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09 Mar 2017 04:28:30
76ers: 2017-2018 → Upgrade

■G:Jru Holiday: Free Agent Signing
■G:Malik Monk: #5 NBA Draft Choice
■C:Jo'Jo Embiid
■F:Dario Saric
■F:Ben Simmons


NOTE: C:Ja Okafor: Traded for Draft
Picks and Reserve Forward
NOTE: 2nd Round Pick: Forward

1.) 09 Mar 2017 07:54:57
Don't see anything out of the ordinary here. Most agree Monk would be a great fit for 76ers mostly due to his skill set and Simmons matching well. Don't think 76ers should rush to deal Okafor just to trade him but use him as scorer off the bench try to improve his trade value and move him if right deal presents itself. Jrue Holiday wouldn't be a bad pickup either. They could potentially get Lakers pick (better than 50% chanc they get it) and if they do i think they should get Ball or Jackson and not sign Holiday.

2.) 09 Mar 2017 14:57:18
That's a pretty solid outcome. Of course your missing a few key details if the sixers continue like they have been historically.

1 Ben Simmons will be on a minute restriction and no back to backs next year.

2 embiid while he hasn't had the surgery to fix his meniscus yet I'm 85 percent sure he will get it by the end of the month. That means he'll miss the start of next season and be on a similar minute restriction as this year.

3. Sixers are seen to be all about losing right now so I don't see jute holiday being signed. These owners are cheap and greedy a holes and con artists.

So don't get your hopes too high for this team. Tank five may very well be coming next year as well.

3.) 09 Mar 2017 17:09:19
Im personally not too intermsted in Jrue holiday. I just don't see him as a fit.

If okafor isn't traded in the off-season then we could expect a similar return to that of noel (nothing) since he'd have to be resigned after next year and our gm is a bum.



31 Dec 2016 01:37:17
Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia 76ers:

■ Blazers→ 76ers
2G: Craig McCollum 6'3
**: Portland/ 2018-1st Round Protd/ #1-#10

■ 76ers→ Blazers
*C: Nerlen Noel 6'11
**: LA Lakers/ 2017-1st Round Protected

NOTE: Tough getting trade value for Natural
Center-5: Portland gets a Defensive
Rim Protector w/ capabilities of
guarding PF/ Stretch-4; 76ers get a
off guard perfect for PG-Ben Simmons
backcourt partner, proven shooter
with ball handling skills to help
keep pressure off Simmons while
playing together, and move to PG
duties when Ben is resting;Good
outside shooter:Portland gets another
guard w/ LAL-76ers Draft Pick @ #4-#9

NOTE: 76ers 2017 NBA Draft Selection #1-#3;
#1-Lonzo Ball/ G-UCLA
#2-M. Fultz/ G-Washington
#3-J. Jackson/ SW-Kansas

76ers ☆★☆ 2017-2018:
*G: C. McCollum/ 6'3
*G: L. Ball/ 6'6;M. Fultz/ 6'4;J. Jackson/ 6'8
*C: J. Embiid/ 7'1
*F: B. Simmons/ 6'10
*F: D. Saric/ 6'10

RS: R. Holmes/ 6'10
RS: J. Okafor/ 6'11
RS: N. Staukus/ 6'6.

1.) 31 Dec 2016 09:47:23
I'd be surprised if Noel and Lakers pick got you McCollum let alone wanting Portland to give up a pick as well. McCollum would be a perfect fit with 76ers as a young perimeter scoring threat that is natural playing off the ball. Portland has no reason to part with him (he just signed a new contract) so if 76ers wanted him they'd have to overpay a little bit especially if a majority of their value would be through draft picks that Portland at the stage they are at wouldn't really want (3rd team can always be brought in) .

2.) 31 Dec 2016 16:20:53
You have the right players going to the right teams here, but PHI needs to add more value than this. You know why McCollum fits PHI, and his new longterm deal fits as well. POR desperately needs rim protection, and they won't have cap space, so Noel's Bird rights actually have value. The problem is that Noel is not on his good next deal, and really all POR gets for those rights is the ability to match the highest, overpaid offer from one of the 20 teams with cap space. Add in Noel's injury and character risk (don't rent to that guy! ), and you need to offer POR more than that.

