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19 Jun 2017 16:22:35
Ideal offseason for the Philadelphia 76ers:

Move 1: Draft Markelle Fultz

Move 2: Trade Dario Saric, Jahlil Okafor, Jerryd Bayless, rights to 2016 first-round pick (26th overall) Furkan Korkmaz, Philadelphia 76ers 2018 first-round pick and 2018 Lakers/2019 Kings pick (whichever one is not traded to the Celtics) to the Indiana Pacers for Paul George

Move 3: Terminate Gerald Henderson's non-guaranteed contract

Move 4: Sign Gordon Hayward

Move 5: Sign Dion Waiters

Upon drafting Fultz (highly likely), the 76ers will be positioned wonderfully for the future with Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Fultz amongst a handful of other young bodies who look primed to be solid role players in the future. Needless to say, they'll be an intriguing location for free agents to consider. In addition, they're in a unique position this offseason where they have a lot of young trade assets, future draft picks, and more cap space than any other team can imagine.

The trade package presented above would really hard for the Pacers to turn down. A combination of young players and solid picks might be better than any combination offered by another team. The combination of three extremely talents potential stars and George, in addition to the need of a shooter/scorer and maximum cap space, would have to, at minimum, intrigue Hayward to join the 76ers. Terminating Henderson's non-guaranteed contract would save the team about eight million dollars, leaving them with about 15 million dollars left to spend. A team could never have enough shooters on their roster in today's NBA, so spending that money on Waiters (a 25-year-old Philadelphia native coming off a breakout season) would only make logical sense.

These moves would leave the team's depth chart looking like this (age in parenthesis at the start of 2017-2018 season):

1. Fultz(19)/McConnell(25)
2. Hayward(27)/Waiters(25)/Stauskas(24)
3. George(27)/Covington(26)/Anderson(23)
4. Simmons(21)/Long(24)
5. Embiid(23)/Holmes(24)

That is a team with an average age of 24 years, solid depth, star talent, and unlimited potential.


1.) 19 Jun 2017 16:42:20
And Paul george leaves you guys high and dry for LA after one season.

2.) 19 Jun 2017 17:20:23
This would be a hard situation to leave on top of the extra money.

3.) 19 Jun 2017 17:20:30
Slow down there sir. what's the need to do all this in one offseason? let's see what the Sixers have first before attempting to mortgage the future for a one year rental and a decent player in Hayward.

I also love all the Lakers fans acting as if George is already a Laker. It's comical. Common sense would tell you he doesn't leave a middle of the road team to end up on a.

4.) 19 Jun 2017 17:20:41
. much worse team.

5.) 19 Jun 2017 18:55:37
Paul George has very little trade value. He's bolting next year. Sixers pass on that huge return.

I'll give the pacer okafor and a few 2nd rounders and possibly a euro. That's literally max. He's a rent a player at best.



23 Feb 2017 18:10:30
Last second five-team monster trade idea:

Clippers in: E. Mudiay, G. Harris, J. Brown, K. Faried, A. Johnson, T. Zeller, R. Rondo, 2017 Nuggets 1st, 2017 Celtics 1st (with swap rights), and 2018 Nets 1st
Clippers out: C. Paul, B. Griffin, D. Jordan, R. Felton, B. Bass, and A. Anderson

Bulls in: A. Bradley, W. Chandler, D. Favors, R. Felton, B. Diaw 2017 Jazz 1st, and 2017 Warriors 1st
Bulls out: J. Butler, T. Gibson and R. Rondo

Celtics in: J. Butler and D. Jordan
Celtics out: A. Bradley, A. Johnson, T. Zeller, J. Brown, 2017 Celtics 1st (with swap rights), 2018 Nets 1st

Nuggets in: G. Hill, B. Griffin, and A. Anderson
Nuggets out: E. Mudiay, G. Harris, W. Chandler, K. Faried, and 2017 Nuggets 1st

Jazz in: Chris Paul, T. Gibson, and B. Bass
Jazz out: G. Hill, D. Favors, B. Diaw, 2017 Warriors 1st, and 2017 Jazz 1st


1.) 23 Feb 2017 18:48:25
Can't follow this.

