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24 Sep 2017 22:55:06
NY: Deng+ Ingram

Clippers: C Lee

LA: O'Quin+ L Williams+Kuzminskas+ Liggins

22 Sep 2017 11:28:49

Nuggets get P.Beverley, K.Oquinn

Clippers get C.Lee, Nuggets 1st

Knicks get M.Beasley,W.Johnson,D.Arthur,2nd from Clippers

22 Sep 2017 14:20:32
Given that Beasley already plays for the Knicks, that trade might be somewhat problematic.

22 Sep 2017 16:10:33
Super, I think he means Malik Beasley.

21 Sep 2017 10:34:28
Boston: Porzingis+ Noah

NY: A Horford+Oyele 1rnd pick LA+ 1rnd pick Clippers+ 1rnd pikc Boston

C: Porzingis/ Noah
PF:Morris/ Yabusele
SF: Hayward/ Tatum
SG: Smart/Brown
PG: Irving/ Rozier

C:Hernangomez/ O'quin
PF: Horford/Oyele
SF: C Anthony/ Kuzminskas
SG: Hardaway/ C Lee
PG: Ntilikina/ Jack

21 Sep 2017 12:12:41
even dumping noah’s contract doesn’t make this return worth porzingis.

21 Sep 2017 12:18:51
No way Celtics give all of that if they take on Noah's contract, gees you Knicks fans just can't realize that Noah has the most negative trade value in the whole league.

21 Sep 2017 13:10:32
We Knicks fans do realize that Noah has no or negative value on the trade market, but if you want Zinger, Noah's going to be part of the package.

21 Sep 2017 13:19:40
Corkins is right. Noah's contract is a poison pill on just about any trade. But Boston is not going to give up its best big, a lottery pick, two other No. 1s and Ojele for Porzingis anyway. Adding Noah makes it a non-starter.

21 Sep 2017 13:20:20
If it's going to be Zinger + Noah than all you could probably get is Celtics own 1st rounder and maybe Ojeleye, you are not getting Clippers pick because it could easily be lottery pick.

21 Sep 2017 14:15:35
The trade would be difficult to work with Noah in the mix. Horford would have to be involved at that point and the Celtics see him as a valuable player, while the Knicks probably wouldn't want his contract. You would have to bring in a third team. At this point I think KP is probably untouchable. Plus, the first priority for the Knicks is moving Melo.

21 Sep 2017 14:33:32
i just don't think you trade a 22 year old centerpiece/ future mvp candidate for horford and picks. boston would have to add brown/ tatum.

22 Sep 2017 03:36:35
First, i'm a Pacers fan, not a Knicks fan.

I don't get Boston fans, do they want to win a title?
If you wan't something, you have to give something.
They get a top three Powerforward, for the next ten years.

Ok, they have to take Noah's contract, but Porzingis is still on his rookie contract, so they can absorb that.
The celtics pick is going to be a late first rounder and the Clippers pick is top 14 protected.
So the only really good draft pick is the LA pick ( or sacramento or Philly pick) . And it's still a gamble, those teams could improve or they could draft the wrong player.
And Horford is a great player, but he's 32 and aging. The Celtics would have a short run for a title with him, but i don't think they can beat Lebron and no way they can beat GS the next trhee years. So in my opinion, all those assets are expendable for A guy that can give you a title run for 10 years.

22 sep 2017 19:28:57
knicks are not trading zinger to celts! give it up!

26 Aug 2017 19:40:39
Cleveland Cavaliers - Los Angeles Clippers

Cleveland trades: Kyrie Irving, Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson.

Los Angeles trades: DeAndre Jordan, Patrick Beverly and '18 first round pick (via Rockets) .

