31
Love been playing better then Heyward. Plus Boston need love more they have brown tatum smart to rotate 2 and 3 positions.

8.) 07 Apr 2019
07 Apr 2019 03:02:17
Shiller, how do you believe that Hayward is better than Love? Even at his best he was Love quality, and at this level I would rather have Love.