2.) 23 Feb 2017 21:26:58
I stopped reading after 5 team trade.



04 Jun 2016 02:59:56
An ideal offseason for the Milwaukee Bucks:

Phoenix Suns receive: Greg Monroe, John Henson and the Bucks' 2018 first round pick
Milwaukee Bucks receive: Eric Bledsoe and Tyson Chandler

Bucks get a borderline all-star combo guard who can play alongside Antetokounmpo when he runs the point and can take over as the point guard when necessary. Comes with an injury history though. Chandler would provide the team with veteran leadership, defense and championship experience, who he experienced with his friend and the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, Jason Kidd. Suns receive an offensive focused big men they can finally rely on to provide them with scoring, along with a much younger version of Tyson Chandler on the defensive end who, even though is signed for a year longer than Chandler, his contract actually descends in monetary value every year and may be a nice steal as the salary cap continues to spike up over the upcoming seasons.

Sacramento Kings receive: Bucks' 2016 first round pick (pick 10)
Milwaukee Bucks receive: Omri Casspi and Darren Collison

Although the Bucks may be giving up a lottery pick for two role players, it may turn out to be worth the sacrifice in a weak draft class. In addition, a team in need of a few good shooters and depth would be receiving two cheap but very reliable perimeter shooters who can stretch the floor. Collison can run the point when Antetokounmpo sits, as he has proven to be a solid playmaker and is only 28 years old still, while Casspi has proven he can hit the three pointer and pull down a rebound when necessary and is also fairly young at the age of 27.

New York Knicks receive: Michael Carter-Williams
Milwaukee Bucks receive: Robin Lopez

It Is no secret that the Knicks are desperate for a point guard, and shall they strike out of Rajon Rondo and Mike Conley in free agency, a very good possibility, Carter-Williams would be the best available consolation prize on the trade market. Lopez would provide the Bucks with a very reliable and defensive minded center to fill in for any amount of minutes necessary.

These moves would leave the Bucks with roughly $16 million to spend in free agency, and although that money could be spent on players such as Eric Gordon, Joakim Noah or Marreese Speights, that best fit for this team would probably be Festus Ezeli, who, even though has an injury history as well, would provide them with a young, strong, defensive minded center who can finish around the basket when necessary. This would leave the team with a depth chart of:

Antetokounmpo/ Collison/ Ennis
Bledsoe/ Vaughn
Middleton/ Inglis
Parker/ Casspi
Ezeli/ Lopez/ Chandler

Not a bad depth chart if you ask me!


1.) 04 Jun 2016 04:11:21
Fine, but inwouldn't trade the bucks 1st found pick

2.) 04 Jun 2016 07:37:18
Not sure why they would need or even want ezeli, Chandler and lopez.

3.) 04 Jun 2016 08:57:47
The Knicks, Bucks trade is laughable. MCW has proven to be a bust so far, one of the worst and overrated ROY's in history. Knicks don't give up a quality big man for him.

Instead of Lopez, Knicks may be willing to do O'Quinn for him, but no way for Lopez.

4.) 04 Jun 2016 15:27:49
Yeah I really stopped reading after MCW straight up for Lopez. MCW is a bust. He is at best a 7/ 8 man in a rotation. Lopez is an above average, 2 way center who is a hustling machine. He is rather durable and his contract, especially with the cap boom, is pretty team friendly.

5.) 04 Jun 2016 15:28:56
Knicks fans think Lopez is some stud when really he's no better than a role playing big man. Hahahaha. That trade works out well value wise, but if I'm the Bucks and have Ezeli and Chandler, I wouldn't want Lopez (worst of the three), I'd rather keep MCW. And also I would rather just keep our first round pick. Or try and make a package oh MCW, #10, and obryant to try and get Cauley Stein. (Then you may not even need Ezeli, you could sign a shooter instead.)