Good idea, and I think you are 80% of the way to a really nice trade. Good job, PHILLY.

3.) 31 Dec 2016 17:21:32
I think this trade makes sense. I personally don't like McCollum so I'd pass but value wise it makes sense.

4.) 31 Dec 2016 22:12:05
You don't like him because he is good. Stick with 4 big men. Getting you real far. Okafor. Balls. Noel. Balls. Sixers. Balls. Who wants a proven talent with McCollum when you have so many big men and not so many wins!

5.) 02 Jan 2017 06:42:58
That deal sucks for Portland.

6.) 02 Jan 2017 06:44:17
Try this deal . Okafor or Noel for Michael Kidd Gilgrest .



03 Aug 2016 11:01:25
☆LA Lakers:

★ Seeing that the 2017 NBA Draft will be
loaded with top potential lottery picks
@ the PG position, I don't see why the
Lakers don't consider a package with
the 76ers for C-J. Okafor;

★ I would have no problem trading PG
D. Russell, knowing the 2017 Free Agency
list have quality guards available, and
the draft have about 5 P-Guards going
Top 10 next June

★ LA can get another decent PG easier than
getting a potential 20ppg/ 9rpg Center
to compete out west

★ I don't think my 76ers will get better
value for Nerlen or Okafor once the
season starts; Think too many young boyz
who have played all their lives as star
players in high school/ college, who all
now feel they deserve minutes on the
court, on one NBA team→ PROBLEMS

★ Saric, Embiid, Okafor, Nerlen, and
Simmons; Holmes development will be on
hold as well; Looking over your
shoulder waiting to get pulled from
game is not good all season long for
these guys development.

1.) 03 Aug 2016 11:19:39

A Okafor for Russell trade would benefit all teams.
I do think both players could improve and could be all stars
I value Russell a little higher than Okafor. But LA need a big man.
Igram and Okafor could become a great tandem.

2.) 03 Aug 2016 13:30:50
Lakers are not that stupid. Russell is way better than Okafor.

3.) 03 Aug 2016 14:08:16
I don't think russell is way better than okafor, especially at this time. But his potential is absolutely higher than okafors.

Not to mention, the top 2 players projected in the nba draft next year are jackson (likely a 3) and Giles (likely a 4/ 5). so why again would the lakers do this?

If they keep their pick, it would be top 3. You can say there are soooooo many pgs in the draft. but there aren't any considered likely top 2. So this is foolish if it is based on the lakers drafting a pg.

4.) 03 Aug 2016 14:14:53
Tell me why Russel is way better than Okafor again BHC? Russel was on 2nd team All Rookie and Okafor was on first with more than double the first place votes of Russel. Idk what your going on to say that Russel is better, maybe because he did good in summer league?

5.) 03 Aug 2016 14:21:30
Some mocks have Fultz, a pg, as the top pick. Jackson, Giles, and Fultz are top 3 at this time, but that's all too soon to predict. but 1-10, there are probably 5 guards.

6.) 03 Aug 2016 14:49:39
Small ball is popular, but they still need big man and Mozgov isn't gonne do much.
the nr 1 and 2 prospects are a PF and a SF.
There aren't any good centers
Tere are going to be good pointguards on the trademarket.
So i still think Okafor for Russel is a good deal.

7.) 03 Aug 2016 14:50:00
The Lakers are not going to give up the 2nd pick who they have waited and will wait for him to develop to trade him to wait for another PG to develop.

8.) 03 Aug 2016 15:18:50
i didn't say they have to trade the pick for a PG

Teams could trade their pick for Randle or trade a PG for Clarckson

And there are more PG Free agent
PG: Curry (ok, he's a lock), Westbrook, Ross, holiday, Schorder, Teague, Burke, Rondo, Jennings
Centers: Monroe/ Bogut

C: Okafor
PF: Giles
Sf: Ingram
SG: Clarckson
PG: Westbrook.

9.) 03 Aug 2016 15:43:20
Curry will stay. Lakers don't have a real chance at getting Westbrook. Holiday and Rose are hurt too often. Schroeder is a RFA. Burke is buns. Rondo is decling and Jennings is inefficient. I'll keep Russell.

