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21 Sep 2020 18:21:37
If the Rockets want to restart.
Rockets:4 1sts (2020, 22, 25, and Clippers 2020), Barrett, and Knox II.

Knicks:Harden and 2020 2nd.
Rockets:2020 1st, 2021 2nd and Wall

Rockets:Malik Beasley, Culver and 2022 1st.

Timberwolves:Covington and Gordon.
PG:Smith Jr./Payton

21 Sep 2020 19:21:21
I'd rather have Beasley over Gordon. He's younger. He shoots better (Gordon has shot 35% from 3 the last 3 years, Beasley has shot 39% from three over the same period) . And Beasley will probably be cheaper. Gordon averages $18 million per year over the next three years. I don't think Beasley is going to get that as a restricted free agent.

21 Sep 2020 20:08:33
Wizs won’t trade a top 10 pick for Russ, he won’t get them past first round.

21 Sep 2020 20:46:28
Remember this draft isn't really strong and the wizs still have Beal and other good players to help Russ. Plus, the Wizards would be getting rid of Wall's horribile contract.

20 Sep 2020 15:36:37
Knicks bulls

Bulls get. Randle Knox and Dennis Smith jr
8th pick. Clippers first round and and Dallas 1sr round pick

Knicks get markinen and lavine

20 Sep 2020 12:56:54

LAC get Kevin Love & Norvell Pelle
- add a veteran with championship experience. He can help that locker room and Clippers wouldn't mind paying him that money because they are competing
- resign Montrezl Harrell with less than max money (only if he wants to stay)
- sign DJ Augustin via MLE, Aaron Baynes min

Pg Shamet/Augustin
Sg Leonard/Williams
Sf George/Mann
Pf Love/Green
Ce Harrell/Pelle

CLE get Ivica Zubac, Mike Scott (exp), 21st pick via PHI & Zhaire Smith
- get some good value for Kevin Love. Get additional pick and 2 young players. If they intend to keep Drummond, they can trade Zubac for another pick or if not, he will be a cheap option at center

Pg Garland/Exum
Sg Sexton/Porter/Smith
Sf Avdija (pick)/Osman/Wade
Pf Nance/Scott/21st pick
Ce Drummond/Zubac

PHI get Pat Beverley & Rodney McGruder
- get 2 usable players. It will be awkward to see Beverley and Embiid on the same team but the Sixers need some more boost in energy. They can start Bev at PG and Simmons at PF. There's not a lot of things they can do and trading a late 1st to get some good rotational players will be better for them

Pg Beverley/Milton
Sg Richardson/Korkmaz
Sf Harris/Thybulle/McGruder
Pf Simmons/Horford
Ce Embiid/Horford

I followed some advise from the Talk segment about trades they would believe (posted by Paris). Clippers & Sixers are trying to compete that's why they are getting players that can help while Cavs are rebuilding so they get some asset. Now is this unbelievable? Why?

20 Sep 2020 13:50:09
It’s interesting. I’m just not sure that Love is the kind of big that LA wants and a guard that can pass might be their biggest need.

21 Sep 2020 04:27:30
To me Ind is who passes

19 Sep 2020 23:35:46

Magic get 8 pick.via Knicks Cody Zeller (exp) Terry Rozier III Kevin Knox

Hornets get Nikola Vucevic Evan Fournier (opt in) 2021 first round pick.via Knicks

Knicks get 3 pick.via Hornets Nicolas Batum (opt in)

Knicks draft LaMelo Ball PG/SG.via Hornets & Jalen Smith PF/C.via Clippers

What Orlando Magic should do with 8 pick &15 pick ??

What y'all think???

19 Sep 2020 22:21:11
Clippers get Chris Paul, PJ Tucker, and a future unprotected first round pick from Houston

Clippers give Paul George and Patrick Beverly

Rockets get Paul George and Patrick Beverly

Rockets give Russell Westbrook, PJ Tucker, and a future unprotected first round pick

Knicks get Russell Westbrook

Knicks give Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, Dennis Smith JR, and a future lottery protected first round pick

Thunder get Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, DSJ, and a future lottery protected first round pick from the Knicks

Thunder give Chris Paul

Complicated trade but I think it helps everyone. Rockets improve defensively and chemistry wise. Clippers get the playmaker they need without losing depth at forward and get a tradable asset. Knicks trade some garbage contracts for an actual franchise player who can help them become relevant. The Thunder get cap relief, another draft pick, and three players who could eventually become assets if they play well.

