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19 Jun 2017 05:56:33
Cleveland Cavaliers - Indiana Pacers

Cleveland trades: Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye, '21 and '23 unprotected first round picks.

Indiana trades: Paul George.


1.) 19 Jun 2017 07:14:19
Pacers will surely get better offers than that from other teams looking to rent George for 1 year and try to convince him why they are better than LA.



05 Jun 2017 09:56:20
Cleveland Cavaliers - Boston Celtics

Cleveland trades: Kevin Love

Boston trades: Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder

Cleveland Cavaliers - Oklahoma City Thunder

Cleveland trades: Iman Shumpert

Oklahoma trades: Taj Gibson

Cleveland line-up

PG: Kyrie Irving / FA / Kay Felder
SG: Avery Bradley / J. R. Smith
SF: LeBron James / Jae Crowder
PF: Taj Gibson / FA
C: Tristan Thompson / Channing Frye / Walter Tavares.


1.) 05 Jun 2017 11:17:45
cavs gets avery bradley
boston gets kevin love

cavs gets taj gibson
thunder gets iman shumpert



22 Feb 2017 01:14:25
Cleveland Cavaliers - Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers trade: Rights to Cedi Osman

Chicago Bulls trade: Michael Carter Williams

Cleveland finally gets a backup point guard. Chicago gets a decent prospect in return.

Cleveland Cavaliers - Utah Jazz

Cleveland Cavaliers trade: Tristan Thompson, 2021 first round pick, rights to swap first round picks in 2018 and 2020.

Utah Jazz trade: Derrick Favors

Cleveland gets a big that can protect the rim next to Kevin Love. Utah gets Thompson and a few draft picks.

Cleveland roster:
PG: Kyrie Irving / Michael Carter Williams / Kay Felder
SG: Iman Shumpert / J. R. Smith / DeAndre Liggins / Jordan McRae
SF: LeBron James / Richard Jefferson / Kyle Korver / James Jones
PF: Kevin Love / Derrick Williams
C: Derrick Favors / Channing Frye.


1.) 22 Feb 2017 02:37:33
Because the east is such a joke cleveland will always be a top 3 team, so why would any team want the right to swap picks? Thise swaps have no value.

2.) 22 Feb 2017 05:14:30
Don't like for Cleveland. They can get a MCW caliber pg off the streets (Chalmers or Cole) . After Favors recent knee troubles I'm not sure he is any better than Tristan Thompson and certainly not worth giving up picks and swaps for.



11 Feb 2017 16:51:26
Cleveland Cavaliers - Boston Celtics

Cleveland Cavaliers trade: LeBron James, DeAndre Liggins, Chris Andersen

Boston Celtics trade: Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, Terry Rozier and two first round picks ('17 and '18 via Brooklyn) .

Cleveland moves on from the LeBron era, add depth to their roster and also two early first round draft picks.

Boston gets the best player in the world.


1.) 11 Feb 2017 17:09:52
Here's the problem: why would Cleveland "move on from the Lebron era" when they just won a ring and are one of the few teams that could win again this year?

2.) 11 Feb 2017 17:34:27
I don't care if he's the best in the world. I don't want him and his ego on the C's. Dan Gilbert might win another championship with him but he's definitely going to lose 100 million plus with him there. Is that really worth it? He won his title and if they lose this year James will be another year older and he is starting to not be the best. If Cleveland loses then Gilbert should really think about trading him because he does have a lot of talent on that team and he would get a haul for him. JUST NOT TO BOSTON!

3.) 11 Feb 2017 17:37:05
I do think Lebron isn't that happy being in Cleveland right now with their recent struggles and the enormous weight that is on his shoulders (basically has entire city and state of ohio on his back) but one does not simply trade the King. He is one of the most talented players to ever play the game and unselfish almost to a fault at times. What he means to that franchise can't imagine them ever trading him especially since he is still playing at a high level and since his size and basketball iq isn't going anywhere he should still be a starting caliber player until he is 40 at this pace and assuming his back holds up.

4.) 11 Feb 2017 17:50:09
No way Cleveland does this, but they should do this.
That's a great starting five.
C: Thompson
PF: K Love
SG: Bradley
PG: Irving
And they can draft two great talents in the future.

5.) 11 Feb 2017 17:54:24
They will not move LBJ

6.) 11 Feb 2017 19:22:04
No way do they trade Lebron, but if they do they would want Brown, would find a third pary for Avery Bradley (assuming crowder would be out in favor of Brown), and they would probably auction off Love, Jr, Korver, Frye, and possibly Thompson as well. If you are trying to win now Lebron isn't going any where. It would be a full rebuild. Plus, Lebron has a no trade clause so he could pick where he wanted to go if he did want traded.



05 Feb 2017 19:51:05
Cleveland Cavaliers - Boston Celtics

Cleveland Cavaliers trade: LeBron James, DeAndre Liggins, Chris Andersen

Boston Celtics trade: Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, Terry Rozier and two first round picks (via Brooklyn - '17 and '18)


1.) 05 Feb 2017 22:11:56
I don't care what any team offers for Lebron James. The Cavs will never trade him.

2.) 05 Feb 2017 23:03:44
LBJ is not going anywhere unless he A- asks to or B - leaves in Free Agency.

3.) 06 Feb 2017 01:49:22
So you think you can get the best (or one of the best) players in the league... one of the best of all time... still in his prime, for 2 future firsts, 2 good starters in the NBA, but are nothing in comparison to him and 2 role players? Disgusting.




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02 Feb 2017 21:33:59
Cleveland Cavaliers sign Jordan Farmar and J. J. Hickson.


1.) 03 Feb 2017 14:22:32
Jordan got posterized.