10.) 03 Aug 2016 16:09:59
Rubio for clarckson could do it.

11.) 03 Aug 2016 16:22:48
Okafor was the first option so acourse his stats look better. I take russell anyday over okafor not even close. If lakers trade russell i think he be a center piece to get a star on a short term deal.

12.) 03 Aug 2016 17:51:34
True is correct. Russell showed potential to be a very good two way player. Okafor just offensively. That's why the potential is higher for Russell.

The only picks that matter are 1-3. Mock drafts would only have fultz based on need. All prospect rankings have Jackson and Giles 1 and 2.

13.) 04 Aug 2016 03:14:14
Yes Okafor had a better rookie season than Russell. He was advertised as being more NBA ready than everyone except maybe KAT.

If you look at all rookie teams and stats only, of course Okafor is better than Russell so far, but you have to take into account potential, impact on game (Russell being a PG and handling the ball almost every possession), and other factors. There's no way an Okafor for Russell trade is beneficial to the Lakers unless you take TMo with him.

14.) 04 Aug 2016 05:27:16
Not saying Okafor is better, but saying his stats are only better because he was the first option is dumb. He was double teamed everytime he touched the ball, and had ish Smith and tj mcconnell as his guards. He's only going to get better with better players/ facilitators around him.

The premise that it is much easier to find a good guard then it is to find a good big man is real.

I don't buy that Okafor plays no defense either. I watched every game last year.

15.) 04 Aug 2016 16:12:49
We can only judge by wat we've seen. Okafor was better last season then Russell. You can project all you want but Russell with much less attention scored at a much worse clip. And his defense left a lot to be desired on a play to play bases. In the end an Oakfor for Russel swap really doesn't make sense for the Sixers value wise. Now in five years things may be a lot different. But for now Sixers lose a Russel for Oakfor swap.

16.) 05 Aug 2016 14:43:01
At this point, if Okafor is your guy, being a sixers guy, I'd require Ingram and removal of 2017 protection. I'm not sold on Ingram yet but sixers won't give him away for russel.



16 Jul 2016 13:02:05
San Antonio Spurs: 2017 Free Agency

■ Think Spurs go for PG-J. Wall/ Washington
and 3F-G. Hayward/ Utah in FA period next

■ Spurs groom D. Murray @ 2G; His Defense
is good, he rebounds, and his ball
handling, mid range shot, and vision of
the game will improve under SA coaching
staff; Love his confidence;

■ My Spurs Fantasy Team → 2017-2018:
PG: J. Wall @ 25M
2G: K. Leonard @ 23M
C: P. Gasol @ 15M
3F: G. Hayward. @ 25M
4F: L. Aldridge @ 25M

Estimated Total of $112-$115M

GSW★ 2017-2018
PG: S. Curry. @ 32M
2G: K. Thompson. @ 18M
C:? @ 12M
3F: K. Durant. @ 30M
4F: D. Green. @ 18M

Estimated Total of $110-$113M

NOTE: I know Wall and Hayward would and
will get more, but playing with an
tradional elite team in the NBA, and
having the chance to win NBA Titles
right now, may make a difference in
signing theses players;

1.) 16 Jul 2016 13:10:44
I don't believe John Wall is a free agent next summer pretty sure he is signed through 18-19 season after signing a 5 year rookie max extension that began in 14-15.

Couldn't picture him in a Spurs uniform regardless.

2.) 16 Jul 2016 13:31:23
What's hysterical is your estimated totals for the team salaries far exceed the estimate cap. And it's for just the starting 5! Exactly how high above the cap do you believe they will go? Or does money not count for the Spurs?

3.) 16 Jul 2016 17:14:26
Reading Comprehension is Fundamental;

■ I said my Fantasy Team with Spurs,
as well as indicating that both
Wall and Hayward would probably get
more if there looking for the cash;

■ I placed the estimate salaries with
Spurs, with Wall and Hayward;
Neither player is on Spur's roster;

■ jaw457→My bad on Wall, your right
on Wall, FA in 2018; Maybe
PG-D. Schroeder/ ATL

■ hamburger→Players I listed for
GS Warriors, are on there roster,
and the salaries I listed next to
them is what they'll be making in
2017-2018; So get a calculator and
ask yourself how GSW are doing it
with just that starting 5! Does
money count for Warriors? That's
$12M @ the GSW 5-Position, combined
for 2 Centers; Yeah, get your
Multiplication Rock On! Count their
salaries with Iggy and Livingston
in 2017!