6.) 04 Jun 2016 16:00:48
Bledsoe would run point and Giannis stay at 3.



01 Jun 2016 03:21:01
The Denver Nuggets almost have a Celtic-like abundance of assets to trade away to teams in need, which could make for a very interesting summer for this young team. They can chase a superstar or two if they so desire and even though many teams with superstars, notably the Pacers, Kings, Clippers and Bulls, are claiming that they will not entertain offers for their star players, we'd be naïve to believe them. I'm almost certain George, Cousins, Griffin or Butler can be had if the right offer were to come along, and the Nuggets would be almost ideal trading partners for all of those teams. Here is what a very successful summer would look like for the Denver Nuggets:

Denver Nuggets get: Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce
Los Angeles Clippers get: Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried, Will Barton and Jusuf Nurkic

Re-visiting this trade proposal from this past year's deadline, the Nuggets can open up trade talks again with the Clippers with a minor tweak in the proposal. By substituting Nikola Jokic with Jusuf Nurkic, the Nuggets can save their guy (for now) with more potential and still provide the Clippers with a very legitimate back-up center to DeAndre Jordan. By receiving Blake Griffin, the Nuggets would definitely get an offensive stud and a superstar that they desire and the Clippers would get a very solid shooter in Gallinari, an energized bunny in Faried and an effective scorer/ sixth man/ role player in Barton, essentially a younger version of Jamal Crawford.

Denver Nuggets get: DeMarcus Cousins
Sacramento Kings get: Emmanuel Mudiay, Nikola Jokic, Gary Harris, 2016 Nuggets first round pick, 2016 Blazers first round pick and 2016 Grizzlies first round pick

By completing this trade, the Nuggets would be landing another offensive stud to form potentially the best frontcourt in the league. The kings would be receiving a plethora of very young talent, as Jokic and Mudiay could both develop into all stars someday and Harris has the potential to develop into an everyday starter for a good team. Three top 20 picks would just be the icing on the cake.

The Nuggets, with a returning Wilson Chandler, could than go out and sign Cousins' tunning mate from Sacramento in Rajon Rondo and a good shooter in Eric Gordon and feature a starting lineup of Rondo/ Gordon/ Chandler/ Griffin/ Cousins. Not championship material but definitely a good start.


1.) 01 Jun 2016 04:26:03
Ya nuggets sure do have a lot of pieces. I think both deals are reasonable (maybe too much for Cousins) but the end result isn't that satisfying to me. All that for two superstar big men, one with a year left on his contract and the other mercurial and immature. It would definitely be one of the most talented frontcourts in the league a great and versatile offensive force with about average defense. Not sure how this would mesh with the current guard/ perimeter player dominated play that's the new standard in the nba. I think Nuggets shouldn't target two big men as it limits their flexibility going forward (could trade for someone other than Griffin and try to sign him after next season) . Not really a fan of Rondo although he's one of best pgs available and shown a rapport with Cousins, I think Gordon is a sneaky good signing although not sure I'd want to have to rely on him to start since he's injury prone and not sure how Chandler comes back after hip surgery.



28 May 2016 07:41:41
Long before the Cavaliers made the NBA FInals and began to gel so well together the way they have been in this year's playoffs, there were major rumors flying around that a major re-tooling was needed in Cleveland involving either Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving or possibly both changing sceneries. It was looking more and more likely that the two of them didn't have the mental toughness or capacity to help LeBron win another championship. Well things seem to have changed since then, however, should the Cavaliers lose in convincing fashion to either the Thunder or the Warriors in the finals, those re-tooling talks, as unnecessary and unlikely that they are, might start back up again. Here are a few combo trades for the Cavaliers to consider shall the unlikely talks start back up again:

Cleveland Cavaliers get: Jeff Teague and Paul Millsap
Atlanta Hawks get: Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving
Cleveland Cavaliers get: Marc Gasol
Memphis Grizzlies get: Kevin Love

Granted, these two trades would be dependent on whether the Hawks re-sign Al Horford and whether the Grizzlies re-sign Mike Conley. If either should occur, it's unlikely that either the Hawks nor the Grizzlies would be willing to give up their star players, regardless of the fact that they would be getting a star in return. However, if Horford and Conley don't re-sign with their current teams, these two trades would be smart for the Cavaliers to consider. They would get a fairly young point guard to control the offense effectively and two excellent two-way big men who can score and distribute effectively on offense and defend the post on the defensive end of the court. Both men are 31 so they are not exactly spring chicken, but they are young enough to team up with James over the next 4-5 years in an effort to help him win a championship before his prime years expire.

Cleveland Cavaliers get: Carmelo Anthony
New York Knicks get: Kevin Love
Cleveland Cavaliers get: Chris Paul
Los Angeles Clippers get: Kyrie Irving

Put all the "SuperFriends SuperTeam" off to the side, these two trades would make a lot of sense for all the teams involved. First of all, the Knicks and Clippers would get younger with Love and Irving. Second of all, the Clippers would continue to compete over the next few years with Irving running the offense. Finally, the Cavaliers would get arguably the best playmaking point guard in the league along with arguably the most productive scorer in the league not named Curry. Similar to the first option, both Paul and Anthony are older than Irving and Love, but with age comes experience, and I'm sure James would be honored to be playing and attempting to win a few more championships alongside his two close friends, especially if they figured out a way for the fourth friend to join them in Cleveland.





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25 May 2017 20:33:17
The Celtics undoubtedly have the best mix of veteran talent and young prospects/draft picks in the entire NBA. The problems lies in the justified opinion that the team simply doesn't have the talent to compete with the Cleveland Cavaliers over the next few years. Up to this point, the team has been unwilling to part with their young talents and draft picks in return for a superstar or a few stars. If this trend continues this offseason and the team is unable to nab one of the top free agents off the open market, a better route for the team may be a full on rebuild, taking advantage of their still youthful veteran talent and turning them into the best young team and potential-filled team in the NBA by a country mile.

Note: I'm not saying that a Celtics rebuild is the best route for the team to take by any stretch of the imagination. What I am saying is that if the Celtics don't decide to at least consolidate some of their assets this offseason and miss out on top free agents, this is simply a route the team should consider taking.

Move 1: Draft Markelle Fultz

This is the most obvious and easiest move for the Celtics to make. Fultz would give the team their point guard of the future who can do a little bit of some things and a lot of many things for the Celtics for years to come.

Move 2: Let Amir Johnson, Jonas Jerebko, Gerald Green, and James Young walk in free agency

While solid role players for the Celtics this past season, none of these players (besides Young) would fit on a rebuilding team trying to accumulate as much young talent as possible.

Move 3: Let go of the non-guaranteed contracts of Tyler Zeller, Demetrius Jackson, and Jordan Mickey

Mickey and Jackson are both still young but both of them don't project to do much in the league at this point. Zeller is a smart player, however, he doesn't possess much upside at all and had a hard time cracking the rotation for the Celtics all year.

Move 4: Sign Guerschon Yabusele and Ante Zizic

Both players were draft by the Celtics last year and stashed overseas, and both proceeded to impress overseas in their respective leagues. Both players are still very young and will look to make a quick impression on the team and the league early on in their careers.

Trade 1:
Boston Celtics receive: Kristaps Porzingis, Willy Hernangomez, and Lance Thomas

New York Knicks receive: Isaiah Thomas

No one is more desperate to return to prominence on an annual basis than the Knicks. Well this would be their way back up there. Picking up an all-star in Thomas, along with ridding themselves of L. Thomas' contract (hence, the inclusion of Hernangomez) would provide them with the talent they have been hoping to acquire for years now to pair with Anthony. Sacrificing a future first-round pick to a team like the Nets would potentially rid them of Courtney Lee's or Joakim Noah's contract, allowing them to pursue big free agent names either this year or next to pair alongside Anthony and Thomas.