26 Aug 2017 06:58:35

Wolves acquire Love
- get their star back now with so much better team


Clippers get Shumpert , Muhammad(s&t), Dieng , Cavs own 1st round pick & 2nd round pick from MIN
- get plenty for Deandre


Cavaliers get Lou Williams , DeAndre Jordan & Wolves 1st round pick

Smith/Lou Will/Osman

26 Aug 2017 12:46:51
Clippers vetting a pile of pk guys for Jordan. What makes them better?

26 Aug 2017 14:28:43
I don't think Dieng, a yet to be signed free agent, and a late first get you Love.

26 Aug 2017 15:28:12
Love is overrated.

21 Aug 2017 04:50:28

MIA get Horford,Crowder & 1st LAC 2019

BOS get Whiteside,T.Johnson

22 Aug 2017 19:16:15
This is a pretty terrible trade for the Celtics. Whiteside doesn't do anything that they're looking for in a frontcourt guy. The ball stops whenever he gets it. He can sure rebound, and works well on other teams, but he's a terrible fit for Boston. Not only that, but you're trading their other frontcourt starter for another PG? This makes Boston a much worse team.

19 Aug 2017 07:27:41

Clips add I.Thomas & T.Thompson

add in a star PG and a young PF/C to stay competetive


Cavs add Crowder,Jordan,Beverley,Clips 1st & Celtics 1st

Crowder can play the 2 and his perimeter defense would be vital with Beverley and Jordan is a better rim protector for them


Celtics add Irving

add a superstar to create a big 3 of Irving-Hayward-Horford


19 Aug 2017 13:19:58
I like it. Good job.

19 Aug 2017 15:49:39
Why would the Celtics do this? They're moving the production and chemistry that they already have for what is actually a bit less? Silly.

19 Aug 2017 16:27:25
So, they get the better PG, who also has additional years left on his contract at a rate that willl be much less than what IT makes next year, and all they give up is a late first and a good rotation piece in Crowder? Not sure how this is silly soxfan, other than C's fans overrate every player on their roster.

I like Crowder, but if he was making $15M a year, he would just be a good player. The contract is what makes him a steal.

19 Aug 2017 18:36:07
Agree Triangle, and that doesn't even mention the fact that Boston has taken small forwards in the top 5 back to back the past 2 years and then signed another for 30 million+. While all four can play multiple positions, they're better off cashing in on Crowder before they have to commit to him.

22 Aug 2017 19:34:08
I'm not at all opposed to the Celtics moving Crowder, but I don't like this trade in particular. I'm realistic enough to think IT will come back to Earth a little this year, but I don't think it will be a crazy regression, and while Kyrie is scary in the big moments, so is IT, and now there's a couple of new running mates there in Hayward and Tatum. I also think Brown is going to make some solid leaps this season. The fact is, IT put up those numbers last season with everyone knowing he was going to take the shot, while Kyrie was playing next to LeBron. Whether that's fair or not, I'd rather see what I have in that group before I shake it up for a guy like Kyrie who I like but don't love.

The issue with Crowder wouldn't be as valuable if he was being paid 15 mil is just silly. The fact is, he's being paid what he's being paid, and it's a steal. That's extremely valuable because without LeBron, depth is what you need to win games in this league. The less your players are paid, the better the talent you can bring in next to them.

Most importantly, Crowder is slated to be their starting PF. If you move him to maybe upgrade the PG position, you're now looking at starting Marcus Morris or a rookie at the 4, while you're already fitting a new starter in at the 2.

23 Aug 2017 15:26:22
Danny Ainge knocks over his ice tea trying to get to the phone fast enough to call in the deal to NBA headquarters.

16 Aug 2017 18:42:05
Kyrie has not been traded yet because the Cavs and Clippers are waiting for Beverly's and Lou Williams trade exceptions to expire on 8/ 27. Irving preferred destination is LAC. Makes sense for CLE to trade him to the West and try to strengthen a team to take out GSW.


