03 Dec 2014 22:03:49
Interesting question. If the timberwolves were to get the 2nd worst record in the league ( obviously the 76ers would be the worst an I highly doubt the wolves will do that bad), and let's say the get lucky and get the #1 pick. Who do you think they would take? Here are the top options

1. Emmanuel Mudiay PG China: Mudiay seems like a stud that could be a very good point guard. The wolves to have Rubio who (when playing) looks improved and good so I don't think they would take him

2. Jahil Okafor C Duke: Okafor has all the post moves and has been dominating every game. He has a nice jumper and play pretty good defense, the wolves of have Pek who I think they could get rid of and they have Dieng who has shown flashes but hasn't look consistent

3. Karl Towns Jr PF/C Kentucky: towns is a very talented offensive player and has the ability to be a good shot blocker. The wolves have at the PF spot Thad young but he will become a FA after this year.

Who would you pick? Comment please (and I know there are more amazing players that could go) who would the twolves pick?

1.) 05 Dec 2014
Trade it

2.) 05 Dec 2014
I think they draft Towns just because they seem committed to Dieng and maybe Okafor could play next to him but idk. They wouldn't draft Mudiay because they have so many wings and a PG of the future in Rubio, with a solid backup PG/SG in Lavine

3.) 07 Dec 2014
Towns .