Acquiring Porzingis would give the Celtics another potential future all-star to play alongside Fultz, hopefully for years to come. A stretch-four who can shoot, rebound and block shots would be more than enough for the team to be excited about for the future. Adding a solid future role player like Hernangomez wouldn't hurt either, while adding Thomas and his contract wouldn't stifle their future, as the two years remaining on his contract following this season would expire before most of the players on this team would be up for contract renewals.

Trade 2:
Boston Celtics receive: Zach LaVine

Minnesota Timberwolves receive: Jae Crowder

Another trade that would make perfect sense for both teams involved in the case of a Celtics' rebuild. Crowder would give Tom Thibodeau the veteran leader and hard-working, defensive presence he desperately desired in his first year as the Timberwolves coach. The fact that he is still young and on a very team-friendly contract would only make Thibodeau and the Timberwolves happier.

LaVine would provide the Celtics with an extremely athletic and young shooting guard who can attack the rim very well and knock down three pointers consistently, although his mid-range game needs some improvement. If necessary, he could also split point guard duties with Fultz.

Trade 3:
Boston Celtics receive: Aaron Gordon

Orlando Magic receive: Avery Bradley

The Magic are in desperate need of some consistency and stability. Enter Avery Bradley! His defense prowess and shooting ability would give the Magic another wing alongside Evan Fournier who can knock down shots while providing leadership in the locker room. More importantly, he would provide the Magic with some sense of direction for the future.

Although not a good shooter by any stretch of the imagination, Gordon is extremely athletic and has the potential to be a very good all-around player who can rebound, pass, and defend at an above average level, making him the perfect complementary player to play alongside shooters Fultz, LaVine, and Porzingis.

Trade 4:
Boston Celtics receive: Jahlil Okafor

Philadelphia 76ers receive: Terry Rozier and Los Angeles Clippers' 2019 first-round pick

Rozier showed a lot of growth in his second year as a back-up point guard for the Celtics, which earned him a consistent spot in the rotation throughout the Celtics' playoff run. Packaging him alongside a first-round pick would be more than the 76ers could ask for in exchange for Okafor, who does not possess much trade value at all.

Giving up these two assets for Okafor, who comes with a history of injuries and attitude problems, would definitely be a gamble for the Celtics. However, with so many assets readily available for consolidation, the risk would be worth for the Celtics to take. Okafor does not stretch the floor in any way, but the Celtics would have Porzingis to do that. Therefore, the post would be wide open for Okafor to use his strong offensive post skills to score whenever necessary. His rebounding and shot blocking abilities would be a welcomed addition as well.

Trade 5:
Boston Celtics receive: Jamal Murray, Juan Hernangomez, and Tyus Jones

Denver Nuggets receive: Al Horford and resigned Shabazz Muhammad

Minnesota Timberwolves receive: Kenneth Faried and Lance Thomas

The Nuggets have been looking to consolidate their assets into a star player for a few years now. This would be their chance to do so. Horford would not only provide them with a solid option to play alongside Nikola Jokic in the frontcourt, forming potentially the best passing frontcourt in the league, he would hopefully convince Danilo Gallinari to come back to Denver to make a run at the playoffs over the picking years. Muhammad would provide Denver with another solid wing to improve their chances at a solid playoff run.

A hard-working, gritty player like Faried would be exactly the type of player who could provide an energy boost off of Thibodeau's bench. Thomas' veteran presence would also help in making a push for the playoffs.

Combo guard Murray has the most upside out of the three players the Celtics are receiving in this deal, but each of the three men has potential to develop into a solid role player in the league, and hopefully more than a role player in Murray's case. Pairing Hernangomez with his brother in the frontcourt would also be fun to watch, if anything, for their family.