CLE get: Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, and Deandre Jordan

pg. Beverly/ Rose
sg. Korver/ Williams
sf. James/ Smith/ Jefferson
pf. Love/ Frye
c. Jordan/ Tavares

LAC get: Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson

pg. Irving/ Teodisic
sg. Rivers/ Liggins
sf. Gallinari/ W. Johnson
pf. Griffin/ B. Johnson
c. Thompson/ Harrell

16 Aug 2017 19:16:01
Pretty awful return for the cavs.

16 Aug 2017 23:20:47
Add in a pick or two from the Clips and I could see this being more realistic.

14 Aug 2017 01:04:25
MIL Bucks X CLE Cavs X LA Clippers

MIL take - K.Irving , C.Frye & D.Jordan

G - K.Irving-G.Payton
G - M.Brogdon-R.Vaughn
F - G.Antetokounmpo-T.Snell
F - M.Teletovic-C.Frye-D.Wilson
C - D.Jordan-T.Maker

CLE take - K.Middleton , P.Beverley , G.Monroe & 2nd from LA Clippers

G - P.Beverley-D.Rose-J.Calderon
G - K.Middleton-J.Smith
F - L.James-I.Shumpert-K.Korver
F - K.Love-J.Green-R.Jefferson
C - T.Thompson-G.Monroe

LAC take - M.Dellavedova , W.Tavares , J.Henson , J.Parker & 1st from MIL Bucks

G - M.Teodosic-M.Dellavedova
G - A.Rivers-L.Williams-S.Dekker
F - D.Gallinari-J.Parker
F - B.Griffin-W.Johnson
C - J.Henson-M.Harrell-W.Tavares

14 Aug 2017 04:33:59
I don't think Irving in mil is a good move he's nor going to be the man.

14 Aug 2017 05:41:09
Thrill, i have a suggestion, MIL should stay with their "core" and stay mediocre for a long time. I mean, this is a steal for them if they get it done.

14 Aug 2017 12:55:28
In all seriousness, if you are a bucks fan and not a fan of this trade. quit.

Back up big man. Broken prospect. And a good not great player in Middleton. For two players around the top 5 in their position.

What a joke thrill.

13 Aug 2017 13:17:20
Who wins/ loses in trade? Who accepts/ doesn't?

Cavs Phx LAC Det

Phx receives

Phoenix obviously does this to get what they want in Kyrie with the package of Bledsoe Chandler and Bender plus the picks. Knight value dropped big time since the injury and is a chance to get rid of his contract. Plus Rivers comes in as a similar style back up and can play now.

Det receives
T. Chandler

Detroit gives up Drummond and Smith but gets Love who offensively we know helps the Pistons big time along with Harris and Chandler replaces Drummonds big body and rebounding and defensive role.

LAC receives
Ish Smith
2018 first round from Phoenix
2021 first round from Phoenix(Miami pick)

^^^ Clippers lose Jordan and Rivers and gain Thompson who does a lot of what Jordan did at a reduced price. Shumpert and Smith are both solid rotational players. Bender still has potential and the two first round picks addition sets the course for the future while the whole package adds depth.

Cavs receive

^^^ Yes I believe the Cavs would want to do this because of the value they receive. Plus a starting line up of Bledsoe, Rose, James, Drummond, Jordan would defensively help stop GS. I understand the 4th quarter problem though. Still believe with the lack of value they seem to be receiving for Irving, this maximizes the most of what the Cavs can get talent wise.

13 Aug 2017 17:42:07
No sense for the Cavs. Jordan and Drummond can't play on the court at the same time. Neither can shoot, or defend the pick and roll. Both would just clog up the offensive lane, limiting what slashers like Bron, Rose and Bledsoe do well. And then there's the whole foul shot thing. Two starters who shoot around 40% from the line is a disaster.

14 Aug 2017 23:33:48
Terrible trade for cavs to get jordan and drummond. that's the opposite of what you want vs golden state. Bledsoe rose and lebron all like to drive and the lane would be way to clogged thus limiting all their game. You also need shooters in todays nba to win. And defensive rose isn't good and neither of drummond and deandre would be able to guard small ball 4's.

