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03 Feb 2019 22:31:19
Two trades kings should offer, whichever says done faster gets it:

Sac trades Koufas, shump, zbo and skal
Wash trades porter Mahinmi
Sac also gives a 2nd round pick

Kings get wing they need, wizards take 43mm off books next year and save money this year

Sac trades zbo, shump and skal
Dal trades Barnes
Sac gives 2 nd round picks

With hardaway and lee contracts on books now, Dallas may want to shed Barnes.

As kings fan I'm ok with either. Who think wash or Dallas would do either or?


1.) 04 Feb 2019 02:18:46
As a Kings fan, I don't want any part of Barnes. Especially losing Shumpert on the deal as well.

2.) 04 Feb 2019 22:30:49
Disagree w you think Barnes solves a lot of problems, maybe they keep Shumpert as well but I’d be shocked if they can land a better small forward in free agency.



10 Dec 2018 16:20:35
Wizards trade Otto porter

Kings trade zbo, shumpert, and skal

Trade seems to obvious, what am I missing?
Wizards should take any option to shed this contract with wall and Beal contracts. Gives them contracts that roll off

Kings need a legit wing and have the cap room to take this and live w it for a few years knowing they aren't going to land a better legit free agent


1.) 10 Dec 2018 16:40:42
I like the idea. I see Porter as over paid by about 9-12mil annually. I think maybe some compensation going to the Kings for around 30mil dead money is a good idea.

2.) 10 Dec 2018 17:03:14
Porter could be good in Sacramento.

3.) 10 Dec 2018 18:14:32
As a kings fan think we do it with no compensation. We have to overpay for a marquee free agent to come anyways might as well take a guy who is locked up at the position w need.

4.) 10 Dec 2018 18:22:13
Is porter an all NBA defender? is porter all nba anything? Is he an All-star? How many players make 26mil and put up the numbers Porter does? As a basketball fan I hate to see small markets pay caviar prices for bait! Unless they are rewarded for their sacrifice.

5.) 10 Dec 2018 22:36:20
As much as I prefer to sign a legit wing for less, who are the kings going to entice for less? Hey offere Zach Lavine 4 years 80mm and still couldn’t land him. At some point kings need to get over hump and appear to be a legit team. They have youth talent, have to make next step or in 2-3 years all their talent just walk out to go to LA or NY. They have the cap space and flexibility and probably can offer porter more playing time than 30 min a game without somebody like Oubre behind him. Could think of plenty worse contracts out there than porters.

6.) 11 Dec 2018 14:28:07
Yeah, I would have to be desperate and see something else in Porter to be willing to help another team for free. Demare Carroll, MKG, or Allen Crabbe are better options in my opinion. It's a salary/ contribution problem for me. Harrison Barnes would be better, he's probably available.



14 Oct 2018 15:41:00
Wiggins + Dieng

Skall + zbo + shump + WCS

Kings take shot they can convince butler to stay and seem only team to take on Dieng contract

Minn takes expiring contacts and two young bigs


1.) 16 Oct 2018 00:19:14
Did you mess Wiggins and butler up?

2.) 16 Oct 2018 02:04:00
Yes meant butler, sorry late night . Clearly kings should prefer Wiggins w locked up contract but point of this was to take a shot on butler, hope he can be the main scorer on a kings team and want it to be built around him.



02 Jul 2018 23:48:26

Kings get Wiggins
-get scoring wing they need

Minn gets ZBO, shump, skal
- take on short expiring contracts, get out of Wiggins that everyone says is untradeable

Can throw in Garrett temple instead of shump . Doesn't matter. Would twolves do this to get out of Wiggins contract? Kings should be willing to do this




18 Jun 2018 03:23:56
Memphis trades 4th pick and Chandler Parsons to get rid of his contract

Sacramento trades Zbo back to Memphis plus willie caukey and shumpert....all short date desks

Sacramento willing to take on contract to have both 2nd and 4th pick in draft


1.) 18 Jun 2018 11:30:34
Can't trade shump until he opts in.

2.) 19 Jun 2018 22:39:43
He has opted in. Is that not legally binding till a later date for trade purposes?




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26 Jan 2019 16:22:57
I want to hear which one of these players the kings can get for only expiring contracts and maybe a 2nd round pick: Batum, porter, Barnes. All well paid, who think they are gettable to clear future cap space? After last nights game it must be clear shump and Jackson not going to cut it


1.) 27 Jan 2019 00:09:11
I agree on shump and Jackson. I don't think porter does much better but costs way more. Barnes is not consistent but an upgrade.



05 Jan 2019 15:54:30
Couple questions for Btec :
1)You said kings couldn't get porter for free but in dec you said he was 9-12mm overpaid. What's the logic? If he is overpaid, wall is injured, why wouldn't they trade him for expiring deals?
2) w 2100 responses last year, you have a job or just play with this website at work?


1.) 05 Jan 2019 18:52:28
Why the "beautiful lie"? You can tell the truth, or what you really want to say. I have been fair to the Kings, I don't know why the passive aggressiveness is necessary. Expiring contracts have little value. The Wiz would have to be really desperate to take nothing in return, or expiring contacts. I think there is better out there. I really don't recall saying Porter would be free? Or what free means to you? Free would be those expirings to the Wiz for Porter, to me. going to have to do something else, I think. That shouldn't be shocking or insulting. I don't think. Anyway, sooooorrrrryyyu.

2.) 05 Jan 2019 19:17:14
So if a player is 10 mm overpaid the kings should give more to take that contract on? Doesn’t the definition of overpaid mean you are taking on an overpriced asset and doing a favor to the selling team? Agree expiring contracts define free which is what porter should trade for with his contract and wizards situation.