Trade 6:
Boston Celtics receive: Kelly Oubre and Sam Dekker

Washington Wizards receive: resigned Kelly Olynyk and Montrezi Harrell

Houston Rockets receive: Marcin Gortat

It looks like the Wizards and Gortat might be ready for a divorce this offseason, so replacing him with two younger centers who are both very solid players would be ideal for the Wizards this offseason. Losing Oubre would hurt, but he is replaceable since it's almost a virtual guarantee that Otto Porter Jr. is resigned by the Wizards.

The Rockets are all set on the offensive side of the basketball, but they can definitely use some toughness and stability in the middle. Forget has never been the best player on a basketball court, however, he rebounds the ball very well and is a tough defender who could add extra toughness to the Rockets' frontcourt.

Oubre and Dekker would simply add additional youth, athleticism, and potential to a team already full of each of those characteristics. Oubre us more potential than Dekker, and the Celtics would hope to watch him blossom into a very solid starter in the league.

The final depth chart for this team would look like this:

PG: Fultz/Murray/Jones
SG: LaVine/Smart/Dekker
SF: Gordon/Brown/Oubre
PF: Porzingis/Yabusele/J. Hernangomez
C: Okafor/Zizic/W. Hernangomez

The potential of this team would be through the roof! Again, I don't think this would ever happen nor do I think it would be the best course of action for the team to take, however, the team was the choose the rebuilding route, this would be the ideal way to go.


1.) 25 May 2017 22:10:09
The Knicks wouldn't trade Porzingis for IT. IT is on an expiring contract and can't defend at all. While there aren't a ton of guys on his level, there are a lot of players with similar skill sets and Porzingis's skill set is almost impossible to find and he's locked up for the foreseeable future.
The second isn't terrible, but I don't think it's worth the risk for the Celtics or the Timberwolves. One team would end up looking bad at the end of that trade.
3rd trade is bad for both teams. Bradley is close to free agency, the Magic have little hope of being a playoff team, and they just got burned on a win now move. Gordon is a guy who has the talent to become a star but it's still up in the air. If you're trading Bradley you want a sure thing and the magic are better off with high upside guys while trying to rebuild.
4th Not terrible, but maybe to much for okafor.
5th not enough for horford
6th Washington is getting fleeced.

2.) 25 May 2017 22:12:02
So you think that IT can get you Porzingis AND Hernangomez? LAC pick in Okafor trade? That pick looks like it's going to be top 5. Also, out of those 3 centers, Okafor would be 3rd in depth chart. Rest is pretty good if they want to rebuild, but Celtics would have to give much more assets in Porzingis trade so it makes all other trades pretty impossible.

3.) 26 May 2017 01:19:30
Only 2 current players return lmao hahahahahhahaha.

4.) 26 May 2017 19:40:52
Most of those trades are heavily skewed in Bostons favor. Part of the reason Boston hasn't traded for a star is cause they overvalue their assets.



01 Aug 2016 00:12:05
Monstrous 12-team teade:

Philadelphia 76ers
Trade: Jahlil Okafor and Jerami Grant
Receive: Isaiah Thomas

Depth Chart:
Thomas/ Bayless
Henderson/ Rodriguez
Covington/ Luwawu-Cabarrot
Simmons/ Saric
Noel/ Embiid

Boston Celtics
Trade: Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jaylen Brown, Kelly Olynyk, Marcus Smart, Amir Johnson, John Holland, Celtics 2017 first round pick (right to swap with the Nets 2017 first round pick) and Nets 2018 first round pick
Receive: Russell Westbrook (extended), Blake Griffin (extended), J. J. Redick and Mo Williams

Depth Chart:
Westbrook/ Rozie
Redick/ Hunter
Crowder/ Green
Griffin/ Jerebko
Horford/ Zeller