21 Sep 2020 05:28:28
Ok Rerur,

I give up. You wore me down. You want CP3 on the Clippers? TAKE HIM.

Take whatever combination of crap players from whatever team, throw them in the toilet and flush them on over to Okc. No draft picks needed. Presti will just be happy to fulfill your dream.

Please just do me a favor. When you do it, please, please do not send out some version of logic that tries to make it sound like your doing the Thunder a favor by what your sending them.

Best of luck to you and your “Fantasy Clipper” team.
I’m sure next year will be the year they finally make it out of the 2nd Rnd.

19 Sep 2020 20:54:32
Clippers get Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, and Luke Kennard

Pistons get Paul George and Patrick Beverly

The Clippers take a big gamble on the health of Blake and Rose. But if those guys are healthy, then they're exactly what the Clips need. Blake is a playmaking big who can shoot and serve as a great second scorer behind Kawhi. Rose is a much better playmaker than Beverly who can either start or be the 6th man if Doc starts Lou Williams instead. Kennard is comparable to a young JJ Redick. Clippers add ball movement, spacing, and depth to the mix.

The Pistons get a new franchise player in PG13 who helps them stay relevant and can mold Sekou Doumboya and Christian Wood into great 2-way players. Beverly makes for a good mentor to guards like Bruce Brown. The Pistons get cap relief and leadership while rehabilitating George's and Beverly's trade values with big roles on the team. Those two can be traded down the line for future assets.

20 Sep 2020 02:08:53
How is beverley a good mentor? And i'm sure Clippers won't do this.

19 Sep 2020 20:26:37
Clippers get Chris Paul and a return on one of their first round picks

Thunder get Paul George and Patrick Beverly

The Clippers get exactly what they need: an elite playmaker to complement Kawhi. The Cavs had Bron, Warriors had Green/Curry, Raptors had Lowry. The Clippers need a guy like that to win a chip with Kawhi. Remember: the Clippers only traded for PG to get Kawhi. Now they must do whatever it takes to keep Kawhi. Getting one of their draft picks back gives them a tradable asset to improve depth, and this deal gives them some cap relief.

The Thunder are reunited with virus P. Although he's a playoff choke artist, he's a phenomenal regular season player who thrives off-ball. He could be a great mentor to guys like Shai and Lu Dortz, and his star presence helps to keep the Thunder relevant. The Thunder replace CP3 with a scrappy defensive guard in Beverly who can also mentor youngsters. PG and Bev could rehab their trade value in OKC, and then be traded for more draft picks and young players down the line.

19 Sep 2020 21:16:32

20 Sep 2020 04:03:00
Clippers get 3 picks back.

20 Sep 2020 04:13:57
Ok Rerur

From a 2020-21 season fan’s perspective only. IF all players in this trade were excited about playing for their new teams, then yes, I would like to see something like this happen & I would enjoy watching both teams compete in the regular season. Clearly this wouldn’t be enough for Okc to make a championship run, but they would be fun and competitive during the reg season.

But realistically this could NEVER happen. You are talking about 2 players who asked to be traded from the teams you are trying to trade them to.

Kawhi WANTS to play with PG. they are lifelong friends that have been playing with each other since before college. He requested to have PG there, not CP3.

PG asked to be traded from Okc & wanted to go back to LA to live and play in front of family & friends. He liked Okc, but he loves LA.

CP3 and the Clippers, including their coach, have bad blood between them = bad team chemistry. CP3 forced his way out of there, demanding a trade from them.

Pat Bev is an alpha that would not want to play for a middle of the road, small market, possible playoff team. He would pull an Igoudala and pout at home until he got traded somewhere he wanted.

19 Sep 2020 16:29:26
Raptors: Covington/ Clemons/ 2nd rd pick

Rockets: Griffin/ George / Beverley / OG Anunoby

Pistons: Gordon / Harrell

Clippers: Harden.

19 Sep 2020 19:41:37
salaries don't work
harrell is a free agent and can't be traded.
if it is a sign and trade can't include any other players.

19 Sep 2020 00:41:19

Rockets get Jaylen Brown14 pick.via Memphis 30 pick.via Bucks 27 pick.via Clippers Dennis Smith Jr Gordon Hayward(opt in) 2021 first round pick (unprotected).via Knicks

Boston get James Harden Julius Randle

Knicks receive Russell Westbrook

What y'all think??