08 Jul 2016 00:09:52
Bulls / 76ers:

NOTE: I really can't see Bulls playing
J. Butler @ the 3F spot, now that
D. Wade is there;

NOTE: Bulls need Frontcourt scoring, and
without a low presence scoring BIG,
Bulls offense will have problems;

NOTE: Could the Bulls Trade Jimmy Butler,
who is 8-9 years younger than Wade;
I can see them doing it now that
D-Wade is @ the 2G spot; Trade Jimmy
Butler for additional players at
the frontcourt positions;

Here We Go ▶

76ers → Bulls☆
2G: N. Staukus
PF: Dario Saric (Rights)
3F: R. Covington
*C: J. Okafor
**: 2017 LAL-Protected 1-#1-#3

Bulls → 76ers☆
2G: J. Butler

PG: R. Rondo
2G: D. Wade/ D. Valentine
C: J. Okafor
3F: T. Snell/ R. Covington/ D. McDermott
PF: B. Portis/ T. Gibson/ Mirotic

PG: S. Rodriguez/ T. McConnell
2G: J. Butler/ G. Henderson
C: J. Embiid/ N. Noel
3F: B. Simmons/ J. Grant/ T. Luwawu
PF: N. Noel/ R. Holmes

NOTE: 76ers Get That PG during 2017 Draft,
Trade @ 2016 Deadline, or 2017
Free Agency; 76ers will have enough
to sign 2 Top Tier Free Agents in 2017.

1.) 08 Jul 2016 01:12:22
Why can't Butler play SF?

2.) 08 Jul 2016 01:29:14
I think Bulls are trying to win now.

3.) 08 Jul 2016 03:13:02
That's not enough for Butler. Two way superstar. On one the best contracts in his prime.

4.) 08 Jul 2016 05:40:21
That's for sure enough for butler if the bulls were actually willing to move him. Getting Wade cements that they are looking to win now though as stated above.

5.) 08 Jul 2016 07:03:04
▶ Butler can play the 3F position
for certain periods of time during
games, but to wear him down by
having him play 3's, instead of
2-Guards;▶Carmelo, LeBron, George,
Durant, Leonard, Barnes, Hayward,
and other 3F who are 6'8 and above;
Butler is 6'5", and even Rookies
like 76ers/ B. Simmons @ 6'10 and LAL
B. Ingram @ 6'9 can post from 10
feet out and shoot over him;

Difficult for his scoring with
taller players defending him→
Now opponents 2G can defend an
older Wade instead of Butler;

NOTE: Butler is considered a Top
2-Way Player; But his D, comes
against 2G's, not the SF; Name
The Top 5 2-Guards, outside of
Butler; @ least 2 of your
choices will be 2G's who
haven't been selected to an All
Star Game in the past 4-5 years

NOTE: The Bulls frontline is young
with McDermott, Snell, Portis,
Valentine→Wade not going to
help Chicago win a Title this
year, just competitive! They
need a scorer down low, and
Okafor gives them a nice
presence down low; With Saric,
and that LAL-Protected/ 2017
Pick, the Bulls be ready to
rebuild▶ They signed Rondo &
Wade, 2-old known NBA stars
at the end of their careers,
to give Bulls fans the ideal
there not Rebuilding; They
could have use that money on 2
younger players instead of Wade
and Rondo; TOR/ Biyombo for one!

6.) 08 Jul 2016 14:14:34
Butler plays the 3 spot because he's capable of guarding multiple positions he's jus a bigger mismatch at the 2 spot, if that's the case then Draymond should be a sg he's like 6'6.
You don't make a lineup based on height you make one based on talent.