Milwaukee Bucks
Trade: Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams
Receive: Kelly Olynyk, Iman Shumpert and Paul Pierce

Depth Chart:
Antetokounmpo/ Dellavedova
Shumpert/ Pierce
Middleton/ Teletovic
Parker/ Plumlee
Olynyk/ Maker

Phoenix Suns
Trade: Brandon Knight and Tyson Chandler
Receive: Greg Monroe, Marcus Smart and John Holland

Depth Chart:
Bledsoe/ Smart
Booker/ Barbosa
Tucker/ Warren
Dudley/ Bender
Monroe/ Len

Sacramento Kings
Trade: DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay
Receive: Brandon Knight, Gary Harris, Jahlil Okafor, Jerami Grant and Nets 2018 first round pick

Depth Chart:
Knight/ Collison
Harris/ McLemore
Casspi/ Barnes
Cauley-Stein/ Grant
Okafor/ Papagiannis

Los Angeles Clippers
Trade: Blake Griffin, J. J. Redick and Paul Pierce
Receive: Kenneth Faried, Rudy Gay, Avery Bradley and Celtics 2017 first round pick (right to swap with the Nets 2017 first round pick)

Depth Chart:
Paul/ Rivers
Bradley/ Crawford
Gay/ Mbah a Moute
Faried/ Bass
Jordan/ Speights

Denver Nuggets
Trade: Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler, Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris, Nikola Jokic and Nuggets 2017 first round pick
Receive: DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio

Depth Chart:
Rubio/ Nelson
Murray/ Beasley
Barton/ Miller
Love/ Arthur
Cousins/ Nurkic

Oklahoma City Thunder
Trade: Russell Westbrook
Receive: Emmanuel Mudiay, Jaylen Brown, Nikola Jokic, Cody Zeller and Nuggets 2017 first round pick

Depth Chart:
Mudiay/ Payne
Oladipo/ Roberson
Brown/ Singler
Kanter/ Zeller
Adams/ Jokic

Cleveland Cavaliers
Trade: Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert and Mo Williams
Receive: Michael Carter-Williams, Wilson Chandler, Amir Johnson and Tyson Chandler

Depth Chart:
Irving/ Carter-Williams
Smith (if re-signed) / Chandler
James/ Dunleavy
Johnson/ Frye
Thompson/ Chandler

Minnesota Timberwolves
Trade: Ricky Rubio and Adreian Payne
Receive: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Depth Chart:
Dunn/ Jones
LaVine/ Muhammad
Wiggins/ Kidd-Gilchrist
Dieng/ Hill
Towns/ Aldrich

Charlotte Hornets
Trade: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Cody Zeller
Receive: Nikola Vucevic and Adreian Payne

Depth Chart:
Walker/ Sessions
Lamb/ Harrison
Batum/ Belinelli
Williams/ Hawes
Vucevic/ Kaminsky

Orlando Magic
Trade: Nikola Vucevic
Receive: Danilo Gallinari

Depth Chart:
Payton/ Augustin
Fournier/ Meeks
Gallinari/ Hezonja
Gordon/ Green
Ibaka/ Biyombo

Obviously this would be contingent upon Westbrook and Griffin signing extensions with the Celtics but how awesome would this be? Who would be the big winners and losers?


1.) 01 Aug 2016 01:43:32
OKC shooting would be HORRIBLE but they do get good value for Westbrook.

2.) 01 Aug 2016 02:58:57
Denver gets robbed.

3.) 01 Aug 2016 13:56:47

On the fences:


4.) 01 Aug 2016 16:01:41
Love this for the clippers.

5.) 01 Aug 2016 16:04:50
MKG is good, but Wolves won't trade Rubio for a back-up, especially without a vet PG coming back.




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19 Jun 2017 17:20:23
This would be a hard situation to leave on top of the extra money.




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19 Jun 2017 07:03:25
Actually very sensible but Timberwolves would at least have to give the Pacers their first pick this year.





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