19 Sep 2020 08:24:53
I don't think harden is a good option for boston. boston like to share ball and pass which harden doesnt.

19 Sep 2020 14:32:21
Boston say NO.

18 Sep 2020 14:00:39
With Trade rumors going around heres the one that should happen.

raptors trade for Paul G

Raptors need a go to score and he's the perfect fit with nurse and the Raptor's.

Raptors would get Paul.

Clippers get sign and trade Ibaka and OG and first round pick.

Clippers have OG start with ibaka kawhi and beverly.

Lou off the bench

Raptors have a great chance to win again.

Resign Gasol

Next season Lowry will be free agent and to get giannis would be tricker but you can make it work.

Or lowry takes a huge pay cut and goes for it all

18 Sep 2020 17:50:24
you can't add a player on a sign and trade. ibaka s&t cannot include OG.

18 Sep 2020 06:53:23
Clips send: Landry Shamet
Nets send: Jarrett Allen

Allen is low key one of the most likely guys to move to me this offseason as he essentially got benched for DJ because of KD’s friendship. If the Nets opt not to sigh Joe Harris, Landry is a direct replacement. Allen helps solve the Clippers big man problem.

18 Sep 2020 04:02:15
Clippers/Sixers Huge Blockbuster Trade

Clippers get Joel Embiid Furkan Korkmaz Josh Richardson Zhaire Smith

Sixers get Paul George Ivica Zubac Lou Williams Rodney McGruder two future second round picks.via Clippers

18 Sep 2020 05:46:55
Not far but I don’t the 6ers would be cool giving up Richardson and honestly I think the Clips are totally cool running it back for a year of continuity. Pretty fair though, so good job.

17 Sep 2020 18:21:39

-x2 Clippers 2nds
-27 via NYK

-59 via TOR
Contend with an AllStar PG. Lowry+Kawhi Reunion!


Good defensive PG.


17 Sep 2020 19:17:23
I do think Lowry is the emotional leader the Clippers could really use. If that’s all it costs the Clippers for him, they’d be crazy to say no.

17 Sep 2020 00:07:06
Clippers get Chris Paul and PJ Tucker

Rockets get Paul George and Patrick Beverly

Thunder get Russell Westbrook and a future unprotected first round pick from Houston

CP3 is what Kawhi needs more than Brodie or virus P. Bringing back a franchise legend and leader with a very deep team. Tucker adds to the defensive mentality. Remember: the Clippers traded Shai and 5 first rounders to get PG, but that was also to get Kawhi. All that matters for the Clips is keeping Kawhi in LA by winning a chip.

Rockets get their perfect robin to Harden's Batman. PG should fit seamlessly in D'Antoni's system, as should Beverly. Giving another draft pick to OKC hurts, but it definitely helps their chances in winning a chip with Harden.

The Thunder also welcome home a franchise legend, and add yet another first rounder in the process. Russ can help keep the Thunder relevant while also helping to develop the young talent on the team. If Russ is playing well then he could get traded for more assets, if he's hurting the young talent then he could make for a very dangerous 6th man. The Thunder are rebuilding, so their primary concern should be assets.

17 Sep 2020 13:56:57
That’s really terrible for the Clippers. Paul is old and it’s not like he’s a playoff legend. He’s been as much or more of a disappointment come playoff time and George.

And D’Antoni isn’t in Houston anymore.

Also, there’s no way Houston gives up another pick to give Westbrook back to OKC. That would be the dumbest and worst optics move possible.

17 Sep 2020 14:43:04
Still hating on Paul even though he was just voted 2nd team all nba. He may be old and have a big contract, but obviously he's still productive. Another silly, but expected, response.

17 Sep 2020 16:35:23
Westbrook= if not > paul.

19 Sep 2020 21:32:00

You do remember that Westbrook asked to be traded from the very team your trying to get to trade FOR him???
The very next year???
He didn’t want to be a part of a team rebuilding and developing young talent.
He wanted to compete for a championship.
And you want him to go back the very next year???

I barely looked at any of your logic in this but I did see that you said if he’s doing well, then they can turn around and trade him again???

This hardly sounds like how you would want to treat your franchise legends, at least if you ever want get another one in your organization you don’t

I’m not even going to start to talk about the idea of CP3 going back to the Clippers with all the bad blood he left there both before and after demanding his trade from them.