7.) 08 Jul 2016 15:02:11
Philly, I think the whole point is that the bulls aren't better this year without butler no matter the trade you make (obviously unless another star would come back), and then wade is gone in two years.

I think the thinking from the bulls should be to try and show they can win this year and then lure a younger free agent to come play next year for wades last year therefore having butler and whoever else they sign going forward to continue to build around.

8.) 09 Jul 2016 01:16:18
Nothing/ Net;

▶Does Draymont start @ the 5-Spot during the whole season, or play the majority of his game at Center? NO!

▶Wade and Butler will be on the court the majority of the game, leaving Butler over matched most nights, wearing on him by season end;

▶Leonard of SAS play's the Small
Forward, but plays defense against top PG's and 2G's for certain period of time during games, but not the whole game; We'll see about Butler▶ I like his game, but @ the 2G position.

9.) 09 Jul 2016 08:32:57
Draymond plays most his minutes at pf where he is still undersized.




PHILLY5224's talk posts with other poster's replies to PHILLY5224's talk posts


02 Dec 2017 01:31:47
Paul George Opt's Out of Oklahoma City and Sign with Philadelphia 76ers

F: D.Saric
F: R.Covington
C: J.Embidd
G: P.George
G: B.Simmons

76ers have the 2nd most Salary Cap Space come next Free Agency period 2018 Resign JJ Redick as 6th Man-Ginobilli style w/76ers: PG3 can defend the DeRozen,LeBron,KD,Greek-Freak,Hayward,Harden of the League ... while being a Young Vet who can create his own shots along with 3-Point range for Simmons to pass off too ... Give The Young Boyz Embidd/Simmons knowledge on going up against,and preparing for the playoffs and the Top Players in The League during their early years!

Embidd/Simmons pic&roll next season Unstoppable PG3, on the Wing Covington/Saric perfect compliment starters w/3-Point Range and Defense

Reserves: JJ Redick, Rashon Holmes, TJ McConnell,Luwawu, Markelle Fultz,Justin Anderson get couple of UFA-Frontcourt Reserve Player Signings (Alex Len-maybe)to backup Embidd ... couple 3-Point snipers!

REMEMBER: If LA LAKERS get the NBA 2018 #1 Overall Draft Pick → Goes To The 76ers: If Lakers Drop Between #6 - #30 → 76ers Get That!

1.) 03 Dec 2017 20:54:04
u sold me, this team would be nasty. way better franchise outlook for pg to sign up with than that team in la for instance.



11 Jul 2016 03:29:30
76ers:2016-2017 → Until Further Notice

PG: J. Bayless
T. McConnell
S. Rodriguez☆★
2G: N. Staukus
G. Henderson☆
▪C: J. Embiid☆★
J. Okafor
R. Holmes
3F: R. Covington☆
T. Lawuwa
J. Grant★
PF: B. Simmons☆★
N. Noel
D. Saric★

NOTE: ☆ Probable Starters
NOTE: ★ My Starters Choice
★ 76ers Defense Assignment:
Simmons-3F, Saric-PF,
Embiid-C, Sergio-PG, Grant-2G

NOTE: Can't See Both Nerlen and Okafor being
Reserves on 76ers team next year at the same time; One of them must be moved, because trying to give all those frontline players time will hold up the process of cohesion on the court with Simmons . revolving door every quarter, or players not being happy with their time . Probably wait until Free Agency is Over to see about deals!



07 Jul 2016 02:08:43
76ers: Born and Bleed
Spurs: Adopted Team

Spurs. vs Golden "Godzilla" Warriors:

NOTE: Better Bench/ Reserves → 2016
San Antonio or Golden State

NOTE: Better Trades/ FA Signings Options
in 2017→ SAS or GSW

NOTE: Steph Curry will probably sign a NBA
Record FA Signing of $32M-Plus; So,
in 2017, Curry @ $32M-Plus, Draymont
@ $18M, Thompson @ $18M, K. D. @
$28M, and 2 Players on Rookie
Salaries = $100M = Weak Bench

NOTE: Spurs in 2017 have Trade Options to
make Salary Cap Room for Top FA:→
PG-T. Parker, PG-P. Mills, 2G-D. Green,
C-B. Marjanovich, 3F-K. Anderson,
G-D. Murray (Please No), 2G-J. Simmons