3.) 05 Jan 2019 20:27:30
I have a deal for Porter estimated at this: An average player, salary filler, maybe a late 2nd MAX. The kings expirings or the deal I believe I used the term "free" concerning was: Mclemore, Randolph, cap space. Randolph and Mclemore are just too crappy and the cap space isn't better than they ultimately can get in my opinion. Would the Sixers give Fultz away after investing 50-60mil for expirings that saves them 10mil if there's a window of hope for his recovery? I think other teams might feel that way about Porter, there's hope, or they could play him the right way in their system. I don't personally, but I think that's his League value. Find out sometime soon, I'm sure. Obviously you share the hope for him side or you wouldn't want his long term deal.

4.) 05 Jan 2019 22:12:54
If you give a team expiring contracts for an overpaid player that's not free. Your enabling a team to sign someone else. So if the wizards traded porter for expiring contracts and have cap relief to get out of tax or to sign another player the wizards would fill there need. But y would they need to dump porter he has value overpaid or not. He has value to a team like sac who has a lot of cap and young players. so sac will give up an asset and expiring contracts for him.

5.) 05 Jan 2019 22:27:25
I don’t think we are that far apart, we will see how it plays out. Not sure how many teams have as much skate as kings, I’d be fine w kings doing the trade if all it took was a 2 nd round pick and would throw in skal as well. Kings need the position badly, won’t land a better player for their needs in free agency and as long as they keep he core of Hield, fox, bogi, Bagley, WCS, maybe Jackson, everyone else is expendable. They don’t need another young flier in a draft they need a proven wing to get over the hump so that in next few years they can attract players and or resign their own who think they have a real shot.

6.) 05 Jan 2019 22:50:40
Throw in Bjelica or Giles, 2nd, whatever expiring deals and I think we are getting somewhere! Porter is really tough to value. I can say that much.

7.) 06 Jan 2019 00:12:07
Think shouldn’t and wouldn’t trade Bjelica or Giles. To me 2nd round picks aren’t worth much so wouldn’t care.

8.) 06 Jan 2019 00:27:43
Good luck with Porter.

9.) 06 Jan 2019 20:50:14
You like porter or Batum more assuming the give is the same? Assume you like porter better even w the larger contract?

10.) 06 Jan 2019 21:54:17
They are within a few million. Batum has a '20-'21 player option. Depends on what my team goal would be, or the fit I had in mind? Player for player Black and White comparison? I like Batum. He's as good or better a defender, does also have the ability to play the 2 where Porter really doesn't, and the 4 if you were desperate. Good facilitator, Ball handler, Porter not so much. Look at Batums minutes, Borrego is running him ragged defensively with Zeller in the starting lineup and Kemba's woes defensively. He might be the only defender in CHA if it weren't for Lamb and Williams. (biyombo never plays) The Hornets are prepping a serious retool when they move on from Batum. Porter has no where near the responsibilities, just younger with a little ceiling left maybe, are his high points to me anyway. Porter's absence hardly gets noticed for the teams overall performance, especially with Ariza starting.



29 Dec 2018 22:24:32
With John wall out, time for wizards to regroup and shed contracts.

Wizards trade porter
Kings trade zbo, shump and Skal. Shot at a young player and two expiring deals

At 27mm a year for 3 years wizards do not deserve any pick nor WCS nor anything else


1.) 30 Dec 2018 00:12:56
Won't get him for nothing.



04 May 2018 23:10:42
Sac kings offseason

Sac : send zbo and 7 pick
Minn : sends wiggins

Gives kings shot at premier wing and one year to convince him to stay and sign

Sac sends : shumpert or temple, and skal
Charlotte sends : MKG

Contract relief for Charlotte

Offer 30x3 for Randle or Aaron Gordon

Pg: Fox
Sg: Hield/Bogdanovic
Sf: wiggins/MKG/ Jackson
Pf : Randle or Gordon/MKG
C: WCS/Giles

Everyone talking about max deals hard to find, kings in financial shape to offer a big deal to a young PF, make major progress w youth and convince wiggins to stay. Playoff quality team loaded w youth. Worth doing even without Charlotte trade if that helps financial flexibility to sign wiggins following year




27 Apr 2018 00:37:05
First proposal but based on prior comments
sac: trade Zbo to Charlotte for MKG

Charlotte frees themselves up if a contract and probably takes on a player they could trade during year if wanted

Sac takes a shot on a young wing with upside, despite slightly high contract

Then kings hope they can entice either Aaron Gordon or Randle to come on a max deal, after lakers spend all their money on free agents.

If Charlotte wants to rebuild seems 5ey need to shed some contracts





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06 Feb 2019 00:37:18
Kings better do that trade if they can.




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04 Feb 2019 22:30:49
Disagree w you think Barnes solves a lot of problems, maybe they keep Shumpert as well but I’d be shocked if they can land a better small forward in free agency.




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03 Feb 2019 21:00:56
If I were pelicans I’d ask for Kuzma also. Lakers are desperate, they are going to give away everything for AD then after one good year watch Lebron get old.




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31 Jan 2019 17:51:37
Kings need a young wing that’s it, not a bunch of 30 something or even 40 something players. No idea why everyone thinks Lin helps them vs what they have now, only thing vlade should be thinking about is how to land an overpriced wing before deadline, knowing they ain’t making the playoffs without a move and they aren’t landing a marquee wing free agent by giving them a tour of the K street mall.




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24 Jan 2019 01:26:06
Can’t imagine rebuild Memphis wants is to take on those monster contracts.





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