24 Nov 2014 17:14:42
PG. MCW > pg. Harrison
SG. Wroten < sg. Harrison
sf. LMAM < sf. Pythress
pf. Noel > pf. cauley-stein
c. sims < c. Towns Jr.

Bench < Bench

Kentucky wins

1.) 25 Nov 2014
Wroten is way better no doubt

2.) 25 Nov 2014
If all of the 76ers were in the 2015 NBA draft the only players that would go in the 1st round is MCW, Noel, and Wroten towards the end. MCW is the best player out of both teams but Kentucky is better overall

3.) 25 Nov 2014
Lmao Sixers would kill Kentucky. They have 15 NBA players. Kentucky has maybe 6

4.) 26 Nov 2014
Sixers do not have 15 NBA players. 3/4s of that team have no business being in the NBA.

5.) 26 Nov 2014
Even if they aren't good NBA players at least they are NBA players unlike Kentucky. Read up on experts articles on this, they all agree philly would kill Kentucky

6.) 01 Dec 2014
Only reason sixers win barley is because they have nba experience even if they don't have nba talent