Some people just look at the NBA as if the players are just game pieces on a board or in an NBA 2K game with plug and play statistics.

16 Sep 2020 20:42:45
Doubt PG would want to return back to Pacers but if he did

Pacers - PG

Clippers - Oladipo and Lamb

- Pacers get an upgrade at SG and someone who can be a better go to option. PG would have more help than he did first time around.

- Clippers still get a good scorer who can play great defense and also still an expiring contract



16 Sep 2020 22:54:07
Oladipo and Turner is the value i think.

16 Sep 2020 16:21:42
@ChurchPugh had an interesting idea.

Clippers get Russell Westbrook, PJ Tucker, and a future unprotected first round pick

Rockets get Paul George and Patrick Beverly

The Clippers run a serious risk of losing Kawhi next summer. Him and PG aren't a natural fit. They need an elite playmaker to complement him like Lowry in Toronto. Russ could be exactly that, while Tucker is an ideal complementary forward, and the future draft pick only serves to help.

The Rockets have already mortgaged their future to win a chip with James Harden. Him and Russ aren't co-existing well. Why not go a little more "all-in" and get a perfect complement to Harden? PG thrived with Westbrook as his playmaker, he should be able to go back to that in an up-tempo offense with Harden as his guy. Pat Bev already knows the system and is a nice Harden-complement.

Everyone seems to win to me.

16 Sep 2020 16:42:03
Bev+Harden LOL.

16 Sep 2020 16:42:13
clippers are not trading away players for picks. its just not going to happen.

16 Sep 2020 17:41:02
Once again clippers didn’t trade SGA Gallo and 5 firsts just to get Westbrook.

16 Sep 2020 17:43:15
I trade pg for cj Beal Booker harden or Thompson that’s about it maybe Embiid.

16 Sep 2020 18:09:42
Westbrook’s value is back to nothing. He proves over and over that he’s a liability in the playoffs.

16 Sep 2020 18:43:16
PG does not have anywhere close to that kind of value II. He is a proven playoff choker time and time again and has one year left on his deal before he can opt out.

16 Sep 2020 19:51:03
But those guys do the same as pg or haven’t been to play offs yet but Thompson but he was third option most the time.

16 Sep 2020 14:34:43
Just throwing this out there.

Clippers get Russ

Rockets get PG

Ok hear me out. I'm a Thunder fan and have watched tons of both of these two guys. Clips faltered last night and really could've used Russ: a guy who can drive, draw fouls, and can bring tenacity and urgency. Russ can also rebound at a very high clip. Last night, when all the clips shots weren't falling, they were getting very few second chances. Imagine Russ driving, rebounding, and providing multiple chances.

The Rockets needed a change. Russ and Harden just don't fit. PG makes less money, is a better shooter, and has better positional versatility. He could be a much better fit with Harden's ball-dominant style and provide more opportunities on offense. He is also a very good defender and would help the defense in Houston's small ball lineup.

Finally, the Clips and the Rockets have both mortgaged their future to the Thunder. If they try this swap, they give themselves a shakeup without handing out more assets/picks (which neither of them really having much anyways) and without losing a star. It's just a simple swap.


16 Sep 2020 15:24:52
PG value is still tremendously higher than Westbrook. Clippers didn’t give SGA and 5 1st just to get Westbrook.

16 Sep 2020 15:28:53
I threw crap once in a toilet.

16 Sep 2020 16:05:06
I honestly don’t hate the idea. But salaries don’t match and it’s not equal value. How about Clippers get Westbrook, PJ Tucker, and a future unprotected 1rp, Rockets get PG and Patrick Beverly?

It’s essentially swapping forwards and guards for each other. The Clips get the guard they need to complement Kawhi, like Lowry in Toronto. They also get a versatile forward and a tradable asset. Rockets get a better complement for Harden and bring back their hustle defensive guard. Seems fair to me. I’d like to see it happen.

16 Sep 2020 16:22:44
Pretty lopsided

16 Sep 2020 18:44:36
PGs value is not that high don’t know why people think so. He can opt out after one more year and has proven to be a 0 in the playoffs on 3 different teams lol.

16 Sep 2020 08:25:51
Clippers - 76ers

Clippers get Horford, Thybulle, Smith, 2021 1st rounder (Top 10 protected), 2021 2nd Rounder from Knicks, 2023 1st rounder (Top 10 protected)

76ers get Beverley, Lou Williams, Zubac

16 Sep 2020 12:50:23
Clippers have to do something for sure. So do the Rockets. All those picks OKC received from both are looking really good now as it appears both teams will be spiraling down from this point forward.