02 Feb 2017 20:05:48
Cleveland Cavaliers sign Jordan Farmar and Andray Blatche.




26 May 2016 22:31:33
Philadelphia 76ers offseason:

Trade Jahlil Okafor to Boston for the #3 pick and Avery Bradley.

Trade Carl Landry, Hollis Thompson and pick #24 to a team willing to take the final year of his contract.

Sign Dario Saric 4 yrs 60m.

#1 pick: (SF) Brandon Ingram
#3 pick: (PG) Jamal Murray
#26 pick: (SG) DeAndre Bembry

PG: Jamal Murray / Kendall Marshall / T. J. McConnell
SG: Avery Bradley / Nick Stauskas / DeAndre Bembry
SF: Brandon Ingram / Robert Covington / Jerami Grant
PF: Dario Saric / Rashaun Holmes / Christian Wood
C: Nerlens Noel / Joel Embiid.


1.) 27 May 2016 00:03:26
I don't think Celtics give up that much for Okafor. I don't think they should even give up just #3 for him since I don't believe he is a good fit. I don't understand why 76ers would do second trade either. 76ers have plenty of cap space and I don't think they'll attract any decent FA so why give up assets to get rid of a contract that isn't even that bad and in its final year.



26 May 2016 20:53:01
Philly offseason:

Trade Okafor and #26 pick to Boston for #3 pick and Avery Bradley.

#1 pick: SF Brandon Ingram

#3 pick: PG Jamal Murray

#24 pick: PF Thon Maker

PG: Jamal Murray / Kendall Marshall / T. J. McConnell
SG: Avery Bradley / Nick Stauskas / Hollis Thompson
SF: Brandon Ingram / Robert Covington / Jerami Grant
PF: Thon Maker / Rashaun Holmes / Christian Wood
C: Nerlens Noel / Joel Embiid.


1.) 26 May 2016 22:28:00
Can we like stop with these Okafor for the 3rd pick plus a player trades? Yes there were talks but Okafor does not fit our system and we will not give up more than just the 3rd pick for him. Danny has a mind set where he has to feel like he wins the trade. So there is no way the Sixers get the 3rd pick AND any of Smart, Bradley or Crowder.

2.) 27 May 2016 00:12:57
Okafor is a throwback big man. His strong back to the basket offensive skill set is extinct in this league since it eats up clock and slows down offense. Since league is becoming more guard driven big men are more valuable that are athletic can play defense, especially quick enough to guard pick and roll and able to switch onto perimeter players for a little bit and rebound neither of which are Okafor's strong suit. Their offense This doesn't mean Okafor isn't a good player and will never improve on these things but most established teams like Celtics aren't built to support his style of play. Thus I see Okafor being most effective and valuable to a team that's deep in the rebuilding phase and can get pieces to fit around Okafor (since he has the makings of an all-star caliber center and prolific scorer) rather than the Celtics who are trying to fit the missing piece to their puzzle.

3.) 27 May 2016 17:15:09
Personally, I agree with Jaw entirely. I think Okafor is a solid franchise center, i do not believe he will be a top 3-4 center in the league. Not bad but not elite. He just doesn't have the potential to dominate both sides of the ball like a Towns or Davis. And I would choose Jordan over him. And Porzingis. And a few other centers.

Even still. IF the celtics took a gamble and did the 3 for okafor, that's a big if. to then assume the celtics include bradley for a late 1st is nonsense.

The sixers would be lucky to snag just the 3 for okafor. To expect other benefits in the trade doesn't seem realistic. Its not a match for either team.

4.) 27 May 2016 18:09:49
Thank you guys. But people don't get that at all and they will continue to post the SAME EXACT TRADE each and every day.

5.) 27 May 2016 18:45:32
@larry: NO! We must as a group post at least one Dangelo Russell for jimmy butler, one victor oladipo for Paul George, one Oka4 for #3, and one Zach Lavine and the #5 for whichever rumoured trading block fodder captivaes us that day, every day. If we don't, WHO WILL? So please stop being selfish and work on a #3 for Oak post immediately. Think of the children Larry, THE CHILDREN!

6.) 27 May 2016 19:34:38
Has anyone mentioned Okafor to the Celtics today?

7.) 27 May 2016 19:59:04
Yes! JJ_PR did. its on page 2 now.

8.) 27 May 2016 21:00:50
and he just posted another one too.

9.) 27 May 2016 21:41:49
I know. Tho in his defense I'm pretty sure if you post something here enough times it automatically happens in real life.

10.) 28 May 2016 00:28:59
That would explain bensimmons, drainer and true bigot. Guess durant, lebron and Chris Paul will all be playing for the vet minimum for the magic the mavs and the lakers next year.



21 May 2016 01:47:01
Lakers - Houston

Lakers trade: #2 pick, Russell and Randle

Houston trades: James Harden.


1.) 21 May 2016 23:46:50
I hate that trade for the Lakers but if I'm Houston I'm jumping all on that. They don't have much outside of Harden and by dealing him they'd have a young core of Russell, Ingram/ Simmons, Randle and Capela going forward. They could also resign Jones and DMo.




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22 Jun 2017 08:09:06
You must be a mavs. nevermind.




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05 Jun 2017 07:17:53
Why would Miami do this? The Knicks don't even want Anthony, he has zero trade value.




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24 Jan 2017 20:31:58
As a cav fan I don't like this move at all. Shumpert > Tyreke and Thompson >>>> Asik.




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19 Jan 2017 02:53:19
That's a pretty interesting trade proposal if you're the Thunder. Pairing Carmelo with Westbrook would be interesting.




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19 Sep 2016 00:08:46
I remember seeing dozens of trade ideas involving Jahlil Okafor in exchange for Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and the #3 pick. I'm surprised this trade idea got downvotes, I think it's a fair trade for both sides.





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