NOTE: Golden State has WHO to make Trade
Options in 2017 to build their Bench?
A-Iggy and Livingston will be FA in
2017, and @ 32 years and older, it's
all about the Dollar; Salary Cap in
2017 is what, about $115M-$120M; Can
they move Curry, Durant, Green or
Thompson to get good productive
role players; Think Again! GSW will
have about $20-$25M to spend on
building a BENCH/ 2017, might be less,
because they need players now, and
everyone's not on 1-Year Deals

NOTE: I read where Ray Allen and Jermaine
O'Neil were being considered playing
and helping the Warriors next year;
If O'Neil has any ideal he could help,
and the GSW Staff is even considering
a possibility of him, that can only
tell you that GSW is in BIG TROUBLE!
Talk that Draymont @ the 5 Spot during
season, and he'll be on injury
reserves at least 3 times: Who's
Rebounding outside Green/ Durant? The
player from Dallas, not a Defensive
Center; Time will Tell☆.

1.) 07 Jul 2016 02:36:56
Spurs need to get Westbrook in 2017. Start making efforts and swaying him and persuading him throughout the season.

2.) 07 Jul 2016 04:15:01
Assuming Warriors aren't afraid of luxury tax they may not have as awful a bench as you think since they'd have Stephen Curry's bird rights. This enables them to go over the salary cap to resign him. Thus they theoretically could sign other free agents right up to the salary cap (which jumps up again) then (since I don't think Curry is going anywhere else) they could sign Curry last and jump way over the cap.

They will most likely do this to some extent its just a matter of how much into the luxury tax they are comfortable going. This will largely be determined by how they perform and how significant of pay cuts veterans will be willing to take to join them.

3.) 07 Jul 2016 07:08:57
Curry cap hold is about 14 million plus green Thompson contracts about 33 million and Durant cap hold would be around 25 million. Then warriors would have to announce all other bird rights for real cap space. They be around 72 used. Could add a star center but none are free agents next year.

James, Irving, love, Thompson. If cavs dump shumpert before deadline for cap and sign smith for a nice one year deal depending on what James take on his two year deal with opt out that he signs cavs could add a quality two guard too.

So next year both teams can get even better.

Lakers could trade for love and give cavs cap and young players like Nance jr and clarkson to cavs. Cavs could look even better especially if they lose finals this trade could be done. To provoke cavs to trade love. give cavs cap to sign milsap and think harden be free agent next year. Irving, harden, james, milsap, Thompson.

Lakers would be in position to take next step and give Philly there pick in 2018. Lakers trade mozgov who would be partially guaranteed three following season, Russell, and randle plus feature pick for cousins. sign Westbrook and have love. Have Ingram and 2017 first round pick, cousins, love, Westbrook, Williams, Deng, there dumping young this year, pick 32, brown, black, sign like for vets in the 2017/ 2018 season.

4.) 07 Jul 2016 10:10:01
Nobody Thinking About Lakers right now, but the courtside fans who are paying crazy cash to watch a Lottery Team:

5.) 07 Jul 2016 22:26:43
Just for fun Philly stop hating.

6.) 08 Jul 2016 01:51:46
▶It's All Good, True → I definitely can't be hating; I'm a 76ers fan, right there in the thick of the Annual Lottery Process as the LA Lakers;

▶On the Real, I do be thinking about LA, because next year, LA will be dropping 6'6" PG-L. Ball/ UCLA in the 76ers rotation, because that 2017 Protected Pick is coming;



04 Jul 2016 22:09:40
★ K. Durant to Golden State; So What,
just a mere bag of shells

▶ Durant, I feel a little less
about him on the court for not
wanting to work and lead OKC to a
title; His off the court activities
I have much respect:

▶ You only have so many years to win
a NBA Title, and I could see why
K. D. would leave if he was on a
consistent 6,7, or 8 playoff seed
team, but OKC was up 3-1 on GSW,
and OKC was in the NBA Finals just
several years back; With Oladipo on
board, and S. Adams, Roberson gaining
playoff experience, I thought he would
stay for another year

▶ Many scenarios for K. D. leaving;