11 Aug 2017 23:37:32
The Clippers get Irving, Frye, and Jason Smith

The Cavs get Jordan, Beverly, Oubre, and 2018 Clippers pick swap, and a 2021 Clippers 1st

Washington gets Williams and Felder

09 Aug 2017 10:35:43
Detroit Clippers Cleveland

Clippers get Drummond Johnson Jackson

Detroit get Kyrie TT Wesley Johnson

Cleveland get Jordon Rivers protected top 5 1st from Detroit.

09 Aug 2017 14:32:49
Cavs turn it down. They get a decent upgrade at C, but give up two starters and don't get a high upside prospect.

07 Aug 2017 22:30:53
Cavs get Conley gasol
Grizzlies get Irving Thompson frye Tavares

Cavs get williams chandler
Clippers get lyles Jefferson osman
Nuggets get shumpert Harrell felder

Sign Allen Ellis bogut plumlee

Conley rose Calderon
Smith Williams Allen
James korver Ellis
Love chandler green
Gasol plumlee bogut.

07 Aug 2017 23:10:25
The first one isn't bad, but the 2nd is awful for everyone except the Cavs.

06 Aug 2017 10:39:36
3 team trade
Kyrie and Thompson to Pistons
Drummond, Johnson and 1st pick to Clippers
Jackson and Jordan to Cavs

Doesnt make sense why would cavs get jordan if they can get better from drummond.. giving up thompson which is same agent with LeBron.. and clippers get 1st pick and drummond by trading jordan only.. wow!!
2 1st pick from pistons and clippers should be given to cavs to make this work..

06 Aug 2017 14:11:23
Pretty bad for the Cavs even with the picks. Jordan would be a nice upgrade over Thompson, but I doubt the Cavs have any interest in Jackson's terrible contract. The Cavs already have better offers on the table. I don't see them having any tea interest in this.

06 Aug 2017 16:36:42
I don't understand Thompson is better Drummond or at best. Jackson for Irving disparity, makes me think you another desperate Piston fan.

03 Aug 2017 21:31:59
4 team trade Cavs LAC Phx Det

Detroit receives
Future 1st from Cavs

Phoenix receives
R. Jackson

Cavs receive
D. Jordan
A. Drummond

Clippers receive

03 Aug 2017 21:44:01
Why would the Cavs want two starting centers?

03 Aug 2017 21:55:56
I don't get how Clippers get Irving and Warren for Jordan and Rivers or why Cavs would want both Jordan and Drummond. I think trade could be simplified without Pistons who are an awkward fit.

03 Aug 2017 22:31:48
Yeah two 20 mill a year centers that can't hit free throws sounds like a bad idea. Cleveland says no.

03 Aug 2017 23:43:51
Do you even watch the NBA? that's just bad.

04 Aug 2017 11:06:02
Another horrible trade thought! Smh! Suns wouldn't do that garbage.

30 Jul 2017 01:59:22
kryie Irving goes to the Pistons in a 3 team trade

Det- Kryie Irving, Tristan Thompson
CAV- DeAndre Jordan, Reggie Jackson
Clippers- Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson and a future 1rd

30 Jul 2017 04:26:37
There is already a rumor that the Cavs can get Jordan and Beverly for Kyrie alone. Why include the Piston's to get a worse fitting point guard and give up Thompson.

30 Jul 2017 21:03:49
Because what's the point in having 60 million plus invested in love Jordan and Thompson? This allows you to have funds spent on a starting guard instead of a bench big man.

That's why.

31 Jul 2017 02:34:05
The Cavs need a third big either way and Tristan is a tradable player. There's no reason to give him up and I'm sure the Clippers will be willing to take TT in a deal if the Cavs wanted rid of him since they would be out a starting center. Beverly would be a much better option for the Cavs than Jackson.

29 Jul 2017 12:51:12
End of August Trade


CLE get: Patrick Beverly, Deandre Jordan, and Carmelo Anthony

Pg. Beverly/ Rose
Sg. James
Sf. Anthony
Pf. Love
C. Jordan

LAC get: Kyrie Irving, Joakim Noah, and Tristan Thompson

Pg. Irving
Sg. Dekker
Sf. Gallinari
Pf. Griffin
C. Thompson

NYK get: Austin Rivers, Iman Shumpert, Lou Williams (exp), and Channing Frye (exp)

Pg. Rivers
Sg. Lee
Pf. Porzingis
C. Hernangomez

29 Jul 2017 14:07:25
Great trade for the Knicks, but any deal where they get rid of Anthony probably has to include another key piece -- and NY doesn't have a lot of key pieces besides the Zinger.