16 Sep 2020 13:28:58
Spiraling down? Really? That seems incredibly dramatic.

Houston still has two all stars. They’ve been treading water for 4 years. I think they continue that for another 4.

The Clippers are a top 4 championship contender next year if they bring everything back. One game doesn’t change the fantastic roster they have. They’ll likely make a few moves. But I think they’ll get better if they do, not worse.

16 Sep 2020 16:24:39
Agree with BMiller.

16 Sep 2020 16:35:56
rockets are screwed. No matter what direction they go its over for awhile.

16 Sep 2020 18:48:12
Rockets will continue to lose in the second round if they don’t make drastic changes. The clippers are also not bringing everyone back, they will most likely lose Morris and Harrel in free agency as they won’t be able to afford them, and they aren’t going to get the veterans who sign for less to win a chip after this year. They will need to make a move, just not sure that they will.

16 Sep 2020 18:55:50
Both teams are spiraling down. You never mortgage ten+ years for two. Didn't the Nets teach everyone that when they mortgaged ten years to Boston for Garnett and Pierce? I believe the Clippers don't even have a first round pick until 2028. Ugh! Tweek what? You can't tweek George and Westbrook to play better in the playoffs. They either can play well or they can't and they've both proven for years that they can't.

15 Sep 2020 17:35:37
Magic/Nuggets Magic should go all in if Denver Nuggets lose against Clippers in Game 7

Magic get Jamal Murray Michael Porter Jr Gary Harris Monté Morris

Nuggets get Markelle Fultz Evan Fournier (opt in) Johnathan Issac Aaron Gordon Khem Birch Melvin Frazier 15 pick + three first round picks + three second round picks

15 Sep 2020 18:05:36
But, why would the nuggets consider this? So they can be the Magic?

15 Sep 2020 18:33:29
So Nuggets to rebuild start it over they ain’t going to to Finals they always failed.

15 Sep 2020 18:58:58
Horrible trade.

15 Sep 2020 19:07:07
If I’m the nuggets I’m reluctant to trade mpj win or lose much less mpj and murray.

15 Sep 2020 19:20:50
What? They’re in a game 7 against one of the two best teams in the league, their second star seems to have taken the next step, most 6 of their 10 rotation guys are 26 or under, 4 of their 5 starters are 26 or younger (5 out of 5 on some nights), and their 2 stars are under 25. They have most of their core locked up, all of their picks and plenty of tradable players.

15 Sep 2020 20:06:16
Out of all teams in the nba the Nuggets are the last team that will “blow it up” after this year. They significantly overachieved and they are extremely young. Their core is under contract for awhile they are deep and they are developing. No reason for them to become the magic lol.

15 Sep 2020 20:08:58
Why would nuggets rebuild? All their main players are young lmao.

15 Sep 2020 20:15:15
Cmon man.

15 Sep 2020 20:31:23
And if Porter takes that next step he looks like he could, they’d have easily the best big 3 in the NBA. That team could win 3-5 rings and I wouldn’t be surprised.

15 Sep 2020 22:56:20
Since you’re a Magic fan how about a magic trick

Make this trade disappear

15 Sep 2020 23:14:11
I’d also like to point something important:

If you blow up your team or don’t based on one game, you are an absolutely terrible GM.

Win or lose, both the Nuggets and Clippers are in a good place for the next few years.

16 Sep 2020 00:00:07
Denver is a dynasty in the making. Why trade your best player in the middle of something special?

16 Sep 2020 00:41:01
I wouldn’t say best big three but top three.

16 Sep 2020 09:05:18
This aged even worse than expected.

16 Sep 2020 23:34:04
Totally disagree that the Clippers are in a good place for the next few years. The Clippers will continue to decline as players leave the team in free agency this year. They will digress more next year. Nuggets are good though.

15 Sep 2020 00:46:08
Clippers get: D. Rose/ Covington/ Tucker/ 21’ 1st (Det top 10 protected)

Pistons get: Russ/ Shamet/ Harrell (S&T)

Rockets get: Griffin/ Beverley/ Green.

16 Sep 2020 00:08:27
if this trade was going to happen it would not include the clippers and would just be with griffen and westbrook and maybe another small piece.

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