◆ Tired of Living in seasonal Tornado
damage conditions area; I WOULD!
◆ R. Westbrook explained to K. D. he
was ready to leave: K. D. now must
decide to play one more year with
Westbrook, or strike out now and
sign with a team that makes him
◆ Maybe K. D. didn't want to play with
Westbrook anymore;
◆ Agent/ Marketing Group of K. D. wants
his gear in larger metro/ urban area

NOTE: ▶I still don't think Golden State is all that what a lot of people are making them out for; Like 3 or 4 more NBA Titles are coming to the Bay area within the next 6 seasons;

NOTE: The GSW Bench was their key to
success, and with Steph Curry a UFA next season ($30M Plus Per Year), and
K. D. @ $27.5M, Draymont @ $17-$18M,
Klay @ $18M; That's damm near the
2016 Cap Ceiling with those 4; ▶The salary cap is not going up every year, and A-Iggy, a key reserve will also be a UFA in 2017, and at his age, he's going for the cash!

NOTE: Other teams will get better,
especially with the cap rising next year, and GSW won't have much cash to sign GOOD reserves, after Curry sign his contract, which will be more than K. D. yearly pay;
●Under Armour/ Curry vs NIKE/ Durant → $$$

NOTE: What if next year, start of the 2017 season, the Cav's have D. Cousins, or Westbrook with Indiana, or better, Westbrook and Utah's Gordon Hayward sign with the Spurs, now that Pau Gasol has signed for this season▶ Does Golden State still win numerous NBA Titles hands down with K. D. in the lineup?

NOTE: GSW-Good Luck keeping Klay
Thompson happy before his
contract expires; He's now
the 3rd or 4th option; He'll
get MAX when his FA time comes;
GSW got that ready? Dray Green,
Heart and Soul of GSW, they got
MAX waiting? →I know Detroit
Pistons will!

▶ LeBron and the Cavaliers won't be
Enemy #1 next season: It's the
Golden State Warriors; PRESSURE;
▶ What if GS Warriors don't win NBA Title
in 2016-2017?
▶ Answer → Head Coach Steve Kerr should
Be FIRED! Win 73 games in 2015-2016
season (NBA Record) and loose NBA Title
Series after being up 3-1, and then
lose in 2016-2017 season after adding
one of the Top 5 Players in the Game
Today→ Oh, your FIRED; But then again,
Kerr is working for his friend;

1.) 05 Jul 2016 07:55:41
Durant's image will take a hit because of this but from a basketball, lifestyle and basically every other aspect the move makes sense (similar to Lebron to Miami) . People try and use the fact that Thunder should've beaten Warriors as an argument why he shouldn't have left but he is without a question going to a better team that will give him best shot at a championship which his actions show are obviously important to him and he was never a glory hog so he doesn't matter if he is sharing the spotlight (he did that in OKC for years and never even got a ring to show for it) .

Warriors will have unprecedented pressure and I don't think it'll be as easy people think for them. They also do realistically only have 3-4 years to compete since Curry will get his major raise next season which they'll be able to stomach with the rising cap but when Klay and Dray's contracts run up they likely won't be able to offer the role or money either will command in the open market. Obviously they'll still likely be a formidable team even after a guy or two leaves since they're all under 30.



02 Jul 2016 02:03:25
76ers: Saga Continues

▶Who's the 76ers Point Guard in 2016?
□ J. Bayless / T. McConnell:Trouble 82 games
▶Will it be Ben Simmons?
▶Who's the 2G, if B'Simmons @ PG?

▶2G must be ball handling 3-Point Threat,
who defends; Who's out There? B needs a
3 Point Threat out there, as well as
Embiid, to open up things for those 2
to operate within the 3 point line

▶Once the Free Agency Signing Period
cool's down or ends, teams who
couldn't sign players of need, will
look towards the 76ers for those 2
big boys (Okafor/ Nerlen), especially
at their Rookies Salaries;

▶WHAT→ Cleveland's Timothy Mozgov'GOT
WHAT? 4-Years $56M
▶WHAT→ Miami's H. Whiteside GOT WHAT?
4-Years @ $98M

▶OKAY→ 76ers Okafor/ Nerlen Rookie
Contracts and potentials don't
look to bad for that team who's
missing that piece for a Title
Run or Rebuilding for the future;

▶NOTE: Never selected to a NBA All Star
Game; Never played in a NBA Title
Championship series, or a NBA
Western Conference title; Never
Selected to USA Select Teams; NO
ALL NBA 1st,2nd, or 3rd Team
Selections during his career?