29 Jul 2017 15:58:49
Clippers probably turn that down unless they can get picks back.

29 Jul 2017 18:13:09
Knicks key piece is Noah for Isah Thomas Brooklyn 1st.

27 Jul 2017 17:00:43
Clippers/ Cavs

Clippers trade Deandre Jordan, Lou Williams, Wes Johnson, Brice Johnson, Deandre Liggins, and Darrun Hilliard

Cavs Trade Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Channing Frye.

27 Jul 2017 17:27:27
The Cavs would have to get Beverly in any trade with the Clippers for Kyrie.

26 Jul 2017 04:32:55
Clev/LA Clip/Bucks

Cavs get:
Giannis from Bucks
Jordan from Clippers
Williams from Clippers
Mirza from Bucks
Dellavedova from Bucks

Bucks get:
Irving from Cavs
Thompson from Cavs
Shumpert from Cavs

Clippers get:
Love from Cavs
Smith from Cavs
And a 1st round pick from Bucks

26 Jul 2017 04:41:07
Easy no from Bucks.

26 Jul 2017 05:08:00
Bucks get more scoring and rebounding and defense and unload two overpaid players all while keeping parker (20ppg) and last years rookie of the year. An easy no really?

26 Jul 2017 05:29:35
Tmes, Bucks aren't dealing Giannis period. Dude is 22 and led Bucks in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks during the regular season. If he can develop a consistent 3pt shot (he is still an ultra efficient shooter with a 52% field goal percentage which shows without being major threat from outside he still can get to basket and get high % shots) he'd easily be in conversation for best player in the league given his freakish length and being nearly 7ft tall but moves like a guard. Yes Kyrie is a better scorer (probably best dribbler in league and one of best iso scorers) than Giannis but he doesn't give you anything else really. Bucks don't really need Shumpert with Middleton, Parker, Snell, Brogdon and Delly is arguably a better defender than him and a much better shooter. The thing Bucks do lack is a center like Thompson that can defend and rebound but Bucks should be able to add a player like that without giving up their generational talent in Giannis.

26 Jul 2017 05:37:12
Giannis is not taking the Bucks to the finals. He is an amazing talent but he is not in the conversation about players taking their teams to the finals. This trade gives the Bucks a chance at the conference finals and when maker develops and you add another scoring piece possibly the finals.

26 Jul 2017 06:04:33
Tmes, dude I don't even no what to say

26 Jul 2017 10:20:42
The Greek freak is that much better then Kyrie Irving it's not even close!
Everyone from Milwaukee would be fired after this trade.

26 Jul 2017 13:27:01
In 5 years Giannis will be one of the best two players in the NBA.

26 Jul 2017 22:31:28
He will after he plays with Labron for the next two years not on his own with the Bucks. He is not Kevin Durant. He is not Labron. He is a great young player. Remember Kyrie was already really good when Labron went back to the Cavs but he wasn't contending for a title. Giannis is in the same boat.

27 Jul 2017 02:45:34
Irving is no where near as talented as giannis.

24 Jul 2017 15:58:54
Clippers/ Cavs

Clippers get Kyrie Irving

Cavs get Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Wes Johnson, 2 future 2nd rounders

Why? Clippers get a good young PG to take over LA.

Why for Cavs? Beverley is a point guard that they have coveted for awhile. He is a defensive minded PG who can play against Curry and Thomas. Lou is a playmaker and scorer off of the bench that they have coveted. Wes is a backup athletic 3/ 4 who they can use if needed.

24 Jul 2017 16:12:39
Blind robbery getting Kyrie for those role players and meaningless draft picks.

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