WHO? MEM-PG Mike Conley @ 5-Years
$385 Million and .47 cents; OK,
maybe not .47 cents!

NOTE: If Conley salary is $30M plus per
seasons, then what will Curry,
Westbrook, and Wall get next summer,
even with the cap rising again in
2017; Golden State won't be able
to keep Curry, Thompson, Green,
and Durant for too long; Those 4
in 2017 be about $100M alone if
Durant signs; GSW Bench will be
hurt, and there is too much money
out there to be a top reserve @
$5-6M; That's Rookies Salary Range

NOTE: Evan Turner @ $17 Million Per Year;
I remember 76ers signing "The
Doctor" Julius Dr. J Erving @
6-Years $6 Million;

▶Happy for every player getting those BIG checks; Entertainment! But who will be the 76ers PG in 2016?

1.) 02 Jul 2016 05:01:58
Bayless is the point guard and Simmons will be the primary facilitator.

2.) 02 Jul 2016 05:51:56
Then the 76ers can draft a point guard and wing in the 2017 draft, Bayless would then move to backup.




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02 Dec 2017 00:56:07
Amazing how people feel that a player @ 21 years old will be the same player @ 25 and beyond Okafor could help many teams, playoff bound such as a Washington, Golden State, Boston Rebuilding like Phoenix, Lakers, Chicago .

Unless you seen Okafor play this season, which we really haven't, you can only guess or replay his Rookie Tapes 14ppg/ 8rpg Faces Embidd during practices / 76ers or Whoever's Player Development Team will provide assistance to develop his game . that's there job.

76ers will trade upcoming period, or use Ja for insurance during playoffs But eventually, Ja Okafor will be with a team as a starting Center . 18points/ 9board's type player . Boston been asking for him . but 76ers wanted a 1st Round Pick!



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31 Dec 2016 01:54:25
Okafor or Nerlen and a 2nd Round Pick for Clarkson. Hell No . Clarkson is doing what right now? A Potential Defensive Player of the Year in the future w/ Nerlen, and a 20ppg/ 9rpg Center in Okafor out West for Clarkson, what, who's at his peak potential wise already . valuable role player in the NBA for Clarkson. 6 Guards in the upcoming draft I'll take before him . he looked good for a bad team in past seasons.



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31 Dec 2016 01:39:39
Sergio is on a 1-year deal with 76ers; He's a FA in 2017.



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16 Jul 2016 17:14:26
Reading Comprehension is Fundamental;

■ I said my Fantasy Team with Spurs,
as well as indicating that both
Wall and Hayward would probably get
more if there looking for the cash;

■ I placed the estimate salaries with
Spurs, with Wall and Hayward;
Neither player is on Spur's roster;

■ jaw457→My bad on Wall, your right
on Wall, FA in 2018; Maybe
PG-D. Schroeder/ ATL

■ hamburger→Players I listed for
GS Warriors, are on there roster,
and the salaries I listed next to
them is what they'll be making in
2017-2018; So get a calculator and
ask yourself how GSW are doing it
with just that starting 5! Does
money count for Warriors? That's
$12M @ the GSW 5-Position, combined
for 2 Centers; Yeah, get your
Multiplication Rock On! Count their
salaries with Iggy and Livingston
in 2017!



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09 Jul 2016 01:16:18
Nothing/ Net;

▶Does Draymont start @ the 5-Spot during the whole season, or play the majority of his game at Center? NO!

▶Wade and Butler will be on the court the majority of the game, leaving Butler over matched most nights, wearing on him by season end;

▶Leonard of SAS play's the Small
Forward, but plays defense against top PG's and 2G's for certain period of time during games, but not the whole game; We'll see about Butler▶ I like his game, but @ the